Where did smackdown debut?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It was a word the Rock used to use frequently. ie, "The Rock is going to lay the smackdown on your candy ass."

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Q: Where did smackdown debut?
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When does kizarny debut on smackdown?


When did WWF SmackDown debut?

August 26, 1999

When did kaval debut on Friday night smackdown?

September 7.

When did Melina debut?

She made her debut at the Smackdown taping after Wrestlemania 21, in the piece of crap year known as 2005

Rico made his smackdown tv debut accompaying who?

Billy and Chuck.

What show did john cena join in 2002?

john cena debut on smackdown

What show did john cena debut on?

John Cena debuted on SmackDown on June 27, 2002.

When is big Andy coming to WWE?

He is in the WWE at the development center he is no where ready to debut on RAW or Smackdown

Is john Cena a thug?

john cena is a thug during his debut on smackdown but now on raw, he is a soldier in the marines.

Witch year The Miz make hes WWE debut?

Miz debuted as the "host" on June 2, 2006 on Smackdown!

What wwe brand did john cena debut on?

Cena debuted on smackdown with a match against Kurt angle on June 27th 2002.

When is Ron killings going to debut in WWE?

Promo's have started airing for the debut of Ron Killings [ his new name in the WWE is R-Truth ] to appear on SmackDown, although no set date has been made yet.