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For many years, cats were kept with egyptians. The egyptians were the first to domesticate cats. They were so important to them they would save them first in a fire before any human, dog, or whatever.
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Cats have been domesticated for about 4,000 years. The Egyptians were said to have domesticated the first felines for vermin control and protection of food storage areas.

cats came from Egypt they came to America on cargo ships they have only been around people for about 500 years

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Where do tortoise shell cats originate from?

They originate from Turkey.

Where was kittens and cats found?

cats and kitten originate from Egypt .

Where did calico cats originate?


What continent did cats originate from?


Where do ginger cats originate from?


Are cats a part of Egypt?

Cats are said to be first domesticated in Egypt thousands of years ago. Cats, though, did not originate in the country. The ancestors of cats were first.

Where do Siamese cats originate?

In Asia, a place callEd Siam

Do house cats originate from leopards?

in a way yes... the domestic cats called Bengals are almost direct cousins

Where do cats originate from?

The domestic cat originated from North Africa/ Middle East.

Where did cats originate from?

Many people think Egypt, but no one person actually does know.

Where did the cats meow originate?

it really is puzzleing but noone knows I'm guessing Africa

What NFL team refers to the hint Indian cats?

Bengals Bengal tigers originate from India

Where does cats originate?

I believe they started with species of cat in England and bred another species of cats and kept doing that.If you want to try that,go ahead.

Where do Balinese cats originate from?

The Balinese cat originates from two american breeders that saw potential the kittens into a new breed in1940 which caused the cats to have their own name.

From where did lions originate?

im pretty sure that either sabertooth type cats or something else evolved from it.

Where do cats originate?

The domestic cat is probably a descendent of the African Wildcat Felis sylvestris lybica.The earliest evidence of domestication of cats is a tomb in Cyprus, around 9,500 years old.

Where did the cat originate?

I dont know where cats as a race origonated from but i know manx are from th Isle of man and that the manx are in the bible ^.^

Where do tuxedo cats originate from?

=Hello Dear.==I shall begin explaining about the cat that wears tuxedos.==Such cat creatures originated from Alaska, they were called tuxedo cats because they were dressed in tuxedo, to insulate them from the unbearably crisp conditions caused by sub zero temperatures.=

From where do wolves originate?

Wolves originate from Canidae which originate from Miacides.

Where did the word tattoo originate from?

what are tattoos and where/when did they originate what are tattoos and where/when did they originate

Where did the superstitions about black cats originate?

Where this superstition originates is still under debate, but a popular belief is that it originated when Pope Gregory IX in the 13th century stated that cats are the evil assistants of the devil. This lead to cats being killed and burned, and to the association between witches and cats as well. A second belief is that it originated due to western culture idealizing the color white, and associating the color black with evil.

What is a liver salt?

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What is a sentence with the word originate?

They originate from Thailand.It was difficult to find where the gemstones originate from.

Where did herding cats originate?

"Herding cats" is a way of saying you are doing something that is very difficult and frustrating. Unlike cows, goats, or sheep, cats are NOT herd animals- they are VERY independent- and trying to keep a large group of them all headed in the same direction at the same speed would be just about impossible. See also stapling chocolate pudding to a wall.

What are similarities between Mars and Jupiter?

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