Where did collard greens originate?

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Collard greens, although a common food staple in the southern United States, have been eaten for at least 2,000 years. This vegetable is thought to have originated in Ancient Greece.

What are collard greens?

Answer . Collard greens are a variety of cabbage that doesn't form a head, but grows instead in a loose rosette at the top of a tall stem. It's often confused with its close relative kale and, in fact, tastes like a cross between cabbage and kale.

How long does take to boil Collard Greens?

After meat is parboiled add seasonings and greens. Cook for 1 1/2 - 2 hours.. In addition: . Depending on the texture you like. I cook mine from 2 to 4 hours. Also try this next time you cook some. Take 5 whole pecans, still in the shell and drop in the boiling water with the greens. This will k ( Full Answer )

How do you cook Collard Greens?

Collard Greens . INGREDIENTS. 6 ounces salt pork . 8 cups water . salt to taste . 2 bunches collard greens . 1/2 cup cider vinegar . 4 teaspoons white sugar . DIRECTIONS. Place the pork, water and salt in a medium size pot. Bring to a boil over medium high heat. Skim off any fat that rises ( Full Answer )

Should collard greens be rinsed in vinegar?

Answer . When I am preparing fresh collard greens to be cooked, I put them in a sink filled with salt water. I swish them about, then let them soak in the salty water for 15 to 30 minutes. Greens that are very dirty and gritty get the longer time. After the soak, I swish them about again, testing ( Full Answer )

How do you make collard greens?

Get a plot of moist soil. Buy collard greens seeds. Plant them. Grow them. Harvest them. Cook them. Can them. Eat them:)

Were do collard greens originate?

The Romans and Greeks grew collards in the Bible times around the fourth century before Jesus Christ's birth.

How long do collard greens last?

Fresh Collard can last up to 3-4 days in the fridge. The collards will begin to turn brown and discolor, this is an indication that they are going bad.

Do I stir collard greens?

Yes--every five minutes or so. Otherwise, they cook unevenly. The ones near the bottom cook faster than the ones near the top.

Can guinea pigs eat collard greens?

I feed my guinea pigs some,but not that much one leaf a week is okay.If you have kale only one leaf of that because it has calcium and too much of that is bad for guinea pigs. And do not give them iceberg lettuce.Here is a link to a list of good food for guinea pigs.Two years of raising guinea pigs. ( Full Answer )

How do you grow collard greens?

u take em, then u dig a hole in da ground, then u stik ur dik init. after ur done fertilizing the ground, plant it

A picture of collard greens?

Go to www.google.com and type in collard greens in the search box and click on the Images link.

How do you freeze collard greens?

One way to freeze collard greens is to . Wash the greens thoroughly . Remove and discard stems . Blanch the leaves in boiling water for 3-4 minutes . Use slotted spoon to remove leaves from boiling water and placein bowl filled with ice water. Let it chill for 3-4 minutes. . Remove from ice wa ( Full Answer )

When to harvest collard greens?

I was always taught since a young child (i'm 52 now) that collards should not be harvested until after the first frost

How do you can collards greens?

I find freezing is best. blanch the cleaned stem free collards 3 min. in boiling water and put them directly to a ice bath (to stop cooking process) Pack them into serving size freezer bags of your choice and enjoy all winter

Do uncooked collard greens need to be refrigerated?

You can soak your greens in water and they will stay crisp for a day or two without refrigeration. If they've been laying out and have wilted or have gotten dry spots, there's not much point in saving them.

Can you freeze uncooked collard greens?

You can freeze uncooked collard greens. It does not harm the leafto freeze it but it will not last forever this way. Cooking thegreens first will help them to last longer in the freezer.

Reduce vinegar taste in collard greens?

Collard greens on their own don't have a vinegar taste; they have a sharpness but vinegar is usually added to them to enhance the flavor. Just add less vinegar or try using a better quality vinegar as opposed to white or red wine. If you don't like the sharpness of the greens, you can cook them wi ( Full Answer )

What is the proper way to clean collard greens?

well, lets see, hold the stem of the greens in one hand and use your other hand to pull down the leafy part or use a knife and cut out the stem, after that wash the greens well in cold water and chop greens into about 2 inch pieces.

How do you fix scorched collard greens?

Repan the unscorched collards and put fresh water into the pan. Use a half of a potato to boil lightly to remove the scorch taste. Add fresh bacon to it, boil until the greens are done. Soak the scorched pan in water and a bit of vinegar to clean and remove the scorch.

What does it mean to be surrounded by collard greens in a dream?

The interpretation depends on what collard greens mean to you. Ifyou find them delicious and know that they are highly nutritious,then this is a positive dream expressing your optimism andconfidence in your situation. On the other hand if you find collardgreens disgusting and perhaps associate them ( Full Answer )

What is the Italian translation of the English phrase 'collard greens'?

I cavoli is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "collard greens". Specifically, the masculine plural definite article i means "the". The masculine plural noun cavoli translates as "collard greens". The pronunciation will be "ee kah-VOH-lee" in Italian.

Can you freeze fresh cooked collard greens?

Any time you freeze a vegetable the water in the cells expands and breaks the cell walls. this leads to a mushy consistency and it can affect the taste. I would recommend canning or only half-cooking them before you freeze them. More information: Collards, spinach and other greens should be blan ( Full Answer )

What do collard greens look like?

Collard greens look like lettuce. Pictures: Collard greens are various loose-leafed cultivars of Brassica oleracea (Acephala Group), the same species as cabbage and broccoli. The plant is grown for its large, dark-colored, edible leaves and as a garden ornamental, mainly in Brazil, Portugal, ( Full Answer )

How do you cut collard greens?

Remove the stem completely by ripping it by hand. Then cut the remaining leaf into 1-2 inch squares.

How do you fix salty collard greens?

throw a potato in it .. it should absorb all the excess salt.. remove it after you've simmered it for 30 minutes..

How do you take the stem off of collard greens?

To remove the stem off collard greens, you rinse or soak the greens in water. The you take one leave and a time and can do either one of two things. !) You can fold the leaf in half and with a knife cut down the fold to remove the stem. 2) You can lay the leaf flat and cut down one side of the s ( Full Answer )

Can deer eat collard greens?

Yes. They will eat Collards which are in the brassica family that includes plants like turnips, kale, mustard, rape, etc... They will eat them more readily after a frost. I plant them every year in my food plots.

How much fresh collard greens for 50 people?

I'd say about 6 lbs. (I did 2 32oz bags of Glory greens and 1 16oz bag. Was just under 50 people and they were just about gone so, for 50, I'd add another 16 oz to equal 6 lbs)

How do you cook tender collard greens?

Keep them barely covered with water and simmer the collard greens until they are as tender as you wish. or you could steam them or poach them in butter or bacon fat. (poaching in fats, over low heat [like simmering] with a little water.)[the water keeps it from burning]

Can a bearded dragon eat collard greens?

Dark, leafy greens like this are actually an important factor in Beardie diets (as well as other reptiles). For example, one of the preferred foods of my Greek tortoise is collard greens.

Can horses eat collard greens?

Horses can eat collard greens, but they should only be given lessthan 4 ounces per day. This also goes for cabbage, kale, chard, andbroccoli.

Should rabbits eat collard greens?

if a rabbit eats collard greens, it would probably have to same effect as eating cabbage. Collard greens are crucifers , meaning they're part of the cabbage family. Cruciferous vegetables are known to cause gas in rabbits , which can actually be very serious and lead to deathly illness (GI Stasis ( Full Answer )

Can collard greens be eaten if off ice for 4 hours?

I am assuming you are worried that collard greens can go bad the same way meat does if not kept cold. They do not have to be kept cold. Coldness will keep them fresher but it takes days for them to start rotting.

Are collard greens good for dogs?

If I'm honest. No.. However, I did read vlog where this guy fed his cat beans everyday thrice for a month and it was fine.. So I tend to feed my dog food which has a similar colour to the colour seen on leaves on tree and bushes, can't quite put my finger on the name of the colour/shade. But anywa ( Full Answer )

What are the health benefits of collard greens?

Not much research is devoted specifically to collard greens but much of the health benefits are similar to other leafy greens like kale and cabbage. However, steamed collard greens are extremely good at lowering cholesterol.

Can a dog eat spoiled collard greens and not get sick?

If the greens are not too spoiled to make a person sick, the dogwill probably be okay too. Overall though, feeding your dog spoiledfood is a bad practice. Bacteria can make them sick too.

What does it mean to dream about collard greens?

Dreams about food often are triggered by hunger or by your stomachsignaling your sleeping mind that you are hungry. Collard greensare highly nutritious, and might symbolize healthy food as opposedto unhealthy, fattening junk food. Collard greens also tend to beassociated with Southern cooking, parti ( Full Answer )