Where did cleo Parker Robinson go to school?

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George Washington High School
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Where did Jackie Robinson go to school at?

WHAT IS JACKIE PARENTS NAME :Mallie and Jerry . WHERE DID HE GO TO SCHOOL : John Muir Technical high school, Pasadena junior college . WHAT IS JACKIE'S HOBBIES: baseball football basketball track, paper route in a gang . WHAT IS HIS OCCUPATION AND HIS LIFE STYLE : major league baseball player . ( Full Answer )

What college did Jackie Robinson go to?

After graduating from Pasadena Junior College, Jackie Robinsonattended the University of California at Los Angeles. He droppedout of UCLA in his senior year, before graduating and took a job asan assistant athletic director with the government's National YouthAdministration (NYA) in Atascadero, Cali ( Full Answer )

Where did Jackie Robinson go to school?

Jackie Robinson attended two major schools. He attended andgraduated from Pasadena City College and University of California,Los Angeles.

Where did Jackie Robinson attend school?

Answer on Nov 19, 2009 ceaser chavez community school in phx AZ Answer on March 24, 2011 Jackie Robinson attended John Muir High School, Pasadena, CA (1936), Pasadena Junior college (1938-1939), University of California at Los Angeles (1939-1941).

Why did Robinson Crusoe decide to go to sea?

He said that being the third son, his head was filled with rambling thoughts, and that he was not bred to any trade. It was also just what he wanted to do.

What high school did Tony Parker go to?

Tony Parker attended high school at INSEP in Paris, France. TonyParker currently plays professional basketball for the San AntonioSpurs.

Is Lewis going out with cleo from H2O?

Cleo broke up with Lewis in early season 2 because he was too clingy. Later in the season, Lewis broke up with Charlotte to look for Cleo, who's run away. They later get back together. In the middle of season 3, they brake up again so Lewis can go to America.

What did Jackie Robinson do after high school?

He attended Muir Technical High School Pasadena Junior College and UCLA where he lettered in four different sports. He was drafted, Commissioned but never saw combat.

Were did jackie robinson go to school?

Jackie Robinson went to school at Pasadena Junior College, and thenwent on to play for the UCLA Bruins. Following his college career,he went to the MLB league, and became the first African American toplay professional baseball.

Is there going to be a meet the Robinsons 2?

No, however there may be a possibility. Disney threw out the plans for a sequel for meet the Robinsons 2 as well as several other sequels. Since then a few of them have been reopened and even released! No one has spoken of a sequel however there is still hope for it!

Where did Jacki Robinson go to collage?

Jackie Robinson went to college at UCLA. He played track, baseball, football, and basketball. One time he had a track meet at a certain time, and had a baseball game an hour later and some how played at least half of both sports.

What year did Jackie Robinson go to Hawaii?

Jackie Robinson quit UCLA before graduating and went to Hawaii at the invitation of a semi-pro football team called the Bears. The season was cut short with the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. In fact, in a biography of Robinson, it was said that they had to black out all the lights on the passenge ( Full Answer )

When did Cleo Parker Robinson start her dance company?

At her dance concert here in Denver yesterday, Cleo announced the upcoming celebration on October 30, 2010 of the 40-year anniversary of her dance company. One small correction to your excellent bio: The Five Points neighborhood in which she grew up is just East of downtown Denver, not South.

What college did tony Parker go to?

not a very gd one! He actually did not go to one. He played a lot in France and with his brothers but there is not record of him going to to college .

What website do you go on to look at you francis Parker grades?

Francis W. Parker If you have kids, you live in downtown Chicago, and you can afford it, there are two private schools: Francis Parker, and the Latin School. I ended up going to Parker because my brother kicked/bit a teacher when he visited Latin. His instincts were true, because as it turned ( Full Answer )

What did Jackie Robinson go through?

Jack Roosevelt Robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia in 1919 to a family of sharecroppers. His mother, Mallie Robinson, single-handedly raised Jackie and her four other children. They were the only black family on their block, and the prejudice they encountered only strengthened their bond. From this ( Full Answer )

Did Jackie Robinson ever go to Jail?

Jackie Robinson was arrested and charged with hindering traffic and resisting arrest. He spent one night in jail, where they did not allow him his entitled phone call. He was released after he pleaded not guilty and posted bail. He fought the charges because it was clear to him that the arrest was b ( Full Answer )

Why do cleo and rosie bother going to school?

cleo and rosie only go to school to pass the hours before they can go home again. also because they like drama. and they have a new form tutor who is quite nice

Did Cynthia Ann Parker ever go to school?

Parker most likely did not receive any kind of education, as she lived on the frontier with her family and was captured by the Comanche at a young age.

What school did 'Jackie Robinson' attend?

Robinson graduated from Washington Junior High School and enrolled at John Muir High School. After Muir, Robinson attended Pasadena Junior College. After graduating from PJC in spring 1939, Robinson transferred to UCLA. (Wikipedia) . For the source and more detailed information concerning your requ ( Full Answer )

Why did Robinson Crusoe want to go to sea?

The book war originally published in 1719. Robinson Crusoe Robinson Crusoe lives a life of wealth and luxury. Against his parents wishes he sets out on a sea faring adventure.

Where did Candace Parker go to elementary school at?

Candace Parker went to Kingsley Elementary School district 203 inNaperville Illinois and she also went to Naperville central herelementary school gym teacher was Mrs. Jackubiak

Will Parker and Hardison from leverage go out?

I'm not one of the Leverage writers, but I don't think so. Parker was socially estranged as a child and raised only to be a thief it's highly unlikely that she will date anyone out of love and/or affection. She might've just to steal something, but other than that, no; Parker and Hardison probably w ( Full Answer )

Where are the Robinsons going in lost in space?

They lost orientation-= hence the title. There were many cases of bad science- one character, evidentally the navigator once remarked- we"re a little closer to home now, we just passed Uranus and Antares. Well maybe Uranus= as it is in the solar system., Antares, is however a far-distant star. it"s ( Full Answer )

Did Jackie Robinson go in the army?

YES. From 1942 to 1944, Robinson served as a second lieutenant in the United States Army. The ended before he saw combat.

Who does peter Parker go out with in spectacular Spider-Man?

Gwen Stacy, played by the beautiful Emma Stone. Gwen was Peter's original love before Mary Jane. He inadvertently killed her by snapping her spine when trying to rescue her after she was thrown off a building by the Green Goblin.

Who does tom Parker go out with?

Tom Parker at the momment is going out with a dancer called Keslsey Hardwick, they are living together, and as tom parker stated on Now Magazine, he is going to "wed kelsey"

How do you know if King Robinson School is closed on a certain day?

The best source of information for school closings in the UnitedStates is usually the local T.V. and radio stations. Radio stationsalmost always announce the list of closings they receive every fewminutes. Television stations usually run an ongoing list ofclosings across the bottom of the screen or ( Full Answer )

When did Jackie Robinson attend high school and when did he gradute?

Jackie Robinson attended John Muir High School (known as "Muir Tech") from 1935 to 1939 in Pasadena, California. He graduated in 1939 with varsity letters in baseball, basketball, football, and track, and went on to attend Pasadena Junior College and later UCLA.

What movie and television projects has Corey Parker Robinson been in?

Corey Parker Robinson has: Played Yates in "Homicide: Life on the Street" in 1993. Played Antoine Bell in "ER" in 1994. Played Derrick Johnson in "New York Undercover" in 1994. Played Lewis in "Free of Eden" in 1998. Played R.C. in "The Corner" in 2000. Played Isaiah in "The Cactus Kid" in 2000. Pla ( Full Answer )

Why did tom Robinson go to jail?

Tom Robinson initially went to jail for disorderly conduct. Hecouldn't afford to pay the court fine so he chose to do jail timeinstead.