Where did cobalt get its name?

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The word cobalt is derived from the German kobalt, which in turn is derived from kobold meaning "goblin", which is a term miners used for cobalt ore. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article on cobalt.
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Is cobalt magnetic?

Answer . Yes. Cobalt has ferromagnetic properties, and it is used in the preparation of magnetic, wear-resistant, and high-strength alloys.

Slogan for cobalt?

Slogans are a quick and simple way for people to inform others of acause or product. The symbol for cobalt is Co; so, a slogan forcobalt might be 'CoCo for Cobalt,'

What is cobalt used for?

Cobalt is used in magnets, ceramics, special glasses, and tools. It is a key alloying element in certain steels and alloys known as MCrAlY where it is alloyed with chromium, aluminum and yttrium and where M is nickel or cobalt. The element when reacted with fatty acids is also a drier for oil based ( Full Answer )

Who discovered cobalt?

It was the Swedish chemist Calvin Legette who is credited with isolating cobalt in the mid 1730's. Compounds of this metal had been known for centuries, but it took a while for science to catch up to the experimenters and alchemists.

What is the origin of cobalt?

Cobalt originates from the German word Kobald or Kobalt , meaning two things. The first is "evil spirit" because the miners that first encountered it discovered that it was poisonous. The second theory is that it means "goblin" because the miners, who were silver miners, believed that this metal ( Full Answer )

What is cobalt?

Cobalt, element 27, is a transition metal, and it is in Group 9 onthe periodic table. Cobalt is critical to industry. It is used in making a number ofdifferent metal alloys, as a catalyst, and is used in compounds tomanufacture coloring agents.. It is a tough, lustrous silver-white magnetic metall ( Full Answer )

What does cobalt do for your body?

it is used in x-ray machines, and used in the dye doctors sometimes inject into different parts of your body so they show up better in MRIs or CAT scans

What is the availability of cobalt?

It's readily available at modest cost. Cobalt is fairly common, and it is found in quantities that make it commercially recoverable in over a dozen countries. It does not appear to be in short supply. There is a bit of work involved in winning the metal, but recovery does not require exotic and gros ( Full Answer )

Does cobalt have streak?

Yes. Its Mohs hardness is in the range of 5, and minerals (or metals, as is the case here) will streak up to a hardness of about 7.. For a quick review of what streak is and how it originated, use the link to the Wikipedia article.

What is the density of cobalt?

Cobalt's density is 8.90 grams per cubic centimeter. A link is provided to the Wikipedia article for more information on cobalt.

How is cobalt mined?

Cobalt likes arsenic, and the arsenide is mined to recover cobalt only in Canada and Morocco. There are a number of other locations where cobalt is recovered as a byproduct of copper or nickel production. The metal is not rare, and there are over a dozen countries where cobalt is produced.. Open pi ( Full Answer )

How was cobalt discovered?

In 1735, a Swedish chemist by the name of Georg Brandt was trying to disprove the common belief (at that time) that bismuth was the element that gave glass a blue color. Mr. Brandt was successful in his quest when he happened upon cobalt.

What do you use cobalt for?

It can be used to treat cancer in the form of cobalt 60. Its alloys are really strong and can be used for a bunch of stuff. I hope this helped better than the old answer.

What is the mineral cobalt?

Cobalt is an element on the periodic table. It is a grey metal thatis hard and found near copper in underground mines.

Is cobalt toxic?

Some isotopes of cobalt are radioactive and ingesting it in large quantities can cause problems with your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, but it is found in small quantities in vitamin B12. Therefore, it is harmful in large amounts but a minuscule amount is fine.

Where does cobalt come from?

Cobalt is found naturally only in chemically combined form. The free element, produced by reductive smelting, is a hard, lustrous, silver-gray metal.

What are the uses for cobalt?

High strength magnets are one of the key uses of cobalt. Its salts are used as the main drier in alkyd paints and varnishes and inks. It also enables a deep blue color to be imparted to glass and ceramics. It is also used as an alloying element in certain metals including steels.

Who discoverd cobalt?

In 1732, Georg Brandt, a Swedish chemist, discovered cobalt. He wasattempting to prove that the ability of certain minerals to colorglass blue was due to an unknown element, and not to bismuth, aswas commonly believed at the time.

What is cobalt glass?

cobalt glass is glass containing cobalt oxide or cobaltous oxide as a colouring agent. These oxides give the glass a blue colouring.

Is cobalt flammable?

it's agressively active to simple air, if exposed, it will burn extremely brightly. it's agressively active to simple air, if exposed, it will burn extremely brightly

What are facts about cobalt?

1) Cobalt compounds have been used for centuries to impart a rich blue color to glass, glazes, and ceramics. 2) Swedish chemist Georg Brandt (1694-1768) is credited with isolating cobalt in 1735. He was able to show that cobalt was the source of the blue color in glass, which previously had been at ( Full Answer )

Where can cobalt be found?

Cobalt is found in the minerals cobaltite, erythrite, and smaltite. It is commonly associated with ores of iron, nickel, silver, lead, and copper. Cobalt is also found in meteorites.

What is 'cobalt' in Latin?

Cobaltum is the Latin equivalent of 'cobalt'. The use of cobalt based colors and pigments in jewelry and paints goes back to ancient times. But the word isn't found in the classic Latin vocabulary of the ancient Romans. Instead, the word appears in the Latin vocabulary of post classical times.

Can cobalt be combined with cobalt?

There is no reason at all why cobalt cannot be combined with more cobalt. It can. Cobalt is a metal. It can be recovered from ore and refined, then melted down with other cobalt pieces to form one large mass of the metal.

Can you buy cobalt?

cobalt is mostly ordered from overseas in countries such as America Africa and Canada, you can barely find it in Australia... if anyone can find any other places to buy cobalt pls let me know

Is cobalt a meatal?

Yes, Cobalt is in Group 9, Period 4 on the periodic table, with an atomic number of 27, just above iron 26. Very definitely a metal.

Is there cobalt in a cobalt boat?

No there is not, the name simply came from the fact that they quickly needed a name and the first boat was cobalt. As simple as the story is, i still think it is the best name on the market by far.

Does cobalt float?

If you make it into a boat, then yes. As a lump, no. (I assume you mean "... in water.")

What is cobalts luster?

The answer you are most likely searching for is PINK. Pink is cobalts luster. True story, no big deal. Haaa Haa. oh i get straight A's so u can trust me. hahahaha your a retard -_-

Is cobalt explosive?

I don't think it is explosive, but when it is powdered it is considered a fire hazard.

Is cobalt manmade?

\nCobalt like iron and many other metals occurs mainly in ore form and has been used in compound form to colour glass and pottery for over 2,000 years. However Cobalt-60 a radioactive isotope is artificiality produced from the stable common isotope Cobalt 59

Is cobalt hard?

It is soft in nature . Because of its dramatic color change and the ease of the hydration/dehydration reaction, "cobalt chloride" is used as an indicator for water in desiccants. Its formula is CoCl 2 .6H 2 O. from: Shilo Kim Johnson Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Is_cobalt_chloride_har ( Full Answer )

Why is cobalt a micronutrient?

Cobalt is a nutrient because it is necessary to human life; it is called a micronutrient because the necessary amount of it is very small, compared with the total mass of an average diet.

When was cobalt made?

If you are talking about Cobalt-60 being "found" it was in 1938 by Seaborg and Livingood. But Cobalt has been used throughout all history.

Why is cobalt called cobalt?

The word cobalt may date back to theend of the 15th century. In German, the word Kobold means "goblin" or "evil spirt." The term was used by miners to describe a minereal to describe a mineral that was very difficult to mine and was damaging to their health. When the mineral was heated, it gave o ( Full Answer )

Why is cobalt poisonous?

Cobalt is poisonous because it is radioactive! flowers, plants, trees..etc are safe from it, but humans and animals can die from it! I have not done a whole lot of research on it, so you should look into it we dont want factories to produce things out of it. OH NO! they already have! cobalt is i ( Full Answer )

How was cobalt made?

It's not actually "made". It's a raw element in the periodic table. It was "found" in 1938 by Seaborg and Livingood, but Cobalt has been used throughout all history. answ2 . Cobalt is made in the heart of a star by a process named nucleosynthesis , as part of a silicon burning reaction. Nick ( Full Answer )

Does nickel have Cobalt in it?

Nickel and Cobalt are both elements, which means they are pure. Therefore, the do not contain anything else, so Nickel does not have Cobalt in it.

Why is cobalt expensive?

The reason why cobalt is expensive can be narrowed down to three points. Cobalt is industrially produced as a byproduct of Copper and Nickel manufacture, which means that the volume produced is relatively small than say if your were producing steel from iron ore. So this limits supply. Althoug ( Full Answer )

What compounds are in cobalt?

There are no compounds in Cobalt. It is completely impossible, because Cobalt is an element, and compounds are made up of elements. If this is what you meant to ask, then there a a lot of compounds with Cobalt in them. One example is Cobalt (III) Fluoride, chemical formula CoF 3 . Any compound with ( Full Answer )

Who did discovered cobalt?

Cobalt was discovered by Calvin Legette in 1735. Some of the most common uses for cobalt are: Blue paint for ceramics and glass, Magnets, and cutting tools. Cobalt salt can also be used as an anti-corrosion material.

What are facts on cobalt?

The Swedish chemist, George Brandt, discovered Cobalt in 1739 while he was trying to disprove the contemporary belief that the element Bismuth had the ability to color glass blue Stellite alloys (containing Chromium, Cobalt, and Tungsten) are used in the production of high-speed, high-temperature c ( Full Answer )

How to pronounce cobalt?

Coh (like in .co.uk. Co) Bolt (like a lightning BOLT) Cobalt. That's how I pronounce it, anyway. I'm English it may be different in America.

Is their a band named cobalt soul?

As a matter of fact there is! I looked up the name of a band my brother started, Cobalt Soul, and found this. He hasn't gone public, just an unfinished album that he himself has made, and it's pretty good so far. Unfortunately I am not going to be posting any of his music on the web, but to answer t ( Full Answer )

What rythmes with cobalt?

Depending on the pronunciation there may not be any rhymes for cobalt. However, when pronounced as "co-ball-t" the following words rhyme: alt, exalt, galt, gestalt, halt, malt, salt, vault, walt.