Where did civilization get its start in China?

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In the Yellow and Yangtze river valleys
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How did civilization start?

it start by women working in farms making crop which developed on and then they have to give surplus and that is how civilization

When did the civil start?

It never started, and never ended. When the South fired on the US Army garrison at Fort Sumter, it could claim that it was only defending its own declared territory, and was not wanting a war. Any war would have to be declared by Lincoln of behalf of the Union. Lincoln could not declare war withou ( Full Answer )

What year did ancient China start?

The first Chinese Dynasty would be the almost mythical Xia Dynasty which supposedly existed from 2070 - c. 1600 BCE. The Shang Dynasty officially overthrew the Xia at 1600 BCE and is according to existing Chinese archaeologists, the first Chinese dynasty, based on Ancient Ruins. However, for the Ch ( Full Answer )

Who started Christianity in China?

The people who introduced Christianity to China are believed to have been Nestorian Christians, considered heretics in the West, in the year 635. With imperial financial support, the first Christian church and monastery were built in Chang'an (Xi'an) in 638.

When did the civil war in china end?

The Civil War in China began just about right after World War IIhad ended. It began in 1946 and officially ended in 1950.

When did slavery start and end in China?

It started a long time ago and continues today by many other names, most Chinese-made products were built by poorly payed workers in sweatshop conditions, virtually slaves.

What started the Civil War in china?

the Cases of Chinese Civil war started because Struggle for power between Nationalists and Communists broke out into war

When does winter start in china?

The start of winter in China usually falls around November 7.Specifically, it refers to the day when the sun is exactly at thecelestial longitude of 225 degrees.

Where did civilization begin in china?

Civilization with written history (Oracle bone script) began since the Shang Dynasty,which was 1600BC~1046BC. Broad sense civilization began around 2000BC.

When did feudalism start in China?

Feudalism started in China during the Shang dynasty. Feudalismlasted until the end of the Qin/Chin dynasty.

When did the ancient civilization of China begin?

Ancient China was one of the earliest centers of human civilization Recent study shows that the stone tools found at China's Xiaochangliang site dated to 1.36 million years ago. Oracle bones with ancient Chinese writing from the Shang Dynasty have been radiocarbon dated to as early as 1500 BC ( Full Answer )

What event triggered civil war in china?

There were a number of factors that caused the Chinese Civil War.However, on August 1, 1927, activists from the Communist Party ofChina revolted against the Nationalist government. This isgenerally seen as the beginning of the Civil War.

Was Ancient China civilized?

It would depend on your definition of being civilized. At the time, yes, while it was compared to other countries, possibly up until about 1750~1900 AD. I could be wrong.

Why did the civilization of china begin?

why did early civilization begin. i need for u 2 answer tha question please its. for my social studies project.. p:s thank u very much it means the world 2 me okay. answer now bye bye talk 2 u soon peace.

How did the civil war start and when did it start?

It started because Lincoln had won the 1860 election on a ticket of no new slave-states, so the South was doomed to be outvoted in Congress, which would pass laws that favoured the North at the expense of the South. So most of the slave-states broke away to form the Confederate States of America. A ( Full Answer )

How long did ancient china civilization last?

In recorded history,1600BC - 1911(from Sang dynasty to Qingdynasty). In legend,2070BC-1911(from Xia dynasty to Qing dynasty). A lot of people think 221BC,the begining of Qin dynasty, is thebegining of China civilization.That is wrong.The king of Qinconqured other six kingdoms, and created the firs ( Full Answer )

What were the results of the civil war in china?

The Chinese Civil War ended when major active battles came to a halt in 1949-50'. The Republic of China was caused by a number of factors including a U.S. special convoy cease fire which disrupted the Nationalists' efforts to defeat the Communist party of China, the worsening of social and economic ( Full Answer )

Why did China win the Chinese civil war?

There is two China's the PRC and the Republic of China that's why it was a civil war so I guess its because no matter who won China would still win.

Summer starts and ends in china?

Summer, and all seasons, officially start and end at the International Date Line. A hugely convoluted line in the Pacific ocean.

How did the Japanese react to the civil war in China?

They tried to take advantage of the internal weak state that china was in and invaded china. However, the two chinese sides (nationalists and communists) generally united together to fight the common japanese enemy, and as a result created heavy resistance that slowed japanese advances and also kept ( Full Answer )

Contribution of china to world civilization?

Twenty Great Inventions with year: 1. Paper Making 105 AD. 2. Movable Type Printing 960-1279 AD 3. Gunpowder 1000 AD 4. Compass 1100 AD. 5. Alcohol About 2000 BC-1600 BC 6. Mechanical Clock 618-907 AD 7. Tea Production 2,737 BC 8. Silk About 2,100 years ago 9. Practical ( Full Answer )

Where did the first civilization in China develop and why?

The first civilization in china was called Anyang in 1700 B.C. I don't know why it was made but here is a guess. China was a big place to make a civilization. It had a source of running water which is an ideal place for cities. Could you please answer this question too? How did the geography o ( Full Answer )

What date does autumn start in China?

Chinese autumn begins August 6/7, the same time as Lughnasadh in the traditional Druidic calendar. It continues until November 6-7, the first day of winter.

What were the causes of the civil war in china?

There were many internal disputes in China after the 1911 revolution, most known is what I believe the one you are referring to, which is when Mao came to power. Following the end of the Second World War, many internal conflicts in China was set aside to unite against the common enemy; Empire of ( Full Answer )

Where was the civil was started?

The Civil War started in Fort Sumter, South Carolina. That was where the first shots were fired. This happened in 1861.

When did ancient China emerge as a civilization?

Findings show that hominids have inhabited China between 250,000and 2.24 million years ago. Homo sapiens have been found theredating back to 18,000 - 11,000 BC. However, the first imperialdynasty (Xia) in China emerged around 2070 BC. The first dynastythat left historical records was the Shang dynas ( Full Answer )

Did ancient China have competitions with other civilizations?

Yes, it certainly did. In fact, the current country called China is made up of pieces from encounters between the earliest identifiable Chinese (Han) people and other civilizations. For example, the "Great Wall" was built to protect China from the Mongol empire, but it didn't work and the Mongols pr ( Full Answer )

How many provinces did china start with?

To many Chinese the Chinese nation began with the First Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who ruled the Qin state and brought other states under Qin control through unification. As such, the number of provinces China started with is probably zero or one.

Why did civil war begin in China?

In medieval times, China wasn't China, it was actually many different "nations" that were at war with each other for power. Eventually, the QIN dynasty was captured, and that unified all of China. China was technically China (under one emperor) but all the warlords wanted their own power and had w ( Full Answer )

What year did Google China start?

Google China started in 2005 and headed by Kai-fu Lee. The Beijing office was initially located in NCI Tower and then moved to Tsinghua Science Park in early 2006.

What started the civil war in China-?

the Cases of Chinese Civil war started because Struggle for powerbetween Nationalists and Communists broke out into war.

When did the civil war in china ended?

The most recent civil war in china ended in 1949. It began in 1945,around the time of Japan's surrender. The conflict was betweenChiang Kai-shek's Nationalist Party (Kuomintang, or KMT) and MaoZedong's Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

How did rivers help civilization develop in china?

Chinese civilization originated in various regional centers alongboth the Yellow River and the Yangtze River valleys in theNeolithic era, but the Yellow River is said to be the Cradle ofChinese Civilization.