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this is really where but when, I hope it helps.
'The modern era of laboratory cloning began in 1958 when F.C. Steward cloned carrot plants from mature single cells placed in a nutrient culture containing hormones. The first cloning of animal cells took place in 1964.'
Yeah but it has been going on before that. Not cloning physically but the idea has been around for years. And I believe individual cells were cloned in the very early 1900s
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What was the first animal to be cloned?

PCH: Sheep The first animal cloned was a tadpole. More info below. 1885: Sea Urchin: Hans Adolf Edward Dreisch split a two celled urchin embryo to separate the cells. The two individual cells were allowed to grow and develop and he was left with two genetically identical individuals. 1902: Sa ( Full Answer )

In what country was the first successful cloning?

Answer . It was Dolly the sheep in London England, lead by Ian Wilmut and the world's first mammal cloned from an adult and want to create cloned human embryos for stem cell research, one of the scientists said Wednesday. \n. \nA South Korean-led team reported in February the world's first succ ( Full Answer )

Who started cloning?

Nubben C. Icawalo Jr. is the one who invented cloning in the universe it happen in the Philippines by the help of his parents >

When did cloning start?

1951 was when the first successful clone of a frog egg was created, though some early attempts at cloning in the 1800's were made. Hans Dreisch was the man in the late 1800's to conduct attempts at cloning a sea urchin. . Although the cloning on non-mammals was first accomplished way back in 19 ( Full Answer )

When did cloning first start?

Answer . cloning came from the ancient egiptians saying they wanted to clone each other for their gods, and they wanted their race to be the only ones in the world... .

Who was the first cloned human?

There wasn't any human cloned sort of speak..There were only allegations and claims that were never verified and were speculated and discredited by many scientists.

What is the first famous animal clone?

Actually the first animal to be cloned was a Frog!. Dolly the sheep was the most famous cloning because she was the first mammal ever to be cloned from an adult cell.

Where was cloning first invented?

Its believed to be in Scotland, around 1997. So many Scientists all around the world experimented at different times, in different places with different types of cloning. But the first recorded, successful cloning was in Scotland 1997, by Roslin Institute when they cloned the Sheep Dolly. But Hans D ( Full Answer )

What was the date cloning started?

no they cannot ecause they have very short eye movement and they cant move their eyes to the center it hurts them

When was cloning first invented?

The first work cloning an animal in a laboratory was conducted inthe 1990's. People, however, have been cloning plants for thousandsof years by generating crop plants from cuttings.

When did therapeutic cloning start?

Therapeutic cloning, also known as somatic cell nuclear transfer,is the practice of growing cells for medical use in therapies. Itwas officially approved to begin in early 2006.

Who cloned the first mammal?

The first mammal successfully cloned was Dolly the Sheep in Scotland. She was cloned by Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell.

What country was the first animal cloned in?

Dolly the sheep was the first animal to be cloned. She was cloned by Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and colleagues at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland .

When was the first clone made?

the first non mammal clone was made in 1952 but i dont kno what it was however i think it was just DNA (the first mammal was dolly the sheep not sure when though)

How were the first cows cloned?

The information is unknown how the first cloned cow was made. Thefirst known cloned cow was named Gene and was cloned on February 7,1997.

What is the name of the first cloned sheep?

The first sheep cloned from differentiated cells were Megan andMorag in 1995 at the Roslin Institute, called 5LL2 and 5LL5 atbirth. Contrary to popular belief, Dolly the sheep was not thefirst cloned sheep, but the first one cloned from AN ADULT CELL, in1996. Dr. Steen Willadsen however, appears to ( Full Answer )

Who first presented the idea of cloning?

Cloning was presented by Ian Wilmut for cloning animals, specifically the sheep. He saw that it could be useful if he could clone humans. For example, say that someone has a disease right? And it's like impossible to find a perfect make for the victim. All the creator has to do is make a clone of th ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the first cloned animal?

Dolly was the the name of the Sheep that was the first mammal ever cloned, but the first animal ever cloned was a tadpole. And I don't know if they named it or not. That was back in 1952. Dewey (Deer)

Where was the first cloning?


Who first cloned a animal?

The first animal ever cloned was a tadpole, back in 1952.. Dolly was the name of the sheep that was the first mammal ever cloned. It was in 1996, presented to the world in 1997.

When did cloning first happen?

Cloning was first achieved on February 14th 2003 when Dolly the sheep WA successfully cloned. Even though she as cloned in 2003 they started the project on July 5th 1996.

What year was the first clone cloned?

The first cloned organism was a sea urchin, in the late 1800's, by Hans Driech. the first cloned mammal however wasn't cloned until 1986, when scientists succesfully cloned a cow embryo.

Who cloned the first cattle?

Steen Willadsen of Denmark and Neal.L. First of the University of Wisconsin, working independently, created the first successfully cloned cattle in 1986.

Where was the first animal cloned?

Earth. Asexual reproduction of single-celled organisms. Day Three.. Earth. Parthenogenesis of insects through Mammals. Day Three through Six.. The Garden of Eden. Eve from Adam. Day Six. ;>). Dolly the sheep in Scottland. 1996.

What animal was cloned first?

In 1952, the first animal to be cloned was an African Clawed Frog, Xenopus laevis . the first animal to be cloned using adult somatic cells rather than embryonic cells was a sheep in 1997.

Who was the first to clone?

Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell (biologist) and colleagues at the Roslin Institute near http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Edinburghin Scotland.

How was the first organism cloned?

There are two types of cloning. the fist example of reproductive cloning was with a sheep called Dolly. They enucleated a cell, and then put the starved nucleus in a stem cell. However, Dolly did not survive for very long.

When was the first clone?

in the garden of eden when god took a rib from Adam he made eve, this was cloning

When was the first cloned sheep created?

Dolly the sheep was born on July 5, 1996. She is considered to be the first true cloned sheep because she came from introducing genes from another sheep directly into an unfertilized egg. The same genetics team who made Dolly had cloned an adult sheep in 1995 by using an already fertilized embryo.

What were the first cloned organisms?

In 1952, leopard frogs were successfully cloned. The first cloned mammal was Dolly (a sheep) in 1996, followed by a cloned mule and a horse, Prometea, in 2003. In 2007, a lab in the Philippines announced a cloned water buffalo.

What was the first clone?

No humans have ever been cloned. The first animal to be cloned was a frog or tadpole. The first mammal to be cloned was "Dolly" the Sheep.

Which year started the cloning?

Cloning was first performed in 1970 when Dr. John B Gurdon (UK) cloned a frog by transplanting the intestinal cell of a tadpole into a frog egg cell where the nucleus was removed. This develops into the adult frog with the same genotype as the tadpole used for the experiment

Was dolly the sheep the first clone?

yes. Dolly was cloned by taking the nucleus of a mammary cell and placing it into the egg cell of a different sheep. the cell was then placed into a surrogate mother and given a shock of electricity, successfully cloning into the sheep the nucleus was taken from

The first cat and mice cloned?

In 1977, Karl IIlmensee created a mice with only one parent.On Oct 3, 1997, the Honolulu Technique created Cumulina the cloned mouse. She was cloned from cumulus cells (cells which surround developing egg cells) using traditional nuclear transfer. The nucleus was taken from the cumulus cell and impl ( Full Answer )

How were the first cow cloned?

The first cow was clone through a very difficult process. Thisprocess started with a tissue sample from the first cow.

What was the first cloned mammal's name?

The first cloned placental mammal was Dolly the Sheep. She was named after the ample chested singer dolly parton because the DNA for her egg was taken from a mammary cell of the cloned animal.

When was cloning first tryed?

I believe that animal cloning was first tried in the late 19th and 20th century yet scientists are still attempting to make it work, for example if you try to clone a human and a fly gets in well you will probably get a half man half fly or death.

What was the first animal cloned and how was this done?

Dolly the Sheep was the first cloned animal. This was done in 1996 by a group of scientists led by Ian Wilmut. Dolly was cloned by taking an egg cell from another sheep and taking out its nucleus (which contains genetic data) and then combining it with another cell's nucleus from Dolly, and implanti ( Full Answer )

How was the first orgnism cloned?

Single cell organisms reproduce asexually, meaning, they don't needa mate to reproduce. Aunicellular organism, also known as a single-celled organism, is aliving being that consists of solitary one compartment, disparate amulti-cellular creature that consists of manifold cells. In timesgone by the s ( Full Answer )