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They came from many countries. Some countries are:

There are many more.

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How did indentured servants arrive in the new world?

how did indentured servants come to the new world

Did indentured servants come to Georgia?


What are synonyms of indentured servants?

a synonym for Indentured Servants

Was using indentured servants helpful or harmful to the Virginia colony?

I think using indentured servants was helpful because the people who could not afford passage to America were to come as indentured servants and then later they could be free.

Did many colonists come to America as indentured servants?


Why did puritans missionaries indentured servants come to america?

It was nice.

Did Jamestown use slaves or indentured servants?

They used indentured servants.

What did indentured servants receive for their work?

Indentured servants receive FREEDOM

Why did indentured servants come to America?

Indentured servants came to America after the passing of the Royal Act of Freedom and Advancement. This act made being an indentured servant illegal. In America however it was still legal.

Did New Hampshire have indentured servants?

Yes! They had lots and lots of indentured servants.

Were there indentured servants in colonial new jersey?

no there was no slavery or indentured servants in NJ.

What were the main differences with the indentured servants and africans?

What were the main differences with the indentured servants and africans?

Did new England have slave labor or indentured servants?

new England had indentured servants

Why were indentured servants preferred over slaves?

indentured servants were cheaper then the african slaves

Did Georgia have slaves and indentured servants?

Yes. Georgia had both slaves and indentured servants.

Did Colonial New York have indentured servants?

New York had indentured servants and slaves.

Why did most indentured servants come to Virginia?

For a new start and a better life.

What happen to the indentured servants when slaves started to come to the Colonies?

they made plantations

Where did indentured servants live?

depends where they were sent to, there were more indentured servants in the north versus the south

Why did indentured servants need their master's permission to marry?

The indentured servants were bought by their masters. The master saw them not as people, but as animals. The indentured servants could not do much without the permission of there masters.

What role did slaves and indentured servants play in the colonies?

what role did slaves and indentured servants play in the colonies

When did Virginia's Indentured Servants' Plot happen?

Virginia's Indentured Servants' Plot happened in 1661.

Did Plantation workers include indentured servants and slaves.?

They didn’t have indentured servants. Only slaves were used.

Most of the indentured servants in the American colonies were born in?

Indentured servants were mainly English colonists.

Did owners of indentured servants pay there servants?