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Where did the Wampanoag live?

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The Wampanoag tribes were located in various regions of Massachusetts. Locations where they lived include Bristol County, Nantucket, and Barnstable County.

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Where do Wampanoag live?


What did the wampanoag live in?


What Kind of house did the Wampanoag live in?


Did the Wampanoag Indians live in tepees?

No, they lived in wetus.

How did the Wampanoag Indians live?

Originally in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Did the Wampanoag Indians live in longhouses?

yes they lived in longhouses

What kind of native Americans live in the southern colonies?

Algonquians,Iroquois, Wampanoag,ect. I ROCK!!!

What date did the Pilgrims meet the Wampanoag?

on happy wampanoag day.

What does wampanoag mean?

Wampanoag means "People of the First Light".

What kind o fish did the wampanoag hunt?

The Wampanoag Hunted fish

What are wampanoag Indian names from the first Thanksgiving?

Massasoit, an Wampanoag Indian

What does the word Wampanoag mean in the Algonquin language?

Wampanoag means Peace.

Did the wampanoag wear ceremonial clothing?

did the wampanoag wear ceremonial clothing?

How do you pronounce Wampanoag?

You pronounce wampanoag Wahm-pan-o-ag.

How many Wampanoag braves were at the feast?

There were 3 Wampanoag braves at the feast.

What tools did the wampanoag Indian tribe use?

what weapons and tools the Wampanoag used

In what type of shelter did the Wampanoag live?

Wampanoag shelters were called wetu. They would collect saplings to build a frame. A small house would need 40 saplings, while a larger house would need close to 200.

Who was the wampanoag chief in 1621?

Most likely the Wampanoag chief you are thinking of is Massasoit Sachem.

Famous Wampanoag Indian who helped the pilgrims?

Squanto of the Wampanoag tribe The Wampanoag Indians helped them, but Sqaunto was the one who assissted in growing crops and what not; he was the one who spoke English.

What are the religious practices of the wampanoag indians?

The Wampanoag Indians religious practices were called Spiritualism. They would thank Mother Earth for the animals and plants that was given to them. The Wampanoag also had a religious holiday called the Wampanoag New Year that took place in the spring.

How did the pilgrims become friends with wampanoag?

Because the Wampanoag, who had helped them survive a very difficult year.

What were the wampanoag homes like?

The Wampanoag homes were wikiups, a sort of rounded dome made of twigs.

How do you spell wampanoag?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun (Native American tribal name) "Wampanoag."

Why did the pilgrims and wampanoag celebrate?

The pilgrims and the wampanoag celebrated because of the good deeds that Squanto taught them

Did the wampanoag tribe beleave in anything?

Of course they did. People do not go through life without the established beliefs in nature, God, and how to live.