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bordering states

Where did the US Civil War take place?

The US Civil War took place between the Union military forces andthe southern Confederate states. The Union forces are frequently referred to as the North and thesouthern Confederate forces are often referred to as the South. It happened in the across America from April 12,1861 to April 9,1865. The ( Full Answer )

What years did the civil war take place?

The civil war was fought from 1861 to 1865 when General Lee (Confederates) surrendered to General Grant (North) The civil war took place from 1861 to 1865.

Where did the US Civil War Battle of Antietam take place?

The Battle of Antietam took place near the Antietam Creek, nearSharpsburg, Maryland in September of 1862. This was the first timeConfederate General Lee took his forces into Union territory.Maryland was a slave state that remained in the Union. It was oneof the bloodiest battles in American history. ( Full Answer )

Why did the Civil War take place?

Well mostly because the south had no problem with slavery and the north didn't exactly like slavery. California was neutral.

Where did the American Civil War take place?

Battles were fought in the US from Pennsylvania South, and West as far as Colorado. The first shots were fired in South carolna, and the first Infantry battle in Virginia. Almost every where in the united states.

What states did the US Civil War take place in?

The American Civil War encompassed most of the colonized USA in the1860's. Some famous states involved in the civil War were;Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.

Where did the civil war exactly take place?

the civil war took place in the united states eastern coast line mostly but it did span out a little bit farther more specifically it took place in : Texas , Florida and Massachusetts's

Where was the first battle of the civil war take place?

Big Bethel in Virginia, in Hampton county, near a community named Tabb. This was the first major land battle after the Confederates fired on Ft. Sumter, near Charleston, South Carolina which started the war.

Where did most of the battles in the civil war take place?

The majority of American Civil War battles were fought in Virginia. In fact, almost all battles were fought in the South. The Civil War was truly a defensive war for the South and an offensive war for the North.

Which president paid a substitute to take his place in civil war?

President Grover Cleveland (22nd & 24th President) who was first elected in 1884 avoided the Civil War conscription by paying a substitute to serve in his place in the Union Army. This was entirely legal under the Conscription Act of 1863 and made President Cleveland the U.S.'s first "draft dodger." ( Full Answer )

Where does the civil war take place?

wow lots of places near Virginia it all started when the south which is the confederate started to shot at fort Sumter with was a slave state but did not break away from the union so the south said with their shots that they did not want union states in their side which was the confederates state ( Full Answer )

Why did the American Civil War take place?

Because the southern states felt that the government was taking too many liberties with their rights to rule themselves. Slavery only sparked the decision to secede as it was starting to be a burden with the invention of synthetic cotton in England and was going to be eliminated anyway. Tensions ove ( Full Answer )

Where did the US Civil War take place and who won it?

The American civil war took place here in the USA between the South, or the confederate states, and the North. The North won. They were fighting mostly because the USA, Abraham Lincoln our president, wanted to make slavery illegal. Point being, if we wouldn't have won, people would (probably not but ( Full Answer )

Where did the Civil War take place?

The US Civil War took place in the states bordering the arbitrary division between the "Northern" (Union) states and the "Southern" (Confederate) states. The capitals of the respective combatants, Washington DC and Richmond, VA, were only 96 miles (154 km) apart, but were defended when attacked. . ( Full Answer )

When where and why did The American Civil War take place?

The American Civil War (1861-1865), also known as the War Between the States and several other names , was a civil war in the United States of America . Eleven Southern slave states declared their secession from the U.S. and formed the Confederate States of America (the Confederacy). ( Full Answer )

Where did the only civil war conflict in Indiana take place?

Vernon,Indiana in Jennings County. A skirmish between John Hunt Morgan's Confederate cavalry and some militia.. Local lore has a skirmish at Gnaw Bone, halfway between Columbus and Bloomington,In., but it probably didn't happen.

In what state did the first battle of the civil war take place?

The first land battle of the Civil War took place at the First Battle of Bull Run (First Battle of Manassas) near Manassas Junction, Virginia on July 21, 1861. This followed the bombardment and surrender of Fort Sumpter (Charleston, South Carolina) on April 12, 1861, along with the capture of o ( Full Answer )

During what years did the US Civil War take place?

The US civil war was fought from April, 1861 to May, 1865. The hostilities began with the bombardment of Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor on April 12, 1861. They effectively ended with the surrender of general Robert E. Lee at Appomattox Court House, Virginia, on April 9, 1865. Battles continued ( Full Answer )

Where did the civil war takes place first?

In April 12, 1861 the federal garrison at Fort Sumter in Charleston Bay the Confederate army attacked the fort. This was the spark that started a 4 year war with at least 620,000 men losing their lives.

Did the Olympic games take place during the Civil War?

No. The Modern Era of the revival of the Olympic Games did not begin until 1896. That was the first Olympiad since the days of ancient Greece. The Winter Olympics were first held in 1924.

In July 1863 where was the American Civil War taking place?

On three fronts. Pennsylvania, where Lee had gone, largely in search of provisions and other supplies, when Virginia was becoming seriously war-ravaged. Eastern Tennessee, where Union commander Rosecrans had enjoyed a good start in his campaign against Braxton Bragg. Mississippi, where Grant woul ( Full Answer )

Were did the battle of Yorktown civil war take place?

Yorktown took place in the American Revolution and not the civil war a 100 years later. Yorktown was the final battle between the American/ French troops and the British. __ The Siege of Yorktown took place in 1862. To be more precise, April 5-May 4 1862, Union General McClellan's army ran int ( Full Answer )

How did the civil war take place?

Because the southern 25 states wanted to have slavery but the northern 25 states wanted everyone to be treated equally

Did part of the civil war take place in Gettysberg Pennsylvainia?

Yes. The only battle on Northern soil. The Confederates lost - a highly emotive subject in the South, with blame still being allocated to one General or another, usually James Longstreet. It was the end of any Confederate plans to invade the North. Lee did, however, manage to get his damaged army ( Full Answer )

When did the Thebes civil war take place?

This war is found in plays a thousand years later, and rests in the area of mythology and legends (traditional tales) rather than history. It predates cursive writing, so we have no direct accounts of the events. From archaeological evidence, Thebes was destroyed in the 13th Century BCE , so thi ( Full Answer )

Where did some of the important battles take place in the Civil War?

Several of the most important battles of the Civil War, in the early years, occurred in northern Virginia. To name several, Manassas Junction - twice (also known as Bull Run), Chancelorsville, and Cold Harbor; all won by the Confererates. Each of these battles marked attempts by the Union to invade ( Full Answer )

Were did most of the civil war take place?

Most of the Civil War took place in the South. The farthest up they got in the North, and I believe the only battle in the North, was the Battle of Gettysburg in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Where did the ironclad take place in civil war?

The battle of the ironclads(Virginia vs. Monitor) took place off of Hampton Roads,Va. on March 8th and 9th 1862.March 8th was the Virginia attacking several Union ships in the area,then on the 9th the Monitor showed up and the two ironclads fought each other.The battle was a draw.

Where did the Cambodia Civil War take place?

Cambodia. Mainly Phnom Penh, where two million were forced to the farms. the town was empty soon after. You were killed for having smooth hands, glasses, or an inability to work.

What was it called when you paid someone to take your place in the civil war?

Paying a substitute. That was one of the provisions of the Union draft, and it was a very bad law. There was naturally a lot of grumbling in the ranks about well-off young men who could afford to slide out of doing their service. But the substitutes were mostly no use anyway. Why hadn't they respon ( Full Answer )

Why did the civil war take place after Caesar's death?

The Civil War didn\'t have a lot to do with Caesar\'s death. The Civil War went a lot deeper than that, and Caesar did play a role, though not as important as the reasons for the war itself.

Where did the civil war battle of New Orleans take place?

The Civil War Battle of New Orleans took place on the mouth of the Mississippi River, where Admiral Farragut led a Union fleet of 16 ships and a mortar flotilla on April 18,1862. After bombarding but with little effect the Confederate Fort Jackson on the west bank and Fort St. Philip on the east s ( Full Answer )

How did amputations take place during the civil war?

Surgeons worked without benefit of anesthesia or antiseptics. The object was to remove the affected limb as quickly as possible. Many soldiers died of septic infections or had to undergo a second amputation due to gangrene.

Where the very last battle of the civil war take place?

The Battle of Columbus (Georgia) is considered the last battle of the Civil War. The Battle of Palmetto Ranch, in Texas, was not actually a battle, and it occurred after the official fighting had ended.

Where did the battle take place in the Civil War?

There were hundreds of battles during the US Civil War from NewJersey and Pennsylvania onward to the west, north, and south inother states. Only two took place in northern territory., althoughthe South made many raids into the North. The majority of the resttook place in Virginia, but there were als ( Full Answer )