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Where did the Kings of Britain live?


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May 31, 2010 12:58PM

Great Britain came into existence when England and Scotland merged in 1707.

The official palace at that time was St James Palace in the centre of London. After 1837 the official residence of the monarch became Buckingham Palace as now.

Prior to that time the Kings or Queens of England had lived in Whitehall Palace in the centre of London.

Prior to c1550 they official residence had been Greenwich Palace on the Thames downriver of London.

Prior to c1500 the favoured residence of the English monarchs since c1350 had been Eltham Palace, which stood in a large park south of London.

The early monarchs following William the Conqueror were also kings of parts of France and preferred (as I would) to spend most of their time in France. William himself got back to Normandy as soon as he could after his London coronation.

But all monarchs have owned several palaces and spent some part of the year in each as well as spending time touring the country (at horse speed) and staying the night (at huge expense to the owner) in various country houses.

All of that is of course true, but I believe and have learned that the Kings of Britain, with using a little brain power, must have lived in Buckingham Palace, with all the royal families that have lived, are living there today, and the royal families that will live there later have also stayed and lived there.