Where did coelophysis live in?

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They lived in Seattle and New Mexico and all over North America
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What did the coelophysis eat?

Small reptiles (such as lizards) and mammals, mostly. Some paleontologists speculate that packs of Coelophysis would take down larger herbivorous reptiles.

When did Coelophysis go extinct?

Ceolophysis lived in the late Triassic period. The earliest specimens date to 216.5 million years ago. They became extinct 203.6 million years ago.

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What is a Coelophysis?

Coelophysis was a small carnivorous dinosaur that lived in the Late Triassic in North America.It had hollow bones, so although it was two meters long, it would have weighed less then 66 pounds (30 kilograms) when mature. Coelophysis was very agile and lighting fast and it had razor-sharp teeth to ca ( Full Answer )

What did Coelophysis look like?

oelophysis meaning "hollow form " in reference to its hollow bones , is one of the earliest known genera of dinosaur.It was a small, carnivorouse biped from North America.

Why did coelophysis die out?

The Coelophysis was a theropod that lived between 200 and 220million years ago during the late Triassic period. Paleontologistsbelieve these dinosaurs became extinct due to severe weatherchanges and a poisoned atmosphere.

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The short answer is "No." Years ago some anthropologists came across what is referred to as the "Paluxy Tracks." The Paluxy Tracks seemingly showed dinosaur and human footprints alongside one another, dating to the same time period. However, after much controversy it was determined that the "huma ( Full Answer )

What dinosaur group did the coelophysis belong to?

Coelophysis is a theropod dinosaur; belonging in a group called Coelophysidae. There are two main groups of dinosaur, saurischian and ornithischians. Theropods are a type of saurischian dinosaur.

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What evidence was found of the Coelophysis?

The evidence of Coelophysis are multiple fossilized skeletons. Some of them were complete skeletons, which are rare when it comes to dinosaur fossils. There is one known species from the Coelophysis genus.

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What is the difference and similarities between modern dog tracks in mud with mudcracks on a tidal flat to triassic rock with the track of a coelophysis dinosaur Southeast pennsylvania?

This is a question from a laboratory manual for Physical Geology. It is a college level lab book. You have wasted your time to ask the internet (typically genius level intellect) a question that is easily answered with a bit of research and logic. Which are you lacking? The effort to answer the ques ( Full Answer )

What kind of body does coelophysis have?

It had a long pointed head and long neck. Its teeth were small and sharp. As described its name, the coelophysis had hollow bones so that it could move quickly. It was about 9 feet long. The tail was pretty long and it walked on its 2 hind legs. The forelimbs were also considerable big. And it had l ( Full Answer )

What was the difference between a velociraptor and a coelophysis?

They are two very different species of dinosaur that lived at different times and in different places. They were both small bipedal predators in a group called theropods, the clade that includes all carnivorous dinosaurs. Coelophysis was one of the earliest known dinosaurs. It lived in the late Tr ( Full Answer )

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