Where did chopsticks originate?

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In ancient China
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What is the difference between Japanese hashi chopsticks and Chinese chopsticks?

There is no difference. Hashi simply means 'chopsticks' in Japanese. The only possible difference would be what they're made of or how they're made, but that varies with the companies that produce them. There is a difference between Japanese and Chinese chopsticks. the big difference is that Japane ( Full Answer )

How can you straighten warped ivory chopsticks?

Ivory is a tricky and costly substance. The general consensus is touse heat and steam. Find two flat pieces of very hard, straightwood. Drill a serious in small holes in a line down the middle ofthe pieces. Place the chopstick between the two strips and clamptogether, though not too tightly as to ca ( Full Answer )

How to use chopsticks?

how to hold chopsticks . 1. Hold the top one between the thumb and the middle and index fingers as you hold a pen.. 2.Hold the bottom one between the thumb and the ring finger.. 3. move the top chopstick to pick up food.

How do you play chopsticks?

For the piano I learned how to play chopsticks from playmypiano. It shows you exactly what keys to press and you can slow down the song as slow as you need. The link to chopsticks is below. For the game: 1. You start with one finger on each hand. 2. Then, you tap the other persons finger w ( Full Answer )

What do chopsticks do?

You can use chopsticks to pick up food with your two chopsticks. Also if you are making are drum, you can use your own chopsticks or you can buy them at your local supermarket store or a two dollar shop. Mostly Asian use chopsticks. You can go to Asian restaurant too eat with a chopstick. By Nintend ( Full Answer )

How do you eat with chopsticks?

Eating with chopsticks is one of those feats that I have not mastered yet. Using your middle finger and thumb you can pick up the first chopstick. Now you are ready to pick up the second chopstick with your index finger and adjust it to make it comfortable for yourself. Have the tips of the two chop ( Full Answer )

Who invented chopsticks?

It is not known who invented them because they have had many formsover the years. Chopsticks have been used in China as early as theShang dynasty (16th-11th Century BC), but they were used mostly forcooking. Chopsticks were used for cooking during the Han dynasty.However, during the Ming dynasty the ( Full Answer )

What can you do with chopsticks?

1)eat. 2)poke people. 3)clean your ears. 4)shove them in your hair. 5)brain surgery. 6)use them as wickid cool vampire teeth. 7)a magical wand that makes cupcakes. 8)whack people. 9)drumsticks. 10)antennas. 11)and wallrus tusks of course!!!!!. 12)make bunny ears. 13)SWORD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!! ( Full Answer )

How long are chopsticks?

Chopsticks vary in length from a few inches for the smaller individual use ones to the ones used in cooking that can be a foot and a half in length.

What are chopsticks made of?

Wood (bamboo and other types) and plastic are the most popular materials for the construction of chopsticks. There are also metal ones, and there are others out there made of exotic or highly unusual materials.

Why use chopsticks?

chinesse people are using spoons and forks . then one day a man use a fork to kill somebody now they invented chopsticks. uhh no!

Why do Chinese people eat with chopsticks?

To be different from the west. It's challenging and actually more rewarding when you can successfully use chop sticks for a meal. The food tastes better to me some how.

What is the origin of the word chopsticks?

The Chinese word for chopsticks meant "fast bamboo". In pidgin English the word for fast was chop chop.. So fast became chop and bamboo became stick .

Where are chopsticks from?

There from china silly billys . There from china silly billys . There from china silly billys

Who invented the chopsticks?

It is a traditional Chinese tool used for eating. People have been using it for thousands of years, so long that no one knows who really made it up. It was probably made up by multiple people in different locations.

Why do Chinese people use chopsticks?

Confucius a philosopher from East Asia around 551-478 BC emphasized the art of cooking and enjoyment of life, culinary etiquette, social sharing of food, presentation and combing tastes and textures. He established culinary standards and proper table etiquette, most of which are still standards tod ( Full Answer )

When were Chopsticks invented?

Chopsticks were advocated by Confucius in 551-479 B.C. They were invented before the spoon and fork were used at the table.

What are chopsticks used for?

Chopsticks are used by orientals to eat their food, the same way occidentals use knives and forks.

What shouldn't you do when using chopsticks?

Chopsticks and chopstick etiquette differ from one country and culture to another.. It's considered polite to hold them right-handed, and Koreans do not use them (in polite company) to shovel the last bits of food into the mouth. Most cultures don't use them to stab bits of food.. Some cultures co ( Full Answer )

Why are chopsticks called chopsticks?

In C hinese-English the word chop means quick and using chopsticks is quick and stick because it rhymes with quick ar-enps.

What are the notes for chopsticks?

Left Hand - F x6, E x6, D x6, C x6. Right hand - G x12, B x4, A, B, C x4. Well... That's the beginning anyway.

Who was the inventor of chopsticks?

Early Man was the inventor of chopsticks. The early Chinese used sticks and branches to retrieve his food from the fire. There is evidence they were in widespread use by the Shang Dynasty 1766bc to 1122bc Confucius taught "The honorable and upright man keeps well away from the slaughterhouse a ( Full Answer )

What is the keyboard notes for chopsticks?

GF (6 times) . GE (6 times) . DB (6 times) . C (4 times) . GF and at the same time DB (1 time) . GF and at the same time CE ( 1 time) . TA DA! . idk ask a monkey

How is a chopstick a simple machine?

Well I was just thinking the same thing 30 seconds ago. I don't exactly know how, but chopsticks are levers. I'm sorry this answer isn't complete, but I hope it helps :)

Can you recycle chopsticks?

Some chopsticks are made of ivory, porcelain and other reusable materials. these can be washed and reused.. Chopsticks made of wood cannot usually be reused as chopsticks, but they can be recycled as sources of wood fiber for paper making, or used as fuel in power or heat generation from waste.

How do you use a chopstick?

put ur thumb on the bottom chopstick and the finger next to the thumb on top and make the chopsticks touch

How do you use chopsticks?

It takes practice to use chopsticks. And a short video is probablya better way to pick up the information than reading about it. Usepeanuts, dried beans or even tiny marshmallows to practice. (Watchout that you don't end up eating a bag of tiny marshmallows in theprocess!)

How they eat with chopsticks?

It would take too much space to give detailed instructions on eating with chopsticks, but the links below have excellent directions and a great deal of useful information as well. The first link has good illustrations, the second link also links to a video on chopstick use - go down the page and cl ( Full Answer )

Where were chopsticks first used?

So far, the earliest evidence of a pair of chopsticks, made out of bronze, was excavated from the ruins of Yin near Anyang Henan dated roughly 1200 BCE, but twigs, bamboo stems, and so on, would have been used as tongs - chopsticks - for handling food and other objects all over the world. long befor ( Full Answer )

How do you use chopsticks to eat food?

Eating with chopsticks is one of those feats that I have not mastered yet. Using your middle finger and thumb you can pick up the first chopstick. Now you are ready to pick up the second chopstick with your index finger and adjust it to make it comfortable for yourself. Have the tips of the two chop ( Full Answer )

Can you eat sushi without chopsticks?

The proper way to eat sushi is with chopsticks. However, you can eat sushi with a fork if you must. You can eat it with your bare hands at home, but I do not recommend it.

What was the first chopstick made from?

Most likely wood or bone, but it is too hard to trace back to the invention of them because they have been used for a very long time.

What does chopsticks mean?

one of a pair of thin, tapered sticks, often of wood or ivory, held in one hand between the thumb and fingers and used chiefly in China, Japan, and other Asian countries for lifting food to the mouth.

Who do chinses use chopsticks?

Chinese food is generally made from smaller pieces of food. Chopstick use is a great way to pick out what you want to eat. Also, when eating rice, the bowl is held up to the mouth, and the chopsticks are used to shove a mouthful in at a time. For soup, though, the Chinese have traditionally used a c ( Full Answer )

What is the length of Korean chopstick?

every Korean chopsticks have different lengths...so i can't tell you the exact length. 1) get yourself a chopstick 2) get a ruler 3) see how long it is. TA DA!

Who invented chopstick and what year?

I do not know who invented it, I think an emperor did, I just know it was made over thousands of years ago in ancient China when Mulan was alive, they used chopsticks for a substitute for knives, because knives were considered a weapon.

Is there a bendable chopstick?

There is such a thing as a bendable chopstick, but the material itself has to be able to stretch, while sturdy at the same time to be able to pick up items.

How do you eat with chopsticks and is it hard?

Well you're supposed to put one finger in the middle and the rest surrounding sort of like holding a pencil so you can just move one finger and it'll close... Don't try it on rice, you'll just get frustrated. Honey, what i just do is stab one chopstick through the food, always works.

What is a collective noun for chopsticks?

There is no specific collective noun for chopsticks, in which case a general collective noun is used. Examples are a set of chopsticks, a box of chopsticks, a supply of chopsticks, etc.

How are chopsticks and science related?

There have been many great scientists from China and throughout the Orient. Answer There are two principles that come into play when using chopsticks, both follow Newton's third law of motion "To every action there is an opposite and equal reaction". When the chopsticks pick up a portion of ( Full Answer )

Can you get splinters from chopsticks?

If the chopsticks are the disposable ones made out of wood, such asthe ones found in some restaurants, then you could get a splinter.

Do south Koreans wear chopsticks?

If you wore chopsticks in your hair it'd pretty much be theequivalent to a westerner wearing a fork or knife in their hair. Noone actually uses chopsticks in their hair, and if you seesomething you think are chopsticks, they're hair accessories madespecifically for being hair accessories, not eating ( Full Answer )

What are the release dates for Chopstick Bloody Chopstick - 2001?

Chopstick Bloody Chopstick - 2001 was released on: USA: 20 August 2001 (Chicago Underground Film Festival) (premiere) USA: 17 November 2001 (MIX NYC: Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film and Video Festival) Germany: 6 May 2002 (Oberhausen International Short Film Festival) France: 26 November ( Full Answer )

Are chopsticks technology?

Absolutely yes! They are tools that are part of a technologydeveloped in asia to help people eat foods.