Where did coastal people live?

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they lived on the coastline
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What animals live in the coastal plains?

Deer, rabbits, hawks, doves, ducks, geese, pelicans, seagulls, skunks, ground squirrels, bobcats, and coyotes live in the coastal plains areas.

Who are the most common people living in the coastal areas?

That depends on the coast. Are we talking American, European, Asian, Australian or African coastline? Many people living at the coast fish for living, or serve tourists. It is also said people living on the coast are more hardened than people inland, mostly because of the harsh weather the coast ( Full Answer )

What can people living in coastal areas do to prepare for hurricanes?

People prepare by getting pictures off wall, putting rubbish bins in garage, getting lots of food and water in the smallest room in the house, and staying in the smallest room when the cyclone hit s. the wind will stop but do not go out because it will start again soon. a am an pro at cyclones.

Who lived in the coastal plains of Arabia?

Farmers lived in the coastal plains of Arabia. They grew crops such as grains, fruits, and vegetables. They also collected fragrant tree sap to make myrrh and frankincense, which Europeans used to incense, perfumes and medicine.

Do turkey live in the North Carolina Coastal Plain?

no i am sorry but no I have to disagree with the above. I live inland within the Coastal Plain. Inland means not right on the ocean. I have seen many wild turkey in our area.

What is coastal?

Coastal means a line or zone where the land meets the sea or some other large expanse of water. Synonym(s): seaside, beachfront, waterfront, seaboard, bordering, marginal, reverie. MY NAME: JONATHAN REYES

More people live on top of mountains than on coastal plains?

No, taking historical context into consideration, of the countries which have coastal areas, those are usually of more easy access for trade, etc so the oldest and more important cities are located near the coast. Mountains tend to be originally more isolated.

Were the Chinook coastal or plateau people?

The Chinook lived near the coast of the Pacific Ocean. They were skilled elk hunters and fishermen. Owing partly to their non-migratory living patterns, the Chinook and other coastal tribes had relatively little conflict over land with one another. They lived in long houses with more than fifty peo ( Full Answer )

Why live in the coastal plains of Texas?

People live in the Coastal Plains of Texas because its the largest region of Texas. Only 250 miles away from the coast it is also a good f

Can horses live in the coastal plains in Georgia?

of course they can, there are wild horses on the barrier islands. Cumberland for example, and some of the most successful ranches in Georgia are in the coastal plains.

How many people can a coastal taipan kill in one bite?

The exact number of people a single bite could kill is unknown, as is the actual toxicity to humans. Apparently, the coastal taipan is considered the third most venemous land dwelling snake in the world, and produces both hemotoxins and neurotoxins. Before the invention of antivenin, everyone bitten ( Full Answer )

What are three ways people who live in a coastal region might use the Ocean as a natural resource?

The Ocean: 1. food source--fishing 2. travel--boating from one place to another when travel by road is difficult etc. 3. recreation- to swim in for fun; The Forest: 1. wood : for building shelters and cooking/heating 2. hunting: usually there are plenty of animals to hunt for food 3 ( Full Answer )

What animals live in the outer coastal plain of South Carolina?

There are many animals that are found living in the outer coastalplain of South Carolina. This includes the bald eagle, Eastern woodrat, Southern dusky salamander, herons, gopher frogs, mink, and theyellow bellied turtle.

What did coastal peoples do on canoes?

Depending on the coastal people, they could have fished (most coastal people), hunted whales and seals/sea lions (Pacific Northwest and up Canadian/Alaskan west coast), or travelled to other islands. These travellers would likely have been many years ago such as people from Asia island-hopping to In ( Full Answer )

Where can one find information on coastal living?

One can find information about Coastal Living from the different sources online such as the following; Coastal Living official site, Coastal Living in Facebook, and from amazon's Coastal Living magazine.

Why do manatees live in the coastal areas?

Manatees are warm-blooded and air-breathers. They need coastalareas so they can find sun warmed water in the shallows. They alsoneed to find sheltered areas so in serious storms, they can stilleasily pop to the surface for air.