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Where did rock 'n' roll originate?


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October 19, 2009 2:55PM

Rock 'n' roll originated from the evolution of rhythm and blues. The term rock and roll was coined by Alan Fried, a Cleveland, Ohio USA disc jockey.

Although difficult to nail down to an exact year, it is safe to say that rock and roll began in the mid fifties in the United States. It was a mixture of two traditions -- black rhythm and blues and white romantic crooning -- black beat combined with white sentiment. What began in the mid fifties was an aggressive, sexual noise that arose from the beat of the music. The beat was bigger and louder than any beat before it and the reason was simple -- electric guitars.

If one were to try to nail down a year, it would be 1954-55 when Bill Haley recorded "Rock Around the Clock." It was a hit first in America and then in Britain. It stayed on the charts for over a year, and sold 15 million copies world wide. It also started Rock and Roll, and Bill Haley is considered the "father of rock and roll."

Some other people's opinions, both of which need more backup information to verify their statements.

Rock and Roll originated in a town called Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Rock and Roll was a term used around the late 40's - early 50's to describe a mean, fast blues song or album, combined with, as said before, crooning. The person to come closest to inventing or starting rock and roll would be Chuck Berry by the majority of surveys. However, the originator of the electric guitar, Les Paul, wrote the first song or piece on the electric guitar, and later formed a music group with his wife Mary Ford. Without Lester Paul, there would be no rock n roll. or modern day blues like SRV or Carlos Santana and Chuck Berry.