Where did club drugs come from?

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they came with the invention of clubs
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What group indulges in club drugs?

Answer . electronic music lovers have a rep for doing Chems. Teenagers are vulnerable for several reasons. These drugs do not have to be smoked, injected, or snorted, which makes them easy to conceal or hide. It is as easy as popping a pill or taking a drink. The rave culture promotes acceptance ( Full Answer )

Where does the word drugs come from?

Answer . it comes from the Dutch word droog, which means dry because most drugs (medicines) came from dried plants.

Where do drugs come from?

Drugs come in three basic forms - raw plant, refined plant or synthetic. Those sold in their raw form, such as dried or fresh cannabis leaves, or refined plant form, such as cocaine, tend to be produced in and around their respective growing regions, unless they can be viably grown elsewhere under a ( Full Answer )

What do club drugs look like?

they look like pills, or could be in a liqudated form. so be careful of those little guys!!

What did the drug speed come from?

"Speed" is the common name for amphetamine or methamphetamine. It is a stimulant that causes wakefulness and hyperactivity. Both amphetamines and methamphetamines have legal uses when prescribed by a doctor including treatments for ADHD/ADD and narcolepsy. . However, these are Schedule II drugs und ( Full Answer )

Which countries do illegal drugs come from?

That depends on alot of things coke usally comes in on boats from cuba or that way Pot is grown in the US but some in illegally imported Meth is made here also and pills and X r manufactured here but i guess that some forms of X r brought into the US

Where do most drugs come from?

Drugs are mostly based on plants. Illegal drugs are mainly fromLatin America, transported through US borders with Mexico.

How do you come down off drugs?

So there are a few ways to get down from drugs. First thing if you want to do this without going to a rehab or detox center you would have to but a drug that will get you off the other drug. there is another way you can have a very well trusted friend hold onto the drug and give you a certain amount ( Full Answer )

Where does drugs come from?

they came from everywhere it was passed from the street and then to to other countries.. they came from everywhere it was passed from the street and then to to other countries.. they came from everywhere it was passed from the street and then to to other countries.

What form does the drug mushroom come in?

Family : Strophariaceae. Genus : Psilocybe. Species : cubensis; cyanescens; semilanceata; .... Genus : Panaeolus. Species : campanulatus; subbalteatus; .... There are many diffrent species of psychoactive mushrooms, however the most common is Psilocybe Cubensis.. Typically they will be so ( Full Answer )

Who are the average user of club drugs?

there is not average user..... anyone who goes into a night lcub may or may not use them but generaly i would suspect it to be 18-26 year olds after 26 i would suspect it to be sad people who want to relive their youth

What are club drugs used for?

They're used to improve your mood usually. Like people take exstacy at raves so they can stay awake and enjoy the light/laser shows. People drink so they can let loose of all their stress.

Is alcohol club drug?

A club drug is something like Ketamine, GHB, roofies, meth or ecstasy--drugs that put you in a trance. Alcohol, while consumed at clubs in very large quantities, isn't considered a "club drug."

When did drugs come from?

Medicinal potions were made from herbs and spices as soon as Ancient Man discovered they had healing properties.

Does bruising come with drug use?

Depending how hard you put the needle in. But seriously folks. Some heart medication side effects include easy bruising. My Uncle had many bruises appear when He first started taking them. Check WEBMD. Great source for questions on medications

How did drugs come to the US?

You are not so stupid that you actually believe that drugs are a recent phenomenon, are you? You should rather look at the changes in U.S.A. drugs policy over the last century!!! Magic and there are no drugs its all off of chuck Norris

Where does the drug crystal meth come from?

it's made quite easily from readily available household chemicals. the "quite easily" part is rather misleading however due to the fact that the reactions caused by mixing these chemicals can cause: explosions, spontaneous combustion, poisonous toxic gases, etc. greasy people in basements who have n ( Full Answer )

When does Sam's Club drug test?

depends on when. if your asking when you get hired it is immediately. you get 2 hours after you go through the interview process. if your asking when do they "random" drug test the answer is never.....i guess. ive worked there for over 8 years and have never been or have even even seen anyone get ra ( Full Answer )

Five harmful effect's of club drugs?

Obesity . Getting addicted . Causes several health problems (heart disease, affected brain cells, etc.) . Rapid mood swings . Affects diet routine

When did illegal drugs first come about?

Currently illegal drugs have been in use since time began. Theywere made illegal in the United States in 1912 as a way ofregulating Mexican immigrants.

Does shrooms come out as a drug?

\nIf you are asking if they are detectable in a drug test the answer is no because it can only be tested by getting your spinal fluid via spinal tap. So you can trip you balls off and never show up on traditional drug test.

Does alcohol come out in a drug test?

Unless the client is taking an EtG, he is fine. A standard paneldrug test only tests for amphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, opiates,and phencycylidine. And a the max to a standard is a 7 panel- wherethey add two more problematic drugs. All drug testing agencys useSAMSHA. And they do not recommend alc ( Full Answer )

Where does LSD the drug come from?

LSD was synthesized from a rye mold called ergot, as were otherdrugs. LSD does not GROW in nature, but its main component beforesynthesization DID grow. For a complete history of LSD, read the book Acid Dreams, theComplete Social History of LSD: the CIA, the Sixties, andBeyond by Martin A. Lee an ( Full Answer )

Where did the drug PCP come from?

PCP was first synthesized in 1926 then patented in 1952 by Parke-Davis and marketed under the name Sernyl, a surgical anesthetic.

Is rohypnol a club drug?

No, it is a drug that makes you unconscious so that you can not remember being robbed or raped.

Does tobacco come out on a drug test?

The "tobacco test" looks for the chemical cotinine, which is produced when you metabolize nicotine. It's pretty easy to test for, but there aren't many reasons to test for a legal drug. I've heard of companies that don't let their employees smoke--Scotts Miracle-Gro is one. They test for cotinine. ( Full Answer )

Do drugs come up in a CBC?

A CBC is test for infections. CBC is a blood count. If the count is elevated, that it usually an indication that you have some sort of infection, could be viral. A combination of test is usually done or maybe one particular test is perform to show drugs are present.

Are club drugs addictive?

no. Some people get a bad trip and will never try it again while other people have a good trip and will continiu to use.

Does tranabol come out in a drug test?

No. standard drug tests do not test for anabolic steroids. If someone wants to test you for steroids, they need to give you a specialized (and expensive) anabolic steroids test. I know this because I am in the military and have weekly drug tests and know several people injecting

Is there a storm coming on Club Penguin?

No. There was a hidden other world on the other side people were drilling on. The drillers and worker-penguins were just uncovering a bunch of rocks they found and they came into a whole new world, or so it seemed. It was just a cave though. No matter how many people said,"Go to the boiler room, ava ( Full Answer )

When does sensei come on club penguin?

well sensei only appears when the server rainbow is available.so wake up early.sensei appears in the:dojo,dojo courtyard,plaza.the event is suppose to be Chinese new year to see him

Does the meizitang come out in a drug test?

YES....I came positive because of this pill....in the H.R. office!!!!!!!! EVEN THOUGH it wasn't thru urine they did a saliva test. but still came positive .

Why is Oxycontin a club drug?

i would guess because you feel so euphoric and nothing phases you its a big time anxiety reliever you just feel like your top dog while being on it

Does The saddle club still come on?

yes it does. It is on pop girl (sky, virgin, some freeview boxes) everyday I am not sure of the times though you can eaisly check that on there website. (they change the times alot!)

Does thyroid come out in a drug test?

No. A physician must specifically order thyroid function tests, such as a T4 and TSH. (Other specific thyroid tests may be ordered, as well.)

In what form do digitalis drugs come?

available only with a physician's prescription. They are sold in tablet, capsule, liquid, and injectable forms. Commonly used digitalis drugs are digitoxin (Crystodigin) and digoxin (Lanoxin)

What type of drug is club drugs?

MDMA, it's ridiculously good the first few times. just don't use it too much or it does get boring.

What form does drugs come in?

Drugs come in various forms. They can be oral, such as pills and capsules. Some are liquid. They can be smoked or inhaled. They can be subdermal. They can be in suppository form.

What is the price range of club drugs?

It depends heavily on the drug, the purity, and the location. MDMA (ecstasy, molly) is the most common club drug, and can cost anywhere from $8-30 a dose (an average dose of recreational MDMA ranges from 90-200mg. 120mg is the most common dose) where i live, pure MDMA powder (known as "molly") can u ( Full Answer )

Does fluoxetin come out in a drug test?

Fluoxetine (Prozac) is an SSRI and may show up positives for amphetamines (standard drug test) but also SSRI can be screened for as a single panel or as a multi panel in combination with other drugs ( many federal employment drug screening). Bring with you RX or bottle if prescribed

How will a baby come out when the mom does drugs?

When a mom does drugs and doesn't take care of her baby, he or she will be born sick. Sometimes he or she will not even be finished being born but doctors have to take them out like that. If you mean in terms of deformities or outcome, it varies with the drugs taken during pregnancy. Certain drug ( Full Answer )