Where did christpher cloumbus from?

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Spain in Europe :]
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Where did christpher Columbus explore?

Christopher Columbus (1451-1506) was an Italian explorer who sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, hoping to find a route to India

Why did Christopher cloumbus explore?

He wanted to seek the route to Asia. Most people say he discovered America, others say he didn't. They were other people who have been to America before him. When, he was on his ship with his sailors, he was the captain. Him and he's sailors did not see any aight of land. His men began to grumble, t ( Full Answer )

Who is Christpher Columbus?

Cristopher Columbus was a navigator , colonizer , and explorer whose voyages across the Atlantic Ocean led to general European awareness of the American continents in the Western Hemisphere . With his four voyages of exploration and several attempts at establishing a settlement on the islan ( Full Answer )

Where Christpher Columbus traveled to?

\nThe proper way to ask this question would be, "Where did Christopher Columbus travel?" and he landed in the Indies, in Trinidad specifically.

What was christpher Columbus's destination?

i think his original destination was India/Asia because of their spices. i heard that they needed a new route to India/Asian for their spices because the original route had been closed off due to another state's control of that specific trade route. but Columbus journey was interrupted because he ha ( Full Answer )

Did christpher Columbus discovered America?

Americans are so ignorant, just like you, first of all their is only one America from Alaska to the south pole, you stole the name, but all of us who are born-ed in this continent are Americans, Columbus did not arrive in or at America, since the continent was named after he died, Americo Vespucci a ( Full Answer )

Why did christpher Paolini write the Inhertance series?

Why do authors write anything??? Some people love football, others love Pokemon, others love writing. Some people are born to write; Christopher Paolini is writing the series because he loves it.

Who sponsored cloumbus first voyage?

Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand sponsored (gave him money) his voyage. They gave him 3 ships called the the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

Why was Christpher Columbus exploring?

He was funded by the King and Queen of France to try to make his way to India to get spices but ended up discovering the Americas

Which queen did cloumbus talk to?

Columbus talked to Elizabeth the first (Isabel I), called the catholic queen or Isabel la católica.

Was sir christpher wren married?

Yes. He was married twice. He married Faith Coghill in 1669. She died in 1675. He married Jane Fitzwilliam in 1677. She died in 1680.

What has the author Christpher Shortell written?

Christpher Shortell has written: 'Rights, remedies, and the impact of state sovereign immunity' -- subject(s): Government liability, States, Federal government, State rights

What was cloumbus goals?

The goal for Columbus had to do with the spice trade. He set out todiscover a better route to India. Christopher Columbus was anItalian explorer.