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The language of Japan is an isolate, meaning that it has not been proven to derive from any other language. There are of course borrowed words from Chinese and English. And some characters are of Chinese origin.

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Its from the Japonic family of languages. The other person was incorrect, there is no such thing as "East Asian" family. Russian, is from the Slavic family of language. Mongolian is from the Altaic family, and Chinese is from the Sino-Tibetan family.

Whenever a country like Japan, is a group of islands chances are there are going to be different languages or dialects of that country. This is the exact case with Japan, for Japan has its own unique family of languages known as the "Japonic" family of languages. You can guess why its called "Japonic" and that is because the Japonic family is unique only to Japan, and can't be found anywhere else. The Japanese language is part of the Japonic family of languages.

The language family Korean belongs to, is dipsuted and debated. There is evidence that Japanese and Korean are related, so Korean could belong to the Japonic family. Korean also may have some Mongolian cognates, since Korean people are basically Mongols and Japanese by descent. You can forget about China because the Chinese language is NOT related to the Japanese, Korean or Mongolian languages.

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Q: Where did the Japanese language originate?
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