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Robert the Bruce died on 1329

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Q: Where did Robert the Bruce die?
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When did Robert Randolph Bruce die?

Robert Randolph Bruce died in 1942.

When did Robert Preston Bruce die?

Robert Preston Bruce died in 1893.

When did Robert A. Bruce die?

Robert A. Bruce died in 2004.

When did Robert Bruce - wrestler - die?

Robert Bruce - wrestler - died on 2009-03-02.

When did Robert Bruce Lindsay die?

Robert Bruce Lindsay died on 1985-03-02.

When did Robert V. Bruce die?

Robert V. Bruce died on 2008-01-15.

When did Robert C. Bruce die?

Robert C. Bruce died on 2003-08-24.

When did Robert Bruce Merrifield die?

Robert Bruce Merrifield died on 2006-05-14.

When did Robert Bruce McCoy die?

Robert Bruce McCoy died on 1926-01-21.

What illness did Robert the Bruce die from?


When did Sir Robert Bruce Cotton die?

Sir Robert Bruce Cotton died on May 6, 1631 at the age of 61.

Is Robert Bruce the dad of Robert the Bruce?

Yes, Robert The Bruce Was In-fact Named After His Father.