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Where did barack obama live before the white house?

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He still keeps a house in Chicago which was his residence before he was elected president.

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What is the mail address of Barack Obama?

President Barack Obama, the White House, Washington, DC

Where does the Barack Obama live?

Being the US President, Obama currently resides in the White House. Before the election, he lived in Hawaii.

What president is living in the White House?

Barack Obama is the current master of the White House.

Who is the member of the White House?

There are a lot of white house members, like Barack Obama.

When did Barack Obama own the White House?

The Federal government owns the White House.

Where does b Obama live?

As of current, Barack Obama lives in the White House.

Were does Barack Obama live?

He lives at the White House, in Washington DC. This is where all US presidents live. Before he lived at the White House, Mr. Obama lived in a home in Chicago, Illinois.

Where did Michelle Obama live before the White House?

She was born and raised in Chicago. When she met Barack Obama and they got married, they bought a house in Chicago, to raise their family there.

Is Barack Obama our president in Illinois?

Yes, Barack Obama is the President of the United States, which includes Illinois. He lived in Illinois before moving into the White House and was a US Senator for that state before running for President.

What Barack Obama liked doing?

Barack Obama said he would like to install a basketball court in the White House.

How do you talk to Barack Obama?

You can try the presidential white house

Where was Barack Obama inaugurated?

In Washington D.C. at the white house

Who is living in the White House?

Barack Obama, our 44th president.

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