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Q: Where did ernst moritz arndt die?
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Related questions

When did Ernst Moritz Arndt die?

Ernst Moritz Arndt died in 1860.

When was Ernst Moritz Arndt born?

Ernst Moritz Arndt was born in 1769.

When did Ernst Arndt die?

Ernst Arndt died in 1938.

When did Ernst Arndt - actor - die?

Ernst Arndt - actor - died in 1942-09.

What has the author Ibo Ibbeken written?

Ibo Ibbeken has written: 'Ernst Moritz Arndt und die christlich germanische Bewegung seiner Zeit'

When did Ernst Moritz Ludwig EttmΓΌller die?

Ernst Moritz Ludwig Ettmüller died in 1877.

When did Moritz Karl Ernst von Prittwitz die?

Moritz Karl Ernst von Prittwitz died in 1885.

What has the author Paul Knauer written?

Paul Knauer has written: 'Ernst Moritz Arndt, der grosse Erzieher der Deutschen'

When was Ernst Arndt - actor - born?

Ernst Arndt - actor - was born on 1861-02-03.

When was Ernst Arndt born?

Ernst Arndt was born on February 3, 1861, in Magdeburg, Germany.

When was Ernst Moritz Ludwig EttmΓΌller born?

Ernst Moritz Ludwig Ettmüller was born in 1802.

What actors and actresses appeared in Die Paulskirche - 1980?

The cast of Die Paulskirche - 1980 includes: Peter Ehrlich Eberhard Feik Reinhard Kolldehoff as Ernst Moritz Arndt Dieter Kursawe Hannes Messemer Klaus Miedel Uwe Paulsen Christian Rode Jochen Schroeder Georg Tryphon

When was Moritz Karl Ernst von Prittwitz born?

Moritz Karl Ernst von Prittwitz was born in 1795.

When did Rudolf Arndt die?

Rudolf Arndt died in 1900.

When did Felix Arndt die?

Felix Arndt died in 1918.

When did Walter Arndt die?

Walter Arndt died in 1944.

When did Johan Arndt die?

Johan Arndt died in 1933.

When did Hermina Arndt die?

Hermina Arndt died in 1926.

When did Eva Arndt die?

Eva Arndt died in 1993.

When did Adolf Arndt die?

Adolf Arndt died in 1974.

When did Alfred Arndt die?

Alfred Arndt died in 1976.

When did Paul Arndt die?

Paul Arndt died in 1937.

When did Johann Arndt die?

Johann Arndt died in 1621.

What has the author Gustav Erdmann written?

Gustav Erdmann has written: 'Der bekannte und unbekannte Gerhart Hauptmann' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation 'Greifswald' -- subject(s): Description, Views 'Ernst Moritz Arndt' -- subject(s): Chronology

What actors and actresses appeared in Der schwarze Moritz - 1916?

The cast of Der schwarze Moritz - 1916 includes: Erna Albert as Minchen Cohn Margarete Kupfer as Bessie Ernst Lubitsch as Moritz Apfelreis