Where did harry tuman drop the atomic bombs?

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Hiroshima and Nagasaki
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Did Harry S. Truman order the dropping of the atomic bombs?

Answer 1 . Harry Truman. Answer 2 Additional Input . Harry S. Truman did not order , the dropping of the atomic bombs. He did approve the order of the "War Departm

Did Harry Truman make the right decision dropping the atomic bombs on japan in 1945?

If Hirohito had decided that regardless of what happened, the Japanese would never surrender, it could have been decades before we brought Japan to heel, and the country would

How did Harry Truman decide to drop the atomic bomb?

Truman knew nothing of the Manhattan Project or the bomb until after he was sworn in as president. It was extremely secret. He did know, however, that the US military was a
In World War 2

Did Harry S. Truman made the correct decision in dropping the atomic bomb in ww2?

That's a great question and difficult to answer. With most historical events, it depends on perspective. While most Americans support the decision, I would guess that a signif