Where did christianty began?

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cristianity began when hazrat Isa (R.S) was born peole thought that hazrat isa is the son of ALLAH and hazrat isa's mother is the wife of ALLAH the people who belive this are called cristians

What are the different branches of christianty?

Christianity does not come in different branches. Either it's Christianity, or it's NOT Christianity. The Bible states that just because a particular religion calls itself 'Christian' does not mean that it is. Anyone can call themselves whatever they want. Just because someone says they believe ( Full Answer )

What countries has Christianty spread to today?

I cannot speak for every group that calls itself Christian, but as for Jehovah's Witnesses, we have taken the Truth of God's Kingdom to 235 lands and islands of the sea. According to the Watchtower website, there are witnesses in certain countries where the preaching work is banned, but the preach ( Full Answer )

Christianty was introduced to the Americas by the?

Explorers from Europe, sailing across the Atlantic. Subsequently, the American colonies was considered a safe enough haven by those suffering religious persecution (ie: Catholics and Nonconformists) from the Anglican Church

How did christianty started?

Answer . This is just a really quick answer that can be and really should expanded on ...Jesus established the church when he was here on earth. He left us His Last testament (the New Testament in the Bible) to follow after His death and resurrection. To become a part of His church, one must beli ( Full Answer )

Who started Christianty?

"Christianity" usually refers to the groups of individuals who purport to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. They were first called Christians in Antioch. "Christian" might be defined to mean: men and women who are so much (or act so much) like Jesus Christ they called these people "Christ'ians" ( Full Answer )

Where is christianty taught?

Christianity should be taught in the home for starters. It is taught in churches, missions, Christian schools, on the street corner, in bible studies. It is taught just about everywhere but there are places where it is illegal and you can be punished, imprisioned, and even put to death in some count ( Full Answer )

Where was christianty founded?

Christianity was founded by followers of Jesus Christ in the middle east. This is according, of course, to the Christian Greek scriptures of the Bible.

WHAT IS The role of men in christianty?

pretty much the role of any human regardless of gender is simply to live your life as you see fit it is your life and God gave you freedom to do and think as you like (however there are consequences) your role in life is simply to live not to have a bunch of rhetoric telling you what to do, now I am ( Full Answer )

What are the laws of Christianty?

The laws of Christianity are the 10 commandments. but no one can possibly follow them, and God knows that, which is why he sent his only son, Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in him SHALL NOT PERISH, but live in everlasting peace. this is what makes Christianity different than any other religio ( Full Answer )

Where was Christianty first found?

Answer 1. Israel at the time of Christ Answer 2. Just outside the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were taght the gospel from the beginning. After their transgession they were taught about the atonement that they might know in whom to have hope and where and how salvation cometh. Isaiah (Old Testament) ( Full Answer )

Who is the founder of christianty?

Mary and Joseph and Jesus and Paul and Robin Hood. Also Orlando Bloom, David Tennant, Angelina Jolie and Barack Obama. (Also Britney Spears but it is illegal to say her name!)

Christianty in England?

Definitely. The Church of England (Anglican Church) is a break away from the Catholic Church and therefore following the basic ideals of Christianity. King Henry VIII wanted to divorce but the Pope wouldn't let him so he broke away, creating his own church, still following the same ideals but allowi ( Full Answer )

In what country did Christianty begin?

\nChristianity is said to have 'begun' at Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit descended to the apostles when they were in the upper room in Jerusalem. That would have been in ancient Israel.

How did Christianty evolve from Judaism?

Christianity can be seen as a "branch off" of Judaism. The belief in the divinity of Jesus is the difference between Christians and Jews.

Basic believes of christianty?

I assume you mean beliefs, right?. several basic things to believe, or things that Christians believe are.... 1. God, the creator of heaven and earth loves all, and cares for all beings.. 2. Jesus Christ, the son of God, was born and brought great miracles to people and died on the cross to rid u ( Full Answer )

What is englands perspective views of christianty?

It's hard to speak for all the English but they have an established church there, and they try to keep as broad a perspective as possible. Even their church is neither Protestant nor Catholic exclusively.

Origin of christianty?

Since creation, God has interacted with man. The formalized interaction became what we call Judaism. Somewhere around 3-5 BC, God sent His Son, Jesus, to the earth to be a substitutionary sacrifice for man's sin. He fulfilled many of the elements of Judaism and entered into a new covenant with manki ( Full Answer )

In Christianty how can you be saved?

The Bible says to repent of your sins, change your lifestyle accordingly, Learn about Jesus Christ, follow his example, and above all show Love for your fellow man.

What is the leader of christianty?

There are several types of Christianity, and there are a number of different leaders. The branch of Christianity with the largest membership is the Roman Catholic Church, which is currently lead by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI.

What are the holy days in Christianty?

That would depend upon which denomination you ask the question to.Most in Christianity have discontinued the 7 Holy Days or Sabbathsof God along with the weekly 7th day Sabbath of sunset Friday tosunset Saturday around the 4th Century AD via the Roman church.These were the original Holy Days Jesus, ( Full Answer )

What is the origin of christianty?

Christianity: Is a belief that a Jew who supposed to have lived approximately two thousand years ago was the Jewish Messiah that he had been promised to the Hebrew or Jewish people: In the writings of the Bible , generally the King James version, the man's name was Jesus. Many believed him to be the ( Full Answer )

Life after death in christianty?

In Christianity we believe that all people have a spiritual part of them. Though our bodies die, our spirits go on. If you are a believer and are saved from the Justice deserved by your sins, you will live in heaven with God forever. However if you do not accept Christ as a savior from judgement, yo ( Full Answer )

What is the main type of christianty?

There are many different types of Christians like Lutheran, Methodist, Babtist, and many other. there really is no MAIN type

What are the main belifes of christianty?

For God so loved the world ( u and I ) that he gave his only beggotten son that whoeverbelieves in him should not parish but have ever lasting life (john 3:16). (18) he who believes in himis not condemned but he who does not believe is condemned already

How Did Christianty Begin?

It all began when god sent a message to David ( or somebody) that that God's son (Jesus) will be coming. That's when Christianity began (I think)

How was Christianty started?

If you mean it's true beginning it would be with Abraham, if you mean it's separation from Judaism it would be the birth of Christ, or when He first began to gather followers.

What is Christianty Ritual?

No, Christianity is a belief not a ritual. a ritual is a type of ceremony that you take part in.

Is christianty monotheistic?

Yes. Christianity recognises only one Deity - although within that Deity it acknowledges three 'persons': - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

What are the Christianty symbols of the wedding service?

Only going by my very Christian and very lovely sister's wedding: 3 white candles, in the Church, at first unlit. When came almost the time to announce the Bride and Groom were announced man and wife, the Minister lit the Bride and Groom's candles, that they held. Then, the bride and groom stood nea ( Full Answer )

How old is christianty?

People have followed the one true God since the beginning of time, but "Christianity" or "Christ following" didn't come about till Jesus died on the cross in about 30 AD.

Is christianty the same as catholism?

Catholicism is a form of Christianity. Christianity includes more than Catholicism. The people in New York are Americans. Not all Americans are New Yorkers. The People in Paris are all frenchmen. Not all Frenchmen are Parisians.

What are christiantys beliefs?

Christians believe in a lot of things, her are a few key beliefs: 1. There is only on true God. This is the definition for the word Monotheism. 2. Jesus was the human representation of God. He came to earth to to cleanse humans of they're sins by dying on the cross. 3. You cannot go to heaven ( Full Answer )

How is naming of the chil celebrated in christianty?

Do you mean child? In Christianity, there is was is called baby dedication. It is not so much the celebration of the naming of your child, but promising to the Lord and the church that you will raise your child in the Christian ways. There is no celebration of the actual naming.

What is the destiny of a Buddhist in Christianty?

Apparently, based on statements from the leaders of many Christian faith groups, Buddhists and any other folks who aren't Christians are doomed to burn forever in the Christian Hell (in a kindly and loving fashion through the Christian god) even though they may have led exemplary lives of service to ( Full Answer )

How did christianty happen?

The coming of Christ is foretold in the Jewish Torah (the old testament). The new testament documents the birth of Christ, his ministry, death and resurrection as predicted in the Torah.

What is shared by Islam and Christianty?

Islam and Christianity share the following: . Both are widely believed religions. . Both believe in all God prophets (except prophet Muhammad not believed by Christians) . Both believe in all God holy books (except Quran not believed by Christians) . Both believe in God's angels. . Both bel ( Full Answer )

Is christianty and catholicism the same religon?

Yes, and no. Christianity is the religion that the Catholic Church believes and professes. All Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholic. Catholicism is the practice of being a Catholic Christian. In other words, Catholicism is not a religion, but a part of the Christian rel ( Full Answer )

What did Romans see christianty as?

At first the Romans considered Christianity a Jewish sect. When it officially split from Judaism it was considered a subversive sect due to the Christians' refusal to offer sacrifices for the good of the empire. At first the Romans considered Christianity a Jewish sect. When it officially split fro ( Full Answer )

What are the sects withen the religion of christianty?

There are many different denominations of Christianity including: non-denominational, social independent baptists, lutherans, presbyterians, methodists, pentecostals, catholics, and protestants. As well as baptists and anglicans, those last two tend to be less Bible-based. Many Christians in Africa ( Full Answer )

How do christianty worship?

Christians lift our hands up and praise and worship and adore our Holy God whom we love and whom loves us. We are grateful to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

What is christianty in rome?

Christianity in Rome would still be Christianity. Back in the timesof the Roman Empire, they believed in multiple gods.

Where is the birth place of Christianty?

Most biblical scholars would say Jerusalem, Israel. Many wouldagree it happened on Pentecost Sunday, June 17, 31 AD when God'sHoly Spirit fell upon the disciples and 3,000 of the crowd thatday.