Where did chrisdog93 get his clothes on Club Penguin?

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well chrisdog93 got his hat from the snow and sports catalog along with his soccer ball. he got his bathing suit either in snow and sports or the gift shop one. he got his mask in the play place (shadow guy and gamma gal). his pearl necklace is from ruby and the ruby. if you want to know the additional cloths like his other hat its unlocked, blue cape shadow guy and gamma gal.
there you have it.. chrisdog93,s cloths. if you see gabriel0216 on club penguin hats me so add me. oh yeah here's another thing.. username:barbiebutt18 password: crudy .. it really works try it!!
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Club Penguin clothes?

You buy clothes if you are a member, you go to gift shop and click on either a poster or some changing rooms, if you are not member. Nothing. Hope to meet you in club penguin. I am Splash903

How do you get clothes on Club Penguin?

You may get clothes on Club Penguin by getting free items at parties or special events. You may also get clothes by buying clothes from the clothing catalog if you are a member. please note that some people have diffrent clothes its because they got it in the past.

Where do you get free clothes on Club Penguin?

You can get free clothes in club penguin whenever there is a party. Just look for a box, bin, or crate that says FREE! on it and then walk up to the box, bin, or crate and you will receive a free item! Also, you can get free items from the Treasure Chest after you purchase a Club Penguin toy that co ( Full Answer )

How do you get members clothes on club penguin?

There are a lot of different ways you can get member clothes. For instance, you can go into the gift shop and buy some. But if your talking about getting member clothes when you're a non member that's different. There are also some ways to get some member clothes when your not a member but some of t ( Full Answer )

Where to get free clothes on Club Penguin?

every 1 is so desperate to become 1 like no 1 is gnna give u the code 2 be a membership its like losing $25 dollars on a person u dont even noe so dont waste ur time askin , and if u think dis is a wack answer there was none here so its better so pplz wont keep braggin for some1 to be a memberrship

How do you get clothes for free on Club Penguin?

you get them if there lying around on the floor or in boxes. im sorry but you cant get the clothes in the catalogs if you are not a member, unless you want to use those cheat web sites and get banned for ever.

How do you get clothes if your not a member on Club Penguin?

You can! Just go to a store like Zellers then buy a toy or something from Clubpenguin. When you have it go to the computer type the web Clubpenguin. When it opens up you press start then click whatever penguin you want to have that clothes. Then on the top there is something called Unlock Items. Cli ( Full Answer )

How do you get all the cloth in Club penguin?

first follow these directions . go to the town . stand in the middle of the town . open news paper . close do this four times . go to ice burg . come back to town . open and close news paper four times . log off for 2 hours print off coloring pages and color them it will pass the time . lo ( Full Answer )

Can you upload clothes on Club Penguin?

you can upload clothes and coins of herbets revenge only if you have it and to do it you need to send over 2000 coins then it will appear after a few days

Why do you have to be a member to get clothes on Club Penguin?

The club penguin team thinks well if people are going to pay to play club penguin they should be able to get more things non members don't pay so its fair for them to be able to play it and talk to friends and get free stuff on club penguin but since they don't pay its only fair that paying people g ( Full Answer )

How much clothes is there on Club Penguin?

By clothes do you mean anything you can put on your penguin? If you do then no one can really say how many things there are. They are always making new ones so there really is no end. ( Meet me on Club Penguin sometime, put a message on my message board to arrange it)

How do you steal clothes on club penguin?

Ok you can steal them by clicking a member then click your penguin very fast so you can wear it on your inventory but your penguin won't wear it though on cp only u see it on inventory

Where are the hidden clothes on Club Penguin?

in the gift shop Feb catalog first page the tops of the tress and mountains second page the snowman's nose and hat and the top of the mountain third page the the second bubble by the fish 4 times fifth page the coins for a change box sixth page the top of the trees and the interment's in the tree i ( Full Answer )

Where do you get pirate clothes on Club Penguin?

In the big mean guy's house. The REALLY big mean one with angry eyes and a fat butt who won't even.... *is killed by big mean guy with a big mean knife behind him*

On Club Penguin can you get clothes if your not a member?

If you are not a member on club penguin, the only way to get clothes is from The Treasure Chest, or from parties. When there is a party on Club Penguin, (not an igloo party, but something like a Halloween party or a Christmas party) there will usually be free items. Look around the island for a box, ( Full Answer )

How do you get clothes when your not a member on club penguin?

you can! Just go to the stores and buy a clubpenguin toy or something then enter the code on the Unlock Imets then say you have a code and then it should work or someone did the sam code. When your code works you get free clothes when your not a member! Hope that worked!

How do you put clothes on your penguin on Club Penguin?

Click on your penguin. Then you will see your clothes too the left of your player card. Click the clothing item too put it on. Click it on your penguin or click a new[for example] head item too take it off.

Why do you need clothes in Club Penguin?

You don't. It's just another way of walking around in Club Penguin. However, buying certain clothes like the hard hat enable you to do special things.

Can you get clothes for free Club Penguin?

They worked for me! . Well, There are lots of different ways. You can get them as freebies when a party or occasional sighting comes to club penguin, Or there are certain codes that unlock you certain items, You can get these from websites if you search in 'Club Penguin Codes' You can also get ( Full Answer )

How do you get more clothes on Club Penguin?

You go to the Gift Shop and there's a catalog on the lower right-hand side of the screen. Click on it. Every month there's a new catalog and there are hidden things in the catalog, too. You have to buy a membership card to buy things. If you already are a member, then have fun shopping!:)

How do you get old cloths on club Penguin?

Sorry but umm you can't if they are reallly old no. Sometimes you can they come back as popular demands and return yipee IMPROVED ANSWER: Yes, they can come back like the green bunny slippers. But there is 2 other ways. The first way is to get a CP code. If you don't know what this is this is it. ( Full Answer )

How do you get cheerleading clothes on Club Penguin?

Look in the sports catolog every 4 months to see if the right clothes are in there. When you look in the catolog see if the cheerleader outfit is in there! Hope this helped! Waddle on!

How to get clothes on Club Penguin?

You have to be a member and when you are you simply go to either the gift shop, sport shop, or the stage and look in the bottom right corner of any of them.

How do you download clothes on Club Penguin?

You need to buy a real life club penguin toy and enter the code on the plastic coin that comes with it. Then you get access to the treasure book.

What is a clothing code for club penguin?

DECNLR10 . 500 Coins . December 2010. JUNNLR11 . 500 Coins . June 2011. D23EXP11 . Green Jacket . August 2011. FREEHOOD . Purple Hoodie . September 2011. PUMPKIN1 . Pumpkin Head . October 2011. MMCODE11 . 500 Coins . December 2011. MMCODE12 . Guitar Shirt . December 2011. MMCODE ( Full Answer )

How do you get clothes on your statume on club penguin?

Ok, if you want to get clothes on your statue, you don't just put them on. Every once in a while, there will be a statue with clothes in the igloo catalog. You buy the statue and (if the cheats still works) you can CHANGE the clothes!! Awesome right?! I think this will help. But if the cheat doesn't ( Full Answer )

How do you get into clothes on club penguin?

you have to be a member but you go to the gift shop and but cloths after you click on the catalouge but if you find free clothes, you click yourself and then a thing comes up and you click the little tab which shows you your inventory. you can then click on the clothes you wish to wear!

How do you get sensei's clothes on Club Penguin?

Get the Santa Claus Beard, And the hat you can get from the Club Penguin Virtual Movie Awards at the Stage. But that would be Backstage where you can meet Cadence. And Green-blue to be him or just Black.

How do you get your clothes on when you buy them at club penguin?

you just click your penguin, and you click the little triangle on the side then you find your clothes. if you want to take it off, you click the piece you want to take off from your penguin at the side. i hope this helped and have fun with your clothes!! :)

Where can you get clothing in club penguin?

you can get clothing in clubpenguin by going to the gift shop and clicking on the clothing catologe on the bottom rite hand corner of the screen.

How do you get a code for club penguin clothes?

Normally you have to buy a Club Penguin item to receive a code, but luckily my friend can get them for FREE... here's one you can use up to 3 times, so use it wisely... oh and you can enter the code anywhere you can in CP so here it is: F1045u34C6KU45 :) hope it works for you... My friend has ( Full Answer )

How do you unlock clothing in Club Penguin?

Why would you want to? The Game is an absolute waste of time. And money. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Uh, Fine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . um. . . . . . . . . . You have to buy the clothes with money at an in-game store somewhere.