Where did coal get its energy from forest and swamps?

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Yes coal was formed by the bio materials of forests and swamps and the energy as now came from the sun.
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Why is coal a good energy source?

It is easily found and extracted, it burns easily and gives a good thermal energy output, better than wood for example.

How does coal store energy?

Coal is a fossil fuel. It stores energy derived from sunlight byorganisms that later died, were buried and later on became thisfuel.

What is coal energy?

Coal energy is energy derived from the burning of coal. Coal is essentially fossilized carbon.

What is Definition of coal energy?

1. "A dark-brown to black solid substance formed from the compaction and hardening of fossilized plant parts in the presence of water and in the absence of air. Carbonaceous material accounts for more than 50 percent of coal's weight and more than 70 percent of its volume. Coal is widely used as a f ( Full Answer )

If coal was inexhaustible how is it harnessed for energy?

do you mean "If coal were inexhaustible how is it harnessed forenergy?" First, it is not inexhaustible; every bit of coal that isburned adds to the pollution burden of the atmosphere. Second,coal, whether inexhaustible or not, is harnesses for energy the wayit always has been. It is burned to boil w ( Full Answer )

How is coal energy stored?

the coal is designed to absorb heat at when heat hits it itstores that heat . ++++ . No. The energy is stored by coal simply being a combustiblematerial, so it contains potential chemical energy.

Is coal a renewable source of energy?

No, coal took many millions of years to form, which makes itdefinitely non-renewable. That's because when it's all used up,there would be a long wait for more coal to form.

Negatives of coal energy?

well first of all it pollutes. also coal is nonrenewable so we would run out anyway. it would not be reliable. wind, solar, or hydroelectric energy are more reliable becuase they are renewable and do not pollute.. coal is also mined which is bad for the environment. some people dont do reclamation s ( Full Answer )

How did energy from the sun get into coal?

Coal is from decayed plants buried hundreds of millions of years ago. Plants need sunlight to grow. ------- Plants using photosynthesis, convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to form simple sugars. Coal is the altered remains of prehistoric vegetation that originally accumulated in swamp ( Full Answer )

Is coal renewable energy?

Coal is a NON-renewable energy as when burnt, the Coal combusts, emitting carbon dioxide, among other harmful products. A renewable energy would be wind or tidal or solar energy for example.

How is coal used as energy?

Coal is burned and the energy is created from the heat of the coal burning and is collected and used and it gives off more energy than other things like peanuts for example. And coal is used for electricity and also heating homes in some places.

Why is coal an example of chemical energy?

\nwe get energy out of coal by chemical methods may be by combustion or by any other means but not physically by direct means .( however we can convert any form of energy into any other form.)

Cons of coal energy?

Here are seven cons for coal energy. The first is Greenhouse Gas Emissions. One of the biggest cons of Coal Energy is that it releases Carbon Dioxide which has been sequestered for millions of years in the dead bodies of plant and animals. The next is Coal Mining Deaths. Coal Mining has resulted in ( Full Answer )

What are swamp forest?

Half swamps half forests. . Often when forests have a river that regually flood you use this term.

Is coal an energy?

Not really.. Energy is released when coal is burned. It is not coal itself, but the reaction of oxygen and coal once ignited that results in energy.

How does the energy source coal work?

The energy in coal is chemical energy. The usual way to extract itis to burn the coal converting it to heat energy. This can then beturned into electrical energy Fuels like gasoline and coal are sources of energy which means theystore energy

How is coal converted into domestic energy?

In simple terms: coal is used to heat boilers that transfers water into steam (heat Energy). The steam (the heat energy) is passed upon turbines and moving them (producing mechanical energy) which in turn moves the generators to produce electricity.. The answer above is to get electricity as the do ( Full Answer )

How coal used to produce energy?

The coal is set fire to so it heats water which evaporates. This makes a magnetic spin between two coils of wire which generates electricity. :)

Why is coal energy important?

Because it is the main provider of all our energy, more than hydro, nuclear, gas and oil combined!

Is coal a nonrenewable energy source?

Of course. When you use it, you can't make more of it, you have to dig it up. And once you dig some up, you can't get any more of it out of the same place, you have to dig in a different place.

What is coals original source of energy?

You could argue that the sun has provided all the energy for theorganic materials that coal consists of. Or even the compressionand heat that coal suffered from during its formation ( As a springthat becomes compressed gaining potential energy )

Where does the energy of coal originally come from?

coal is fuel. it can be burned to make heat or energy. the energy is coal was once sunlight energy that plants used. Petroleum and natural gas are also fuels. most scientists think natural gas petroleum form in a way similar to coal. however, they did not begin as plants. they began as small sea org ( Full Answer )

Does coal produce energy?

Coal does not produce energy. Think of coal (or any current fuel source) as a storage medium similar to a battery, or even a mass at a height. The potential energy that can be released is finite, but available for use. All that is required are the proper conditions to do so. These conditions are: S ( Full Answer )

How much of your energy is produced by coal?

Around 770007766 Kilajoules is produced from coal even though it is anonymous because it is not 100% efficient even though it's not as reliable.

Why use coal as a energy?

Coal is abundant and easy to harvest from the earth to produceelectricity relative to nuclear energy. Solar energy is abundantbut difficult to harvest compared to coal.

Is coal a form of Solar energy?

Yes, the energy stored in coal came from the sun. Plants using an ingenious process called photosynthesis, use energy from the sun, to take carbon-dioxide from the air, use the carbon and release the oxygen back to the air. After the plant is eaten or dies and is decomposed or burned (the net ef ( Full Answer )

How much energy does coal make?

How is Coal Converted to Electricity? Steam coal, also known as thermal coal, is used in power stations to generate electricity. Coal is first milled to a fine powder, which increases the surface area and allows it to burn more quickly. In these pulverised coal combustion (PCC) systems, the powder ( Full Answer )

What are disadvantages of the use of coal for energy?

Coal has several disadvantages as an energy source. 1. Burning coal releases large amounts of carbon dioxide, contributing to global warming. 2. Burning coal also releases various other pollutants which lead to acid rain and other forms of environmental harm. 3. Coal mining has always been a very da ( Full Answer )

What are social advantages of coal energy?

Communities all come together when a coal mine disaster occurs. Some coal barons donate magnanimously to their favorite charities, especially to congressmen unimpressed by the science of anthropogenic global climate change.

How can coal make energy?

They burn it...for example like a huge Ameren Power Plant, you will see the trains pull in and out during the deep cold winters, and in return large bellows of smoke come out of the huge stacks.

What form of energy is stored in coal?

The energy stored in coal that is converted to heat is chemical energy. Of course coal, like any other matter, also has stored nuclear energy.

How does coal work to produce energy?

Think of coal like wood. In a wood stove or furnace, wood is burned to produce heat. Coal contains more energy and is cheaper that wood, however wood is renewable. The large coal power plants that run use coal to produce heat by burning it, heating water. When water heats up to steam, it has more pr ( Full Answer )

How are coal and solar energy alike?

Coal and solar energy are alike because they both are having to do with energy and they are both formed ny the sun or have sun in them. Although, solar energy is renewable and coal is non-renewable they both have some similarities.

What is the concern about suing coal for energy?

When coal makes energy, it creates a wasted gas, called Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide contributes to the greenhouse effect, which keeps our earth warm. Liberal idiots claim that the use of oil and natural gasses is going to end the world in multiple ways. There is no other energy in the world ( Full Answer )

What type of energy is petroleum and coal?

petroleum and coal are both non renewable resources. this means that they can not be replaced in a reasonable amount of time. petroleum and coal also belong to a family of resources called fossil fuels. these are resources that are made from dead plant and animal matter. other forms of fossil fuels ( Full Answer )

Is coal an alternative energy source?

No, coal is not an alternative energy source. "Alternative" energysources means energy sources other than fossil fuels(coal, oil, and natural gas).

How does coal energy get transferred in to electrical energy?

The coal is burnt to heat water into steam. the steam jet in turn is used to push a turbine the spinning turbine is connected onto a generator that generates electricity. The energy from a nuclear materials is utilized in the same way.

Is coal the cheapest energy source?

From a practical standpoint, there is no cheaper source of dependable energy then coal. This ignores environmental impacts and mining accidents though. Wind and solar have very high up front costs and require other sources of energy to maintain the steady stream supply, thus they are still not pr ( Full Answer )

Do perogrine falcons live in the forest or the swamps?

Neither, actually. Peregrine Falcons are birds that inhabit various types of open country (like fields or deserts or tundra), although occasionally a pair will nest on a window ledge or cornice of a tall building.

Why does Morocco use coal energy?

the reason morocco uses coal energy is because it has so many benefits and they borrow coal from countries.

Do pythons live in swamp forests?

They can like burmese pythons. Some live in deserts like ball pythons. Ball Pythons are very small and tame. They make good perts too.

Where does coal obtain its energy from?

Coal is the remains of ancient plant matter compressed by millions of tons of stone and dirt layers. So coal has energy that it got from those original plants. The plants got their energy from the Sun, mostly. So, it is acceptable to say that coal obtains its energy from the Sun.

When coal burns what type of energy is it?

The chemical energy stored in the coal is converted into heatenergy for space heating or to drive an engine. Coal contains carbon that mostly came from the atmosphere via theprocess of photosynthesis by vegetation using the Sun's energy tobreak down carbon dioxide in the air into carbon and oxygen. ( Full Answer )

How are coal and oil types of energy?

They are not. They are substances which are sources of energy. Whenyou burn them chemical energy is changed to heat and light.