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The Cristian Bible came from the word Biblia this means Bible in greek.

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Where did the Christian laws come from?

From the Bible

Where did avenged svenfold's name come from?

the bible. but they are not a christian band.

How do you come up for a bible?

You should be able to purchase a King James Version Bible at your local Christian Bookstore.

You will ask the where did man come from?

the christian bible say that god created so i would ask where did god come from

How many books are there in the Christian Bible?

There are 66 books in the Christian Bible.

Do you get your own Bible when you become a Christian?

You can get your own Bible before you are a Christian.

How many verses are in the Christian Bible?

There are 925 verses in the Christian bible.

When was Bible Christian Church created?

Bible Christian Church was created in 1815.

When was the first Christian Bible completed?

By A.D. 500 the first Christian Bible was completed.

What is a Bible thumper?

A bible thumper is a Christian fundamentalist or over-zealous evangelical Christian.

What is the name of the Christian holy Bible?

Holy Bible The Bible

What is the difference between Christian Bible and Catholic Bible?

There is no difference, Catholic and Christian are the same thing. If you are using the term "Christian" to refer to the protestant Bible, then ask that question.

Is having the Christian flag mentioned in the Bible?

NO. There is no 'Christian flag' mentioned in the Authorized translations of the Bible.

When was Holman Christian Standard Bible created?

Holman Christian Standard Bible was created in 2004.

When was Florida Bible Christian School created?

Florida Bible Christian School was created in 1976.

When was Central Christian College of the Bible created?

Central Christian College of the Bible was created in 1957.

What is the best topic in Christian religion?

100% obedience best topic in the christian religion lk.4:4 is the best verse in the christian bible if you live by every word in the bible everything god got is your's in this world and the world to come 1tim.4:8

Does voodoo have a Bible?

Yes, often the Christian Bible.

What is the name of christian Bible?

The Bible or Holy Scripture.

Is purgatory in the Christian Bible?

No. The word purgatory is not in the Bible.

What is a fundamentalist Christian?

A Christian who tries to do EVERYTHING by the Bible.

Was Johann Gutenberg a Christian?

he is a christian!! then why did he print the bible?

What are the difference between a Catholic and a Christian Bible?

Roman Catholic AnswerNo difference, Catholic and Christian is the same thing. I imagine that you are asking the difference between a Catholic/Christian Bible and a protestant Bible, which protestants may refer to as a Christian Bible. Protestants have removed a number of books from the Old Testament as they were uncomfortable with not believing things that the Bible said, so they changed the Bible.

How many chapters are in the Christian Bible?

Within the Christian Bible, there are a total of 1189 chapters in 66 books.

What the bible say about alcohol and the christian with biblical reference?

The Bible does not specifically say whether the Christian can or can not drink alcohol, but it does say that the Christian should not get drunk.