Where did colonial lawyers live?

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They lived among the general populations.
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How many clients does a lawyer need to make a living?

Answer . \nOne if they pay well. Many lawyers working for a corporation are considered to have a single client.\n. \nMost attorneys need as many clients as they can get. Some don't pay on time, can't pay or were taken on retainer.

What are the advantage of living in the 13 colonies?

if you lived in colonial America vs living in Britain during the same time period. you had many new freedoms . what i consider the most important was the freedom of religion. 2 worship God in any way under the name of Jesus Christ.

Why do penguins live in colonies?

Penguins live in colonies for social and safety reasons. Thepenguins in a colony help protect each other, especially when theyhuddle to keep warm against harsh weather.

What state to get a lawyer after arrest in KY but live in WV?

The most valuable parts of your lawyer are their familiarity with the local rules, judges, and courts. With that in mind (and ignoring that a WV attorney may not be allowed to represent you in Kentucky), get a lawyer where you are being charged.

Do fly live in colonies?

well obviously not you weirdo what are you thinking how can u be sodumb get a job, get a life (a.k.a marry a fat girl and get afooaaking shiawt job and get caught making sexy time by your 23sons). In other words fouk you stupid little buk lau grow some pubsand get some pusssaaayyy

What to do if your new lawyer made errors regarding your living trust?

One Answer . You should make an appointment for a consultation with an attorney who specializes in trusts. You should ask her to review the trust and provide an estimate of the cost to either correct or redraft it. Trust errors can have a domino effect. You should try to determine the costs associ ( Full Answer )

Samuel Adams lived in what colony?

Samuel Adams was born and lived in the Massachusetts colony. He wasalso the 4th Governor of Massachusetts from 1794 to 1797.

What colony did Thomas Jefferson live in?

Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell, Goochland County, Virginia.When he was young, his family moved to Tuckahoe Plantation. As anadult he lived at Monticello.

What colony did Robert livingston live in?

Robert Livingston was a lawyer, politician and founding father ofthe United States. He was born, raised and lived in what wouldbecome New York State.

Where did the colonies live?

If you are referring to the Puritan colonies that came to America on the Mayflower from England, then they lived on the East Coast. Virginia was the location of the first successful colony.

Do paramecium live in colonies?

Paramecia are a type of protozoan that can be found in all types ofwater. Sometimes a paramecium lives in colonies, but they donâ??thave to.

Do lawyers live well?

Yes they do they live as well as you i hope i answered your question the way you would have answerd it :) smiles

Why live in Rhode Island colony?

because of it's booming economy. . shipbuilding was the main trade . fishing was good, as the Atlantic ocean was close by . trading was good, so long as you had what the natives wanted . growing corn was beneficial in new England

Do kangaroos live in colonies?

Kangaroos such as Red kangaroos, Western Greys and Eastern Greyslive in a mob, troop or herd. Unlike their ground-dwelling counterparts, tree kangaroos aregenerally solitary animals, but a group of tree kangaroos living inproximity to each other is indeed known as a colony.

Which colony did Paul Revere live in?

He lived in Boston, MA.The fable of Revere comes from a Longfellow poem written in 1861 and in reality he didn't ride through the night yelling about the British coming.

Do rabbits live in a colony?

Yes, in the wild rabbits live in colonies called "warrens." Domestic rabbits, however, can't live with other rabbits -- unless they're spayed/neutered -- because they tend to either fight or breed with each other.

'what was lawyer jobs in colonials times?

Lawyers in colonial times were somewhat like lawyers in this time now. instead of using suitcases, notebooks, schedule books, a lot of notes on the case, and writing utensils, they mostly use notebooks (mini laptops). Lawyers in colonial times did not always enjoy the prestige they do in modern soci ( Full Answer )

Why do flamingos live in colonies?

Why flamingos live in colonies you say? Well flamingos live in colonies because they all might want to protect each other.

Lived mostly in the southern colonies?

Many different types of people have lived in the southern colonies.Throughout history, however, the South has been the home to manysubsistence farmers.

Do cats live in colonies?

It is not unheard of for feral or street cats to form a loose group, or a colony. These "colonies" are not like a dog pack, as a group of cats do not have a strict heirachy. There is no head/Alpha pair. A colony is usually a small population of cats, usually adult females, their offspring, and a few ( Full Answer )

Where would you live to be a lawyer?

Typically, it is easier to get a job as a lawyer in a city and the more populous the city, the easier it is to find a job. I would personally recommend the Northeast, California or the Chicago Area, but there are firms that practice all over the United States and all over the World.

What influenced how people lived in the colonies?

Well starting from why the people moved away from New England was because there was one person with to much power. Also they left because of religious prosecution. Also another reason was the proclamation of 1763 that kept them from moving West. These things affected the way they lived like, for exa ( Full Answer )

How do you live with a lawyer?

always challenge them with whatever they say and tend to use reverse pyschology . It'll work or sometimes just give give up without giving up . win by losing

Why do vampire bats live in colonies?

The main advantage of living together in a colony is that it is easier to find a mate. In addition, once a suitable cave has been found, many bats will want to live there since there are not that many suitable locations for them to live, where they can nest in a way that protects them from bad weat ( Full Answer )

Why would someone choose to use a living trust lawyer?

Hiring a living trust lawyer can generally cost somewhere between $1,200 to $2,500, but for those with complicated trusts, such as people with large or complex estates or those who need a special needs trust, hiring a living trust lawyer is the best way to go. Also, some people will find the process ( Full Answer )

What do medical lawyers do for a living?

There are a wide variety of lawyers for just about every occupation and reason. Medical lawyers assist doctors when they are part of a lawsuit and keep them from losing their license.

What does a labor lawyer do for a living?

There are many different types of lawyers. A lawyer that specialized in the labor laws at a federal and state level are called labor lawyers. They often aid a person who is suing an employer.

Who did not live on colonial Delaware?

John Dickinson was elected to Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania but he did not resign as State President of Delaware.

How did the Maryland colonies make a living?

Before about 1840, 95% of all people made their living by farming.(That was true everywhere in the world in 1840, and still is truein much of the world.) Maryland colonists were, like all the other colonists, mostlyfarmers. Most of the Marylanders who weren't farmers were fishermen. The 5%or so who ( Full Answer )