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In the first episode of the TV-series "Band of Brothers", Sgt. Bill Guarnere puts on the wrong field jacket and finds a letter to his buddy.  He reads it and accidentally discovered that his brother was killed at Cassino.   Later, he turns and comments to his friend; "Where in the H### is Cassino?".

Sgt. Bill Guarnere's brother's name was Henry Guarnere.  Henry enlisted first and became a medic in the 47th Armored Medical Battalion of the 1st Armored Division.  Henry was a natural medical corpsman but that did not mean he was not exposed to danger.  The following is a citation for a Silver Star Medal he earned while his unit was in North Africa.

HENRY GUARNERE, (ASN 33026746), Technician Fifth Grade, Medical Detachment, * * * * * * * Battalion.  For gallantry in action on * * * 1943 in the vicinity of * * * * *, Tunisia.  During heavy counter battery fire a solider in a gun section was seriously wounded and unable to reach shelter.  Technician Fifth Grade Guarnere voluntarily and without hesitation ran to the wounded soldier and began administering first aid to him.  Although the position was still receiving heavy fire he completely disregarded his own welfare by remaining with the wounded soldier until he completed his first aid treatment.  His daring and heroic actions undoubtly save the soldier's life.  The gallantry, perseverance, and concern for the welfare of a wounded comrade displayed by Technician Fifth Grade Guarnere reflect great credit upon himself and the command and are highly commendable.   Entered Military Service from hiladelphia, Pennsylavania.  (Medal No. 24737)

After completing their objective in N. Africa, the 1st Armored Division was sent to mainland Italy and their first major battle there was at Monte Porchia during 5 days in January 1944.  This battle was a few weeks before the US 36th Division launched their failed attack to cross the Rappido River, which was before the "official" battles of Monte Cassino began.  Henry Guarnere was killed while fighting within sight of the prominent peak of Monte Cassino.

Pvt. Henry Guarnere was killed in action on 6 January, 1944 and is buried at the American Cemetery at Anzio.   Sgt. Bill Guarnere only found out about his brother's death on 5 June 1944, some 6 months later and the day before he parachuted into Normandy.  Bill Guarnere would soon earn a Silver Star Medal for his action on Normandy and get revenge for his brother's death.

Link with details on Pvt. Henry Guarnere and a copy-righted photo.


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Q: Where did Sgt Bill Guarnere's brother get killed in 'Band of Brothers'?
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