Where did civilization gow in the ancient period?

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Egypt, Mesopotamia, Indus Valley, Yangtse Valley.
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What is a gow?

Answer . Gow is a Scottish surname. . It is also an abbreviation for the video games Gears of War and God of War.

When did the ancient Egyptian civilization start?

"By about 3100 B.C.E., a king from Upper Egypt (in the south) who according to tradition was named Menes, consolidated his rule over the entire Egyptian Land." ~ Dennis Sherman, Joyce Salisbury.. Its commonly accepted that the Egyptian empire lasted from 3100 BCE to 1000 BCE.

Is Egypt an ancient civilization?

Yes, because Egypt was first founded around 2200-2700 BC.. ___________________. While it is true that Egypt's history goes back thousands of years, and the power and influence of ancient Egypt were great, the current political, cultural, ethnic and religious culture of Egypt has little to do with ( Full Answer )

Why is ancient Rome the best civilization?

\nDescribing ancient Rome as the "best civilization" is an opinion. Many consider it to be one of the greatest empires of all time, but it depends on who you are. The Roman Empire, at its peak, covered vast areas of land, including North Africa, Egypt, the Middle East, up into the middle of Europe, ( Full Answer )

How did the ancient greek civilization begin?

The earliest Greek people were the Minoans. They lived on theisland of Crete 3000 years ago and their civilization lasted for2000 years. Greece is a peninsula that is easily accessible byboat. This feature made it an ideal place to settle and because theMinoans were trading with other countries, Gre ( Full Answer )

Why are ancient African civilization important?

Why are ancient European civilization important? If we are to measure the importance of civilizations, we must ask how we are measuring it. African civilizations are important in many ways that you may not know about. For example the Nubian culture made great contributions through their trade in man ( Full Answer )

What where the ancient civilizations?

The Aztecs in South America, Mayans in Central America, Incans in Peru, Romans in Europe, Egyptians in northern Africa , Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians, and Persians in modern Iraq, Greeks in Greece, Chinese in China (longest-lasting empire in the world, too), and probably many others that I did ( Full Answer )

What are the ancient civilizations?

The first civilization was Uruk, but then came Ur, Babylon, Sippur, Nippar, and Lagash. Another very ancient village that came before Uruk was Catalhuyuk. . Its a civilization that has lived long before the modern and industrial age. The person above says Uruk was the first civilization but I ( Full Answer )

Which ancient civilization defeated the ancient Egyptian civilization?

A few Civilizations defeated the Egyptians, resulting in what are know as Intermediary periods. The Nubians, The Hyksos Kings (Isrealites), The Persian Empire all ruled in Egypt for short periods. Alexander the Great, actually liberated the Egyptians from the Persian Empire, who ruled in Egypt fo ( Full Answer )

What are ancient civilizations?

The term "ancient" refers to past happens and word "civilization" refers to human cultures and human values.

How did ancient Egypt become an ancient civilization?

Farmers and nomads began farming there. Nobody really knows the answer but somehow it started with them and I guess the population began to grow and they set up a government established a religion and went on from there!

Which civilization is worlds most ancient civilization?

Oldest known is Lemuria. Lemuria is the oldest civilization in the world. According to various esoteric sources, civilization first appeared 78,000 years ago in the giant continent known as Mu or Lemuria and lasted for an astonishing 52,000 years. It is sometimes said to be the oldest civilization ( Full Answer )

Which elements on the periodic table were known to ancient civilization?

There were several elements that would have been encountered in their simple substance form and used by ancient people. They would not have been recognised as 'elements', but they were certainly exploited in the various ancient cultures Copper and gold in their native form as simple substances have ( Full Answer )

Why did ancient Egypt civilization begin?

A difficult question. Consider the astronomical circles at Naba Playa, in Nubia, which some believe reflect stellar alignments as far back as 16000 to 15000 years ago. But others interpret the same evidence as less than 10 000 years ago. Some of the Egyptian Pharaohs may have come from this regi ( Full Answer )

Which ancient civilization was the most influential?

The Ancient Hellenic (Greek) civilizations. They gave us the ideas of a republic and governance as well as learning and philosophy. They laid the foundations of modern science and gave birth to modern maths, logic, and the concept of a mathematic proof. However the Greek civilization is said to have ( Full Answer )

How did ancient Egypt start as a civilization?

It was basically migration from other parts of Northern Africa, such as Palestine and Syria that originally founded Lower Egypt. Upper Egypt was formed by other migrations from what we would now know as southern Iraq.

What were the inventions of the great ancient civilizations?

People tend to expose their prejudices and other biases when answering questions of this type. Remember that we don't always know with certainty which culture invented a thing first. Many cultures reinvented items that were invented earlier or at about the same time. Numerous inventions are di ( Full Answer )

How did ancient greek civilization end?

A large war happened: the Peloponessian Wars (431 to 404 BC). Athens and Sparta went to war then their allies joined in. After many long bloody years, Sparta finally won and there were years of peace. But Sparta was severely weakened. Then Athens revolted. There was no unity among the city-states an ( Full Answer )

How did the Ancient Romans change civilization?

The Ancient Romans changed civilization from Warfare to everyday life. The Ancient Romans introduced Catholism to the world which is huge to the Hispanics and Irish. The Romans thought of plumbing as well as different faction orders in the military which some are still used today.

Who are the richest ancient civilization?

Rome and Egypt are probably the most richest. Because of their great culture and innovations, their resources, their strong military, their abilities to expand and defend their boundaries, their Strong Education Program, and their government structure and laws that protected the citizens.

Where did most ancient civilizations build there civilizations and why?

Most ancient civilizations built their societies around rivers (ex: Tigris, Euphrates, Yellow, Nile). They did this because rivers are fresh water and supply water to drink as well as for irrigation (agriculture). Food and water supplies are a must for a civilization!

What is the most successful ancient civilization?

This answer depends on what successful means. If it means how long it lasted, then China is the most successful civilization following by the Byzantine empire. In terms of contributions to science, medicine, philosophy and the arts the Hellenic civilizations are the most successful. In terms of expa ( Full Answer )

What cause ancient civilization to change?

depends on what its changing on .... for example what changes an ancient civilization to a classical civilization , is four things . 1. Common shared Language 2. Creation of an Empire 3. Building of an Infuse Structure 4. Better Technology

What did the ancient Hebrew civilization start?

The current accepted estimate is about 4000 years ago, however this is only for the monolatrous/monotheistic era. The idol-worshipping Hebrews from whom Abraham was descended go back perhaps 12,000 years.

Why is the ancient Mayan civilization remembered?

They are remembered for many reason, almost too many to explain.One of the most obvious is the Mayan Calendar. The Mayan Calendarconsists of three "rounds" the the biggest round that is in theoutside is the Solar Round; this round has 365 symbolscorresponding to the 365 days in a year (hence the 'So ( Full Answer )

What was the ancient roman civil law?

You would have to be more specific as to what law you are inquiring about. Civil Law is based on a written code. The Romans had written laws on numerous things, adultery, taxation, trade, citizenship, water usage, clothing, marriage, etc. etc. etc.

Why did ancient civilization use statues?

In the ancient civilizations, statues demonstrated power or beauty. They could be used to relic past events, ruling power, or wealth. But, in Chinese and Egyptian times, statues could be used as traditional relics.

What is awesome about ancient civilizations?

What's awesome is that they did crazy stuff like chop people's heads off and play a basketball-like game with it. I think it was the Aztecs that did that.

Where was the ancient Mycenaean Civilization located?

alexis calculates the surface area of a gift box as 600 square inches. the actual surface area of the gift box is 592 square inches. find the relative error of Alexis's calculation expressed as a decimal to the nearest thousandth?

Why was writing intended in ancient civilizations?

because long ago writing was in shoes, but now we became smarter and improved it, it became through letters and einistien has improved it and made a few changes to shoes they had sharp metals (came from an all known history book)

Did ancient Athens have a civil society?

Yes. The Athenians came together in private groups to discuss issues of interest to them. This was part of the flourishing of Athenian democracy.

What resource was used by the ancient civilization?

Because your question gives no indication as to which ancient civilization you mean, your answer will have to be a generic one. Ancient civilizations all used natural resources, water being the prime necessity. They grew and developed along rivers where they not only had drinking/bathing water but i ( Full Answer )

Did the ancient Roman civilization have a military?

All ancient states had an army to protect themselves from raids and from attacks by other states. Moreover, Rome would not have been able to create the 15th largest empire in history without an army and without military conquest. The Roman army begun right with the foundation of Rome in 753 BC. Ro ( Full Answer )

What was the ancient civilization?

There were several of them. "Ancient" usually concerns theCivilizations that existed anytime between about 4,000 BC until thefirst century AD. Most well-known are the Sumerian, Mesopotamianand Persian civilizations and the Egyptian, Greek and Romancivilizations. In the Americas, the Inca and Maya ci ( Full Answer )

Why is ancient Rome a significant ancient civilization?

This can be seen in thelegacies of the Romans in religion, the alphabet, language, thecalendar, law, architecture and literature. Christianity developedfrom a religion among a small group of Jews (who lived in Judea,which was part of the Roman Empire) into a mass religion in theRoman days. It sp ( Full Answer )