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Richard Wayne Penniman, better known as Little Richard, is a musician, songwriter, and actor. He is considered to be instrumental in the transition from rhythm and blues to rock and roll. His genres also include soul and gospel. With a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the inductions into several Hall of Fame's, he remains an icon in the music industry. All questions about his life and music can be found here

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Where can you find a copy of Joy Joy Joy by Little Richard on 45?

You will more than likely find your song in BearShare. I found my copy in an antiques shop in Newport. ...
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What is the real name of rock and roll singer born december 5 1932 whose real name is penman?

Sounds like you're trying to solve today's Jumble.... Richard Wayne Penniman, aka Little Richard. ...
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How tall is Little Richard?

Answer Little Richard is 5'10. so he was average height
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Who was little richard's wife?

Ernestine Campbell
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DID little richard ever sing hound dog?

Just seen clip of little richard singing houn dog on vintage tv
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What is the suffix of joy?

none. It is a noun.
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When Little Richard was married in 1959 did he have any children with his wife?

No but according to a interview in GQ magazine in 2010 he did adopt the son of a church associate, when she died: Danny Jones, now 39, is a rap artist. ...
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Why is little Richard in a wheel chair?

Little Richard had a heart attack while in the process of getting hip replacement. Not sure if the chair is because of his hip, or if the heart attack weakened him. ...
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What some instrsting facts about little Richard?

He is the founder of Rock n Roll music.
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Did Little Richard pass away recently?

No he's still alive and is currently 83 years old.
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What is little richard's mom's name?

Her name was Leva Mae Stewart.
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Who is Dean Marshall who performs Little Richard tribute in New Orleans?

He is the most talented impersonator I have ever met. When I first seen the Little Richard show I was really amazed. When he started doing Bono, that took the cake. He posted his own pic of himself as Bono online. The search returned his photo #27 for pictures of the real Bono online. He looked just like him. I do have to add he went through a hole creative process to become Bono. He is a very hard worker and...
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Why did Little Richard quit music in 1957 after seeing the Russian satellite Sputnik?

While unknown to many, Russia was actually after celebrities to capture and kidnap during the Cold War. Upon seeing the Sputnik, Little Richard was reminded of this and thought it would be safer to completely end his career and become a nonentity. ...
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Did Little Richard win a Grammy?

In 1993, he was honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
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Did little Richard make record at star club hamburg?

No, there is no mention of Little Richard making a record at Star Club Hamburg. ...
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Who is Little Richard's Wife?

Earnestine campbell