Where did chris brown and rihanna meet the first time?

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Some time around when they first got signed 2004/05 sone where around then I think they meet at defjam records
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Does Chris Brown love Rihanna?

That is over with and done. Chris Brown does not want nothing to do with her.Chris Brown is dating a model that is way better looking than Rihanna.

Chris Brown and rihanna?

But you would get back with Chris Brown if he hit you. He's Rich and He would tell you to retire

Does Rihanna love Chris Brown?

Rhianna loves Chris because she said "i love him and i know he would not hurt me that much"

Is Chris Brown engaged to rihanna?

It has been reported on the news that Rhianna has married Chris brown after he allegedly tried to assault her. But they only got married after they sorted things out and got their lives back on track .But, I'm not sure what really happened so just keep watching the news and find out for your self. ( Full Answer )

Did Chris Brown kiss Rihanna?

They were an item for a while so they did kiss. But then Chris hurt Rhianna and Rhianna said "I have no desire to be with him." Chris has apologized to her countless times but now she refuses to get back together with him.

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna fight?

They both got into a fight. Rihanna started when she saw a text message from a girl to Chris. the damage Rihanna did to Chris was a black eye a swollen lip and a nose bleed that is why she did the song love the way you lie So you don't want to get into a fight with rihanna

Did Rihanna and Chris Brown breakup?

No trust meh they still go out cuz every music or award show they sit byeyeachouter sooo yeah im thinking they do.....xoxox

Did Rihanna get in a fight with Chris Brown?

Yes, it happened before the Grammy awards. Chris attacked Rihanna and Rihanna suffered a broken nose, a cut on her face and some bruises. She is alright! Some people say Rihanna deserved it but no.. Nobody deserves something like that! Stand up and agree. :]

What happened with Chris Brown and Rihanna?

first they were girl friend and boy friend but then they had a fight. chris brown beat up rihanna cuz rihanna found out about a text some other lady chris brown was going out with sent him a text.

How did Chris Brown meet Rihanna?

They met while Rihanna was walking somewhere in New York City on her phone. Chris Brown was also walking and he asked her out.

Why did Chris Brown and Rihanna get into a fight?

Rihanna saw a text on Chris' phone from another woman. She got really mad, then he got really mad. Rihanna was trying to get out of the car, but then he punched her.Rihanna saw a text from a lady.

Did Chris Brown fight Rihanna?

Yes, Chris brown did beat Rihanna but hes already apologized multiple times to the media and lots of TV shows just to prove it and hes sended letters to rihanna on other occasions.

Why did Chris Brown assault Rihanna?

Because she slapped him for lying...it is rumoured that he received a text from other girl and didn't confess in cheating....

Why was Chris Brown and Rihanna fighting?

A text message sent to Chris Brown from another woman may have ignited the explosive argument between the "Run It" singer and girlfriend Rihanna, according to TMZ . A law-enforcement source who spoke with TMZ said the message asked Brown about "hooking up later." There were no further details, howe ( Full Answer )

Were Chris Brown and Rihanna fighting?

Yes obviously he hit her because she were defending her self because rihanna saw Paris Hilton number in his phone so she got jealous and saw the two were kissing.so that how the fight start. but that wrong that he put his hands on her that makes you a coward and a punk.he i don't think he cute at th ( Full Answer )

Did Rihanna hit Chris Brown first?

Rihanna did hit Chris Brown first. Rihanna slapped him numerous times after seeing the text message on his phone, then the fight started.

Why did Chris Brown punch Rihanna?

Chris Brown punched Rihanna in the face because she hit him first. Rihanna did not find it funny that Chris has another girlfriend; she slapped him after reading the text of another girl from his phone. This got Chris very mad and he retaliated in a very bad way.

Why is Chris Brown abusing Rihanna?

chris brown was textin another girl when rihanna found out he texting other girls she got pissed off and threw the phone at him so it all started after a min. chris brown hit back a women near by reported a woman an d man fightin but she didnt know who it was but later found out it was chris brown a ( Full Answer )

Why did Rihanna Chris Brown fight?

he fought rihanna that's why he is in jail and he dodo on his self and smared it in her face rihanna could not help but to call the cops after he slammed her face in the toilet and dodo`s on her face. this statement is true about what really happened with rihanna and chris if you do not believe ( Full Answer )

Why did Chris Brown bash Rihanna?

Apparently, in a limo on the way to the Grammys, Chris got a textfrom another girl and Rihanna got upset. Then they startedbickering, then Chris brown attacked Rhianna. When the police foundout, Chris Brown was arrested. Rihanna had to cancel her concert inMalaysia to go to hospital, she was found w ( Full Answer )

Is Rihanna back with Chris Brown?

I beileve that they still have feelings for each other as Chris brown says that he still loves hur no doubt as for rihanna she wouldn't denie that she has feelings for him still. Chris was wrong for what he had done but if your friends with Chris and know him from heart he isn't that type of person. ( Full Answer )

What did Rihanna do after Chris Brown beat her?

the stupid girl went back to him. if she was gonna go back she should of hid until it heald so nobody would see she gonna get beat down again and nobodies gonna care

What happened to Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Chris Brown and Rihanna got into a fight and broke up. On Feb. 7, 2009 singer Chris Brown was seen with girlfriend Rihanna at the Pre- Grammys dinner at the Beverly Hills Hilton. After they left, Chris was then seen in his car with a woman. Police say that Chris and the woman were arguing in the c ( Full Answer )

Do Rihanna and Chris Brown have a child?

No they don't have any kids and she is not dating neyo...and then they say she's dating Jeremiah then they say Kayne West. That's why I can't trust wiki-answer because they don't know what they are talking about

Is Chris Brown with Rihanna again?

Chris Brown and Rihanna joined together after what happened for a while. But then at the trial Rihanna stated he was her ex-boyfriend. They are no longer together. I think they are the cutest couple ever, and they should get back together even though chris did that to her. She deserves him and he ( Full Answer )

How old are Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Chris Brown was born on May 5, 1989.He is 20 years old. Rihanna was born on February 20, 1988.She is 22 years old.

Where is Rihanna from and Chris Brown?

Chris brown's birth place is Tappahannock Virginia born on may 5 1989. Rihanna isw born at saint Michael Barbados born on february 201988

Does Chris Brown hate Rihanna?

In my own opinion, its pretty obvious that Chris brown might still be in love with Rhianna. but i think he doesn't like the things Rhianna is doing to him after they broke up. its not that he hates her. its just because of what she has become. also i think Rhianna is probably still in love with Chri ( Full Answer )

Is Chris Brown Rihanna friend?

don't know but if u really want to know just think about it in ur head and think of stuff they done together to get the answer or ask chris brown if u can!!

Why did Rihanna get hit by Chris Brown?

Rihanna and Chris brown was coming back from the Grammy awards and Chris brown got a text from his new girlfriend that night and Rihanna snatched the phone and read it and it read 'let's meet up later' than Rihanna slapped his face and Chris brown stopped the car and pushed her back and then when th ( Full Answer )

Does Chris Brown miss Rihanna?

Are you kidding me? He misses her so so much! She misses him as well. Chris and Rihanna still love each other. And want to be together but they are afraid what the public would say. Even though nothing will stop them from reuniting and loving each other. I wish them the best and want to let them kno ( Full Answer )

What happen to Rihanna in chris brown?

they went out and chris got drunk then on the way home in the car he started getting angry and threatening rihanna she then called her agent saying make sure the cops are there when i get home as chris started getting violent and prevented rihanna from getting out of the car when she finally got hom ( Full Answer )

How did Chris Brown met Rihanna?

they met while rihanna was walking somewhere in nyc oon her phone. he was also walking and he asked her out