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Where did juan ponce de leon go exploring?

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Juan Ponce de Leon explored what is present day Florida and Puerto Rico. During the early part of 16th century, Ponce de Leon was search for gold and a legendary fountain of youth when he landed in Florida in 1513.

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What was the name of Juan Ponce de Leon spouse?

The name of Juan Ponce De Leon spouse Leonor Ponce De Leon

What was juan ponce de leon goal of exploring?

to find the mythical fountain of youth

Juan ponce de leon facts?

what interesting facts are there about juan ponce de leon

Who did Juan Ponce de Leon sail for?

Juan Ponce de Leon sailed for Spain.

Who explored Florida first?

Juan Ponce De Leon Juan Ponce De Leon

Who sent Juan ponce de leon?

Spain funded Juan ponce de leon!!

What were Juan Ponce de Leon major achievements?

what is juan ponce de leon achevements?

How many children did Ponce De Leon have?

Juan Ponce de Leon had one daughter, Juana Ponce de Leon, with his wife, Leonor. He had a grandson, Juan Ponce de Leon II, and a great-grandson, Juan Ponce de Leon y Loayza.

What country was Juan Ponce de leon from?

Juan Ponce de Leon was from Santervas de Campos, in Spain

What was Juan Ponce de Leon exploring for?

to find the fountain of youth!to find the fountain of youth!

Juan ponce de leon reson for exploring?

He wished to find the famous fountain of youth.

What character trait did Juan Ponce De Leon have?

He was brave to go exploring new lands

When did juan ponce de leon finish exploring?

He was exploring NW Florida, when he died in 1521 from a poisoned arrow from the natives .

What is Juan ponce de Leon full name?

his real name is JUAN PONCE DE LEON.

What places did Juan ponce de leon discovered?

juan ponce de leon discovered Florida

Who Shot Juan Ponce de Leon?

Native Americans shot Juan Ponce de Leon.

What country is ponce de leon from?

juan ponce de leon was from spain

What Did Ponce de leon sail?

Ponce de leon (Juan Ponce De Leon) sailed from Spain and sailed to Florida!

Did ponce de leon run out of food?

While exploring Juan Ponce de Leon and his group did run very low on food. He was also attacked and shot with a poisonous arrow.

Facts about Juan ponce De Leon?

juan ponce de leon what are four interesting facts about the explorer

What was Juan ponce de leon looking for?

Juan Ponce de Leon was looking for the legendary fountain of youth.

What month did Juan ponce de Leon died in?

Juan Ponce De Leon died on July on 1521

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