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What is sacred to Muslims?

Muhammad S.A.W's belongings are sacred to Muslims !

Do Jews have a sacred animal?

Jews have no sacred animal: that would be idolatry.

What happened to the belongings of the Jew's on the train?

The Jews' Belongings were simply left behind, as instructed by a German Official.

What did the Nazis do with the Jews' belongings?

They were mostly sold.

What did Hitler do with the Jews belongings?

He sold them to help the effort

What is sacred to Jews?


Why did the Jews hide?

Because the Germans were after the Jews and they wanted to kill them all. so they tried to hide.

What happened to the belongings of the Jews?

they were removed from the jews and thrown in large piles then burned or pasted on to the next prisoner.

What is sacred to christans and Jews?


What is the sacred building that Jews worship?

Jews practice their religion in a mosque.

Is the cow a sacred animal for jews?

No. The cow is the sacred animal in Hinduism, not Judaism.

What is the writing sacred to Jews and Christians?

The Bible...

What was the Jews most sacred writing?

The Torah

How many Jews did maximillian kolbe hide?

Maximilian Kolbe hid around 2,000 Jews in his house and even asked friends to help hide more Jews.

How did Jews hide?

the Jews hide in any place they could fine but mostly the went with the resistance and fisher men there the fishermen would hide the Jews in a place under there boat so they could escape to find more about how the Jews hid read NUMBER THE STARS

Where did many Jews hide?

many Jews hid in disused buildings.

How did christians help hide Jews?

During the Holocaust many righteous Christians helped Jews. Some adopted Jewish children. Some built secret closets or room for Jews to hide in. Some let Jews hide in barns. Christians helped Jews sneak out of the ghettos and get false papers. They helped smuggle Jews to Sweden, Switzerland and Israel.

What city is sacred to many religions?

It is the city of Jerusalem. It is sacred city for Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

What animal is sacred to Jews?

The only sacred animal in Judaism is the quasi-mythological red heifer.

How do you secure your belonggings?

The way a person secures their belongings will depend on what where they are trying to hide it and what they are trying to hide. Important documents can be hidden in a safe that is locked with a key.

What did they do to all the belongings of the jews that where killed?

The belongings were ravaged for anything of value, which was sold. Other belongings were burned or given to other prisoners are raiment. One of the testaments to Auschwitz, are the vast volume of shoes which are still on display there.

Who was imprisoned and murdered in concentrartion camps?

Jews and people who helped Jews hide.

Why did Jews hide during the Holocaust?

because the Holocaust was all about the persecution of the Jews

Why is the old city so sacred to the Jews?


Was the Tanakh a sacred book of the Jews?

Yes; and it still is.

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