Where did civil rights movement take place?

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Alabama is credited for much of the movement, mostly due to news coverage of Gov. George Wallace, but took place in many other areas of the USA during the late 50's and early 60's. By the 80's, the race issue was headed toward extinction after the noble efforts by MLK, JFK and others were accepted.
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What events took place that led to the civil rights movement?

the civil rights movement is the time when blacks and whits did not get along so they fought. like how martin Luther king jr. wrote i have a dream he was talking about the civil rights for black and white people. and how Rosa parks got arrested for not giving up he seat for a white man. that was wor ( Full Answer )

How did the civil rights movement begin?

Answer . On 1st December, 1955, Rosa Parks , a tailor's assistant, who was tired after a hard day's work, refused to give up her seat to a white man. After the arrest of Rosa Parks , martin and his friends, Ralph David Abernathy , Edgar Nixon , and Bayard Rustin helped organize prot ( Full Answer )

Where did the first sit ins for the civil rights movement take place?

First Sit-In . According to the site I have indicated, and according to other Civil Rights web sites I have examined, the first sit-in of the United States Civil Rights movement occurred on 1 February 1960, when four Black students attending North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College, ente ( Full Answer )

What was the outcome of the Civil Rights Movement?

As a result to the Civil Rights Movement African Americans are now as equal as whites. Answer That's what they would have Americans believe and although African Americans have more rights and can hold office to good jobs, there is still racism going on to this day. .Schools were de-segregated; bla ( Full Answer )

Why did the civil rights movement take place?

The civil rights movement took place because civil rights were lacking in minorities, such as African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, etc. The civil rights movement involved a lot of courage from young and old. From six year old Ruby Bridges, who was the first African American to go to a Caucasian sch ( Full Answer )

Where does the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 take place?

The ICRA was intended to apply to governments of American First Nations (what we unfortunately call "tribal governments"). The Act nearly mirrors the federal Bill of Rights except in three or four instances. 1) The ICRA has no counterpart provision for the federal Establishment Clause, which prohibi ( Full Answer )

When did the civil rights movement end?

The Civil Rights movement has never ended. Some might say it died with Martin Luther King, Jr.; not so. Others might say it ended with the voting rights act or with the end of the Vietnam War draft or the rise of hip-hop or even the election of President Obama. The truth is that the struggle for Civ ( Full Answer )

Result of the civil-right movement?

The civil rights made it so we could get more freedom in the unitedstates during slavery and Segregation. Like the 14th amendment. The Civil rights movement also meant that Black people and otherethnic minorities have equal rights as whites and can now haveequal opportunities.

What are events that took place in civil right movements?

some event happen in 1865 186861954 5thurgoo marshallsuccessfully 0argues the brown vs. board of education case before the supreme court making it illegal to secagrate schools. some event happen in 1865 186861954 5thurgoo marshallsuccessfully 0argues the brown vs. board of education case before the ( Full Answer )

Who were the leaders of the civil rights movement?

Mary McLeod Bethune . John Brown . Linda Brown . Ruby Bridges . Frederick Douglass . Medgar Evers . Marcus Garvey . Jesse Jackson . John F. Kennedy . Martin Luther King, Jr. . Abraham Lincoln . Rosa Parks . Homer Plessy . Dred Scott . Sojourner Truth . Nat Turner . ( Full Answer )

What events took place in the civil rights movement?

There were many events during the civil rights movement, so this question is a tad vague. However, some of the more important events could be the threat to march on Washington D.C. during WWII, President Truman creating his 10-point civil rights program, the 14th amendment being passed, the revoking ( Full Answer )

Was the civil rights movement successful?

No . Non-violent protest led to very rapid change in the USA including voting, educational, economic and social rights for blacks. The main reason for the success was the principal of non-violence. Because of non-violent protest, whites who benefited from Segregation but who were not overt racists ( Full Answer )

What was the results of the Civil Rights Movement?

well there were 2 acts that passed the 1st gave Civil Rights to AA which declared Jim Crow laws illegal along with segregation and discrimination the 2nd act gave AA the right to vote without taking a test or having to pay any money :)

Song from the civil rights movement?

These song does not really go with civil rights but you can use its SHOW ME WHAT Ïm LOOKING FOR.I hope that helps you

What led to the civil rights movement?

It was a combination of incidents such as the Alabama boycott, but the start is accredited to the trial of the murder of Emmit Till.

Why was the civil rights movement started?

The civil rights movement began after the 13th amendment was passedand the Reconstruction era began after the US Civil War. Therefore,is been going on for over 150 years.

Who was started the civil rights movement?

There were many civil rights movements and many civil rights leaders. Some could even argue that a civil rights movmenT so to speak, began with Jesus himself, as he brought good news to those less fortunate and performed miracles for those in need. If one is referencing the American Civil Rights mov ( Full Answer )

Impact of the civil rights movement?

The Civil Rights movement was a very successful era during the Vietnam War. It was especially influential in discovering significant historical figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Malcom X, etc. Forms of protests consisted of sit-ins, bus boycotts, and marches that lasted ( Full Answer )

What are the causes of the civil right movements?

Following the Civil War, attempts were made to protect the civil rights of the newly freed slaves. The first Civil Rights Acts were passed in 1866, 1870, 1871, and 1875. Those acts tried to protect the ex-slaves rights and freedoms, like the right to sue, to be heard in jury trials, and the right t ( Full Answer )

Who did the civil rights movement help?

It helped all the black people get freedom! **Not only did the CRM help black people, it helped other disenfranchised groups obtain various rights, most notably women (of all races). Other subsequent movements were inspired by the American CRM. Even in the new millennium, those in favor of the r ( Full Answer )

What happened after the civil rights movement?

The blacks were mistreated they had little or no rights they were separated from whites this is called segregation. blacks had there own water fountains own restaurants and had to sit in the back of the bus the civil rights movement was a non violent act where blacks disobeyed the rules and demanded ( Full Answer )

What civil rights movements did Gandhi do?

He stopped Hindu's from having to use ID cards and Passes, Got Great Brittan to leave India, stopped Hindu's and Muslim's from fighting even though he didn't want Pakistan to be created for Muslims he just wanted everyone to live in peace. THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN. Later a Muslim shot him causing his deat ( Full Answer )

Where was the civil rights movement?

The spark that started the modern Civil Rights movement occurred in December of 1955. Rosa Parks, a black seamstress, refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man, as Montgomery, Alabama law required. The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. became the spokesman for the protest that developed and ( Full Answer )

Why was it called the civil rights movement?

Civil Rights are the rights of citizens to vote, to receive equal treatment before the law, and to share equally with other citizens the benefits of public facilities, such as schools. There were certain minority groups in the US, like Native Americans, African- Americans, and Hispanics, that were n ( Full Answer )

Where did sit-ins for civil rights take place?

Sit-ins during the civil rights movement occurred in many variousplaces. Some of the common places where sit-ins occurred wererestaurants, buses, and trains.

Why was the civil rights movement put into place?

Human rights are "basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled". [1] . The doctrine of human rights aims to identify the necessary positive and negative prerequisites for a "universal" minimal standard of justice, tolerance and human dignity that can be considered the public moral nor ( Full Answer )

What was the purpose of Civil Rights Movement?

The purpose of the Civil Rights Movement was to end racialsegregation and for African-Americans to get equal treatment aseveryone else.Also Robert Parris Moses came in the picture andwould teach kids and teens math and science so they could haveknowledge.

What is boycotting in the civil rights movement?

the technical meaning was "not buying or using a product", but in the Civil Rights Movement, the Montgomery boycott was that the African Americans did not ride the bus.

Who created the civil rights movements?

To consider the 'Civil Rights Movement' as something which wascreated by a particular person is wrong. It is more so the casethat a group of people (African Americans) felt the need tocollectively stand up for their rights and it was certain people(Martin Luther King Jr.and Rosa Parks for example) w ( Full Answer )

Did the civil rights movement work?

Civil Rights is a continuing process. The '60s Civil Rights Movement led to the Voting Rights Act, which helped put African American citizens on a road toward equal footing with whites. There may still not be a true equality, but segregation via Jim Crow laws have been abolished, and the movement op ( Full Answer )

Who made the civil right movement?

The civil rights movement began in the mid 1950s with the court case Brown vs. Topeka board of Education. This was in 1954 and the NAACP mainly did the work in this case and also in the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Overall The NAACP started the movement.

What was the cause of the civil rights movements?

African Americans had different colored skin, they also had different rights because of that. until they finally rose up to fight social systems and public authorities.

When the civil rights movement was?

This depends on what civil rights movement you are talking about. The civil rights movement started in the year of 1954 and ended in the year of 1965 for the United States of America. In this there were many boycotts and Martin Luther King Jr was part of that. i think we should remember that he p ( Full Answer )

What did the civil rights movement create?

In the United States the civil rights movement that was a prominent feature in American politics and culture. It made apparent the inequalities in the USA among the races. More people became aware that in areas of the South for example, there were still laws and practices that made Blacks second cla ( Full Answer )

What were the themes of the civil rights movement?

PLease! The DingoBot is wrong.. nothing is repeated. 3 mainthemes are written about. When speaking about the 1960's Civil Rights movement in the UnitedStates there were several themes and more than one Civil Rightsleader. Here are some important themes of that time period: A. One of the most famou ( Full Answer )

What If The Civil Rights Movement Never Took Place?

Then, there will be no reason to march and protest and theAfrican-american will still be mistreated and hated by the south.there will be still overt white supremacy. the civil right movementdefeated overt white supremacy,but not covert white supremacy.police brutality is still here today.

Why were ordinary people willing to take part in the civil rights movement?

Depends on what you mean by ordinary - some ordinary folks weredirectly affected by discriminatory state laws and practices (somewould say they still are), some ordinary folks felt as though suchlaws and practices were simply un-American (some would say theystill do). There are some folks who veered ( Full Answer )

What if there was no civil rights movement?

without the civil rights movement, there would no purpose of peoplesacrifice everything for people to be accepted in society, racismis still exist today, called covert white supremacy. please helpblack lives matter and end racism once and for all. racism shallburn to the ground. end police brutality ( Full Answer )