Where did chris b start to dance at?

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He said he never took classes or anything. He said just would at parties and around the house when he was younger.
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Where did dancing start?

In the early ages dancing begun and it was used as a form of entertainment at a party as well as a celebration.

When did Chris Brown start singing?

when he was 13 years old at his dads gas station that when he was discovered by a music producer But he found his talent of singing at age 11. That's when he gave up tryin to be a rapper.

How do you dance like Chris Brown?

All Chris Brown does is a series of glides and tricks with his hat. If you go onto youtube, you can probobly learn No we wouldn't learn from youtube cuz it goes 2 fast n WA u talking bout fat head

When did dance start?

Dance started in 60000 b.c. I was wxcited to answer this question cause they had no answer:D

How old was chris when he started to dance?

my man chris breezy! started to dance since he was 2 years old. and won't stop anytime soon..... because that's one of his favorite things to do.

When did Chris Brown start his career?

he started his career in 2003 same as rihanna but rihanna was about 2 turn 16 and if he would have started his career in 2005 or 2006 he would have been 17/18!he was 15 when he started his career!

When is chris browns dance auditions?

As of September 2014, there is nothing listed anywhere forauditions for dancers for Chris Brown. When he needs new dancers,he will probably post in the local newspaper or by word of mouth.

Does scooter dance with Chris Brown?


Who does Chris Brown dance with?

there names are Miles and Scooter and they are soo adorable just like my boyfriend Christopher Maurice Brown. Sorry, bay i know you don't like me tellin people your middle name but its just so cute. Luh you> and make sure you tell Jaime I said hey. Oh and sorry about when . . . Jus call me and I'll ( Full Answer )

When did Chris Whitten start WikiAnswers?

Chris Whitten originally started this site in 2002 as "FAQ Farm: the question and answer co-op." The basic idea was the same as it is now: questions and answers are organically grown and through user interaction. The Q&A improves over time and the most popular questions in each category, the FAQs, f ( Full Answer )

How did Chris Brown learn to dance so good?

his parents taught him at a young age. Watching Micheal Jackson on T.V. when he was little. and he is black.Most black guys are born with the talent ofdancing,so does Chris.

How did Chris Brochu get started?

Chris Brochu became famous the same exact way as his brother Doug Brochu did Chris became famous when he worked with John Robert Powers talent agency (JRP)

Did Omarion beat Chris Brown in a dance-off?

Omarion And Chris Has Had More Than 1 Actual Dance Battles.....Omarion Has Won Most Of Them....They Can B Seen On Youtube....1 Of Them Is On Omarion's Myspace Fan Page......http://www.myspace.com/omarionfansonly....In The Videos Omarion Is Also Known As The "King Of Dance" As Of Right Now & Prince ( Full Answer )

Where did Chris Brown get started?

Chris Brown got started in a mall when he was singing and then a few people that worked at a record company and Set him a recording and then became famous

Does Chris Brown dance better than george samson?

Chris Brown is a singer not a dancer but George Samson is a dancer and a bit of a singer so if you think Chris is better than George thank that's what you think but if it is the other way round it is what you think.. I think that Chris Brown is the same as George Samson.

Where did dance start?

There is evidence from cavemen times written on cave walls that there were ritual dances then. There is no clear time when dance started because it goes back thousands and thousands of years. in london

What are the dance moves for the song Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown?

The dance moves for "Kiss Kiss" by Chris Brown include the electricslide. Brown and his choreographer also included the famous breakdancing move known as the side step. To emulate the dance moves,simply watch the video and try them out at home. You can also joinyour local dance studio that specializ ( Full Answer )

Does Chris Brown dance like Michael Jackson?

Yes because at the Bet Awards 2010 Chris Brown did a tribute to Michael Jackson everybody was shocked at the way Chris Brown was dancing because they it looked like Michael Jackson was dancing. They also said it was it was the best tribute to Michael Jackson anybody had seen.

Who are the girls dancing line-dance in the chris cornell - part of you video?

Well don't believe they are truly from El Paso, being that it's my home town. But gotta love the song. As long as I've been a fan of Chris C. he just gets better and better the video was awesome. Chris can do no wrong everything he touches turns to gold. Dolores from Santa Barbara

Why did Chris Brown started to sing?

He wanted to sing because on his bus girls were asking him to sing but he was going to end up being a clothes designer until he found his beautiful gift of singing

Is Chris Brown in a dance group?

Yes he has his own dance troop which you can see on Mechanicaldummy.com search for chris brown in the search bar

Did Chris Whitten start Answers.com?

No, Chris Whitten is the founder of WikiAnswers, which became part of Answers.com in 2007. WikiAnswers was started in 2002 as FAQ Farm. Answers.com is a product of Answers Corp. The CEO and founder is Bob Rosenshein.

How did you learn how to dance Chris Brown?

you can be able to dance like chris brown by going on to youtube and put in dance steps step by step teached by chris brown IM only 10 years old and i know his address

When did women start highland dancing?

women started highland dancing in the 17th century before that only men were allowed to highland dance. and originally only did th national dances (lilt, flora)

Why did Chris Brown began to dance?

well he began to dance when he was about 2 or 3 because he saw Michael Jackson dance and ever body else that inspired him!!!!

How did mikhail baryshnikov start dancing?

in the soviet union His mother was a die-hard balletomane and signed him up for ballet class. When she died, he threw himself head-first into ballet. It's what inspired to be the greatest in ballet in the first place. And why he was attracted to so many "older woman." Everything was "For Mama."

When did contemperary dance start?

The dance started when Christopher Bruce had to give up his dancing career. It's first performance was in the year 1987.

Where Chris Farley got his start?

Chris Farley started by graduation from Marquette University with a degree in Communications and Theatre. He started doing professional comedy at the Ark Improv Theatre in MAdison and the Improv Olympic theatre in Chicago. He then went on to join Chicago's Second City Theatre touring group. It was w ( Full Answer )

What song did Helen dance off of for Chris Brown?

Helen is the official dancer for Chris Brown she started dancing for him in 2002-2009 after her and Trey Songz divorced she was the best dancer he ever had the best song she danced off was "Yo Excuse Me Miss" the song that made Chris Brown Popular Trey songz was once caught cheatin in Helen with the ( Full Answer )

Who dances better Justin Bieber or Chris Brown?

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber are both very talented people and dancers but as much as i love Justin. Chris is a lot better. if you look at his dance moves in some of his songs you will see.

When is Chris Jericho coming back to the WWE after Dancing with the Stars?

In an interview, Chris Jericho has said that he plans on returning to WWE when he is able to be fully committed to the company. He has implied it could be when he is done competing on ABC's Dancing With The Stars . In a recent interview with the UK newspaper The Sun, Chris Jericho expressed tha ( Full Answer )

What are all the dances that start with b?

· ballet · basa nova · belly dance · breakdancing · Bristol stomp · bunny hop . A-ball room dancing

When did chris blackwell started his business?

Christopher Percy Blackwell created Island Records in 1958 at age twenty-two with $10,000 start-up money provided to him by his parents, Blance Lindo and Joseph Blackwell. His business partner was Grame Goodall, a radio personality popular at the time. Blackwell's parents, Blance Lindo and Joseph Bl ( Full Answer )

When did Mackenzie from dance moms start dancing?

Her older sister Maddie began dancing at 2 but 4 at ALDC Mackenzie has been dancing there since she was 3. But she had began dancing at 2.5. With a list of solos: Lemonde: 1st Dancing Barefoot: 3place Goody Goody: 1st Its a Perfect day: 1st Honey bee: 1st Holley wood: 3place Mouse trap: 2place Love ( Full Answer )

Where can one find videos of Chris Brown dancing?

You can find videos of Chris Brown dancing at the YouTube website. Once on the website, type "Chris Brown dancing" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the videos.

How did Chris Rock start his career?

Chris Rock started his career by doing stand up comedy in 1984. Doing this allowed him to get discovered and do stand up comedy on a bigger stage and becoming an actor.