Where did christofer drew go to school?

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christofer drew went to joplin highschool and then dropped out when he was 15 to persue his full time career as nevershoutnever
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Who is christofer drew?

Christofer Drew Ingle(full name) is Never Shout Never. An Alternative/&+ pop one-man-band. He's a great singer and songwriter He Plays Uke and Guitar and Harmonica,piano and s

Where is Christofer Drew from?

He was born in San Diego, California then moved to Portland then moved to Joplin, MO where his family stabilized. Now that he is constantly touring he lives in a tour bus with

Who is christofer drew ingle going out with?

He was dating his on and off girlfriend Kristin Krewson. But he cheated on her in 2011 and they split for final. She is now happy with another man named Christian.

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What does christofer drew have on his left hand?

Christofer Drew got a tattoo on each hand with his mom and dads initials on each side to represent his parents after they got divorced to let them know that even though they g

Is christofer drew really nice?

I'v heard both stories... he is sweet of course, but iv heard he has his days.. some fans make him mad and he has shut down one of his signing boths one time because he was up

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In the original Nancy Drew series, Nancy has already graduated High School, and she has elected not to go to college. Because she isn't at school, she has the chance to solve
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Is christofer drew going to stop singing?

dont think so.. he has about 4 bands.. and never shout never is coming out with a new CD in 2012... he also said he does not see himself stop singing till he is about 40
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Why did Christofer Drew go vegetarian then vegan?

Because he said animals are here for a purpose and they are not here for us to indulge on them. He has been vegan now for a few months. He said it felt right.. also he said