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The first example of a civil service is that originated in China.
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Can you get a civil service job with a felony?

You cannot generally get a civil service job with a felony. Thereare many companies that hire ex felons including Hilton, EmbassySuites, Dollar Rent a Car, Wendy's and many more. You can also findonline work or work with an agency that helps ex felons find work.

What is the Civil Service Commision?

The Civil Service Commission was established in 1883. It required workers to take an exam to be hired into a job to show if they were fit for it. It proved merit, which bosses admired.

What is a civil service wedding?

NOT religious in nature, in other words a civil ceremoney would not be preformed by a clergyman, (judge/justice of the peace etc) and would likely not contain any references to the Lord.

When and where is a civil service test for firefighters?

I have no idea for you specific location but you'll probably find luck going to your city's human resources department, or just going to a fire station and asking about it and they would be glad to help you out.

What is the origin of civilization?

The origin of civilization is having ancient humans, walking on earth. It happened a long time ago and before you were born.

What is civil service system?

A civil service system ensures that appointments and promotions arebased on merit and abilities. Appointments are not made bypolitical patronage.

What is the civil service?

The Civil Service are those people (public servants) that work forthe government of a country.

Who created the Civil service system?

The 47th US Congress created the civil service system in 1883, alsoknown as the Pendleton Act. The act stipulated that government jobsshould be awarded on the basis of merit or competitive exams,rather than political ties or political affiliation.

What is the civil service and how do people join?

The Civil Service is a branch of the federal and state governmentthat employs people to various departments or branches ofgovernment. People do not join the civil service rather one mustapply for a job that is apart of the civil service such as afirefighter or police officer.

What are the problems of the civil service in Nigeria?

corruption; it has eaten down to the root of the civil service in Nigeria, where recruitment is not done by merit but by knowing someone or by paying bribe to h.p.m or whoever it may concern. bureaucracy: due to the vast array of rules, which leads to prolonged process of dealing with issues in c ( Full Answer )

What created the Civil service system?

The federal civil service was started officially by law in 1871. In1882, the Pendleton Civil Service Act stipulated that Civil Serviceemployment was to be based on merit rather than at the whim ofsupervisors.

What is the Pendelton Civil Service Act?

The Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act of 1883 was a law mandatingthat government jobs be merit based. This act prevented hiring andfiring based only politics and campaign donations.

What does the word ''civil service'' means?

Civil service is commonly used to define any government employeethat isn't in the military. It is sometimes used to refer to abranch of government of hired professionals.

Where did civilizations originate?

Almost all civilizations began in river valleys, where agriculture had a constant supply of water, and where the silt carried by the river enriched the soil with minerals. This is true of all of the non-rainforest civilizations : Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, and China.

What is a civil service system?

A civil service system is defined by " those branches of publicservice concerned with all governmental administrative functionsoutside the armed services. The body of persons employed in thesebranches. a system or method of appointing government employees onthe basis of competitive examinations, rat ( Full Answer )

What is a civil service job?

A civil service job is a job that is usually in a governmentsector. This doesn't include the military and military jobs.

How do you take the civil service exam?

I am interested in working for the State Department of Insurance in a position that i start at the bottom and work my way up.

What are the types of civil services in India?

All India Services . Indian Administrative Service . India Foreign Service . Indian Police Service Group A Services . Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service . Indian Audit and Accounts Service . Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) . Indian Defence Accounts Service . Indi ( Full Answer )

The federal civil service was created by?

The federal civil service was created by an Act of Congress in1871. It was done to prevent the extreme unfairness in the hiringpractices for those who worked for the government.

What was the civil service commission?

A commission set up in 1883 to administer examinations and supervise the operation of the civil service system. This was created from the Pendleton Act, which was passed in 1883 by Congress.

When did Augustus start a civil service?

On his assumption of formal control in 27 BCE he appointed some of his Freedmen (that is freed slaves who were capable of administration) as de facto ministers of state. The idea was that foreign ex-slaves would be free of the political, factional and family-based prejudices which infected the Repub ( Full Answer )

What was the civil service exam used for?

The civil service exam was used by the Chinese to determine who could have some political power. It was based on Confucian ideas and taken by men, mostly wealthy ones. Sometimes, connections outweighed scores though.

How do you get into civil services?

Generally civil servants are selected by written examinatin and viva voce. This written exam may be optional or conventional.

What are the advantages of the civil service system?

The advantages of the civil service system was that getting a job in office was not determined by heredity. That is to say: If your dad was the king, and you were a bad ruler, you might be kicked out of power by someone who can actually rule if a civil service system was in place.

What were the original civilizations?

The original civilizations were in an area called mesopotamia which included southern europe, western middle east, and northern africa. The civilizations were the Mycanaes, Hittites, Sumerians, etc.

This created the civil service system?

The items that created the civil service system were the decline offeudalism and the spoils system. The people wanted a say instead ofrelying on the president using jobs for his own party.

What is civil service and how do people join?

Civil service is any job on the tax payers dime from the military, a government secretary, police, firefighter, mayor, governor, senator, to the president. You can run for office, or you can apply for a government job on the website for the agency of your choice. If you are interested in city work, ( Full Answer )

What lead to the civil service system?

Before the civil service system, employees of the federal government were hired or fired, promoted or demoted, on the basis of favors owed to political supporters (the "spoils system") and not on the basis of their ability to do the job. Some of those appointees did not have the ability to do their ( Full Answer )

Who conducts civil service examinations?

Civil service examinations are conducted by the government agency that needs to hire employees in a given category. Some government agencies may hire private companies to provide this service. If you're interested in a government job, local, state or federal agency, contact the human resources dept. ( Full Answer )

Is a doctor a civil service job?

It can be, if the doctor is employed by a government agency (as inveterans care, federal research, military medicine, and some formsof socialized healthcare). Many doctors are employed by privatehospitals, partnerships, or organizations, and are NOT civilservice employees.

Are police considered civil service?

Yes, police are considered civil servants. Law enforcement is a civil service for the people and the government. Notice the motto, "To serve and protect". However, other jurisdictions may not consider police civil servants, but here in NY they are. One may presume reasonably that they are. The mili ( Full Answer )

The structure of Nigerian civil service?

Civil service refers to all the staff of government service (department), who are paid from the consolidated revenue Fund Parthy or wholly. the civil service is a body organ which enjoys continuity of existence. the enjoy permanence of office until when they leave office.

When is theft of service a civil matter?

Theft is one of a number of crimes that are also civil wrongs. If a person is charged with theft criminally, he or she may be sentenced to jail or otherwise punished. However, if the victim wishes to recover whatever property was stolen, he or she would need to file a civil lawsuit to recover the pr ( Full Answer )

What to study for civil services exam?

You need to prepare for three stages of exam. One is the preliminary which has aptitude and General studies. The second stage is a descriptive paper and you need to choose two optional subjects of your choice apart from the common papers. Below you can get complete information about the examination ( Full Answer )

How will you achieve civil service?

Find a job you are interested in doing - take the examination to qualify - if you score high enough - go through the interview and preliminary hiring steps - if you are hired, you're in.

What is a civil service in the roman empire?

During the period of the Romans Republic there were five types of elected executive officers of state: the consuls (heads of the Republic and military commanders), the praetors (chiefs justices and military commanders) the censors (who carried out the census, oversaw public morals, managed the roll ( Full Answer )

What is subprofessional civil service exam?

I dont Know it is in English and Filipino: vocabulary, grammar and correct usage, paragraph organization, reading comprehension, clerical operations, and numerical reasoning. . Both levels of the examination will have general information questions on Philippine Constitution; Code of Co ( Full Answer )

How does one apply for Civil Service?

One can apply for civil service online through the appropriate government office. All the information in regards to requirements, testing, and contact information will be office specific and found on the same site.

What is meant by the civil service examination?

The civil service examination is the test required by many agencies to get a job as public servant. Some civil service jobs in the United States are Supervisory Forest Technician for the National Forest Service, Motor Vehicle Operator for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Nurse Specialist for ( Full Answer )