Where did colin Powell meet his wife?

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Colin Powell met his wife on a blind date. Nine months later, they got married before he went off to Vietnam.
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Who is colin Powell?

\n\n Colin Powell was a famous military general and politician as well as the first African American National Security Advisor, (1987-1989,) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,(the highest military post in the nation, 1989-1993,) and the first African American Secretary of State, (2001-2004.) H ( Full Answer )

Where does colin Powell reside?

Colin Powell and his wife, Alma, live in McLean, Virginia. ColinPowell and Alma Johnson were married on August 25, 1962, and haveone son and two daughters.

Why is Colin Powell famous?

After being born in Harlem and growing up in South Bronx, General Colin Powell was the first ever African American to appointed Secretary of State. He has been National Security Adviser and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has earned many medals and ribbons as well as several foreign decora ( Full Answer )

What is Colin Powell scared of?

Fears Afghanistan Growing 'More Difficult' Than Iraq . General Says Next President Will Face Long Struggle, Troop Strain in Two-Front Battle . By ED O'KEEFE April 9, 2008 . retrived from: http://www.abcnews.go.com/GMA/Vote2008/story?id=4622268&page=1. accessed on 10/19/08 08:54 pm ET .

Who is Colin Powell supporting for president?

Colin Powell previously supported Barack Obama for president,however, there's no word on who he is supporting for president in2016. Powell served as the 65th United States Secretary of State.

How old is Colin Powell?

Former general and US secretary of state Colin Powell is 80 years old (birthdate: April 5, 1937).

What job does Colin Powell have now?

Although he's retired from the military, he is still doing a lot. Look at "Is Colin Powell doing something today?"

What has Colin Powell done for society?

Military medals and ribbons . Defense Distinguished Service Medal (with 3 Oak Leaf Clusters). Distinguished Service Medal, Army (with Oak Leaf Cluster) Defense Superior Service Medal. Legion of Merit (with Oak Leaf Cluster) Soldier's Medal Bronze Star Purple Heart Air Medal Joint Service Commen ( Full Answer )

Did Colin Powell have any siblings?

He has one sister, named Marilyn, who is more than five years older than him. Growing up she was much more successful academically than Colin and later went into a teaching career for decades before she retired from that field.He has no brothers. please sex me colin powell. he was well educated

How did Colin Powell become famous?

Colin Powell is famous for becoming the first African-American Secretary of State. He was appointed under President George W. Bush. He has also won numerous awards and medals for both his military service and civilian efforts.

Is Colin Powell supporting McCain or Obama?

Powell endorses Obama . Posted by Foon Rhee, deputy national political editor October 19, 2008 03:14 PM. By Joseph Williams, Globe Staff. WASHINGTON -- Retired General Colin Powell, President Bush's former secretary of state and an influential Republican, endorsed Barack Obama today, a major po ( Full Answer )

What is colin Powell?

Colin Powell is a former Secretary of State for the United States.He is also a former 4 star general with the United States Army.

Address for Colin Powell?

Colin Powell is a former US Secretary of State. The address towrite to him is: Colin Powell, 909 North Washington St., Suite 767,Alexandria, VA 22314.

Where is colin Powell now?

Currently Colin Powell serves on the Council on Foreign Relationsboard of directors. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama with his wife,Alma Vivian Johnson.

What is Colin Powells IQ?

Colin Powell's IQ has not been published. However, it is obviousthat he is highly intelligent and a very able problem solver.

When did Colin Powell die?

Colin Powell did not ever die and he is 76 years old. His recentheadline was made when he crossed party lines to endorse BarackObama.

That it was byass for Colin Powell to endorse obama?

I don't think it was byass for for Colin Powell to endorse Barack Obama.He thinks that obama's ideas are what we need to get out of the financhal crises.Everyone has a freedom of choose,if you don't think so you should have payed attenion in social studies {that is not my fault}.It is not good to ch ( Full Answer )

How do you reach Colin Powell?

Although not as direct as you may like, General Powell can be reached via the Washington Speakers Bureau, through which many notable people can be contacted to speak at engagements, et cetera.

Is Colin Powell of white ancestory?

While his parents were Jamaican, he has Scottish ancestry so thecorrect answer is yes-he is in fact part white. Not that it trulymatters.

What sport did Colin Powell play?

Colin David Powell is the name of a retired English soccer playerthat was active during the years 1970-1980. He was born in Hendon,Middlesex, and he played the majority of his professional career atthe Charlton Athletic football club.

Did Colin Powell go to West Point?

No he did not, which is even greater testament to his accomplishments. He did enroll in ROTC while at City College. Source: http://www.westpointaog.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=495

How did colin Powell impact the world?

he was the first and so far the only african american to be a four-star genral and be on the joints cheifs staff and get all the awards he got and be such a great leader and he loved what he did and loved to loved and be a great guy and help others thats why he joind the army so he could help poeple ( Full Answer )

What did Colin Powell do during the Gulf War?

During the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) General Colin Powell was stationed at Ft. Carson (1980); Assistant planner during Operation Urgent Fury (invasion of Grenada in 1983); Planner in strikes in Libya in 1986, and commander of V Corps in Europe; later C & C at Ft McPerson.

Is Colin Powell married?

\n. \nYes, to Alma Johnson, chairperson of America's Promise, and they have 3 children named Michael, (former chairman of the FCC,) Linda, and Annemarie. He also has 2 grandchildren named Jeffrey and Bryan.

Why is colin Powell dead?

\n. \nGeneral Powell is not dead. He is still, (as of March 10th, 2009,) 71 years old.

What wars did Colin Powell fight in?

he fought in zero wars and hes 76 years old in the present hegraduated from Morris High School in 1954 and was raised in SouthBronx but was born in New York on April 5.

When was colin Powell born at and when?

He was born on April 5, 1937. As of the date March 10th, 2009, he is 71 years old. He was born in Harlem, New York and grew up in the South Bronx.

What are some opinions about colin Powell?

Powell is generally highly regarded. His resignation as Secretary of State during Baby Bush's first term, rather than continuing to associate himself with a policy based upon fraud, is rare and highly commendable. It shows he has come a long way as a person, since the days when as a young Major on t ( Full Answer )

Did Colin Powell run for president?

No, but like Dwight D. Eisenhower he chose the Republican party after leaving the US Army. Powell considered running for President, and although his chances of winning were excelllent, he decided not to run, and he later accepted the office of Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration

Is Colin Powell alive or dead?

Colin Powell , the former US Secretary of State , was born April 5, 1937 and is still alive .

What did colin Powell do bad?

The Only thing Gen. Sec. of State Colin Powell did that was bad, was refusing to run for President, and the USA had George W. Bush as President from 2001 to 2009.

Who are colin Powells family?

Colin Powell's parents were Jamaican immigrants named Luther and Maud Powell. He has an older sister named Marilyn.

Who was colin powel?

Colin Powell was the commander of the allied forces in the first Gulf War against Iraq. Later on he was Foreign Secretary in the first George W. Bush administration.

How do you contact Colin Powell?

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