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We do not know. We will have to ask Noah when we get to heaven.


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noah took a ravinne on the ark

The Philistines took away the ten commandments from the ark.

Yes Noah took peacocks on the ark.

Dark ark is a Hink-Pink for Noah's boat with the lights off.

Moses didn't take any animals on the ark, Noah did.

Noah's Ark took 100 years to construct.

For someone looking for an explanation of why the Ark of the Covenant does not now exist, it would be far easier to accept that the Ark was a myth and did not really exist, than to create imaginative explanations around aliens. We can be sure that aliens did not take the Ark of the Covenant.

If he did have them on the ark, they no doubt flew aboard or hitched a ride on other animals.

None, because Adam wasn't on the Ark. Noah was on the ark. And Noah took two of every animal.

It took about 40 or 50 years to build the ark in Noah's day.

Sometime after the Ark came to rest on Mt Ararat, Genesis 8:13-22 describes how Noah removed the covering off the top of the ark, and saw that the water had drained from the ground and things had dried off, but, obediently, he did not leave the ark until God specifically TOLD him to(Genesis 8:15-17).

Two of each type of animals came to Noah ark.

take cover and build a build a boat/ark.

It took four people to carry the Ark of the Covenant. There were rods on two sides of the Ark. A Levite picked it up from each corner.

Zero Noah took animals onto the ark not moses!!

It took over 100 years to build the ark, and the covenant took only a few months

None. It was Noah who had the ark. See the correct question below.

He took his wife, his sons, and his sons' wives. He most likely also took everything he needed to survive on the Ark.

To build a wooden ark (boat) in order to survive the upcoming global flood, to prepare food, to take the paired animals into the ark, and to board the ark with his family (Genesis ch.6-7).

188 miles taking this route:Take I-40 WEST (towards LITTLE ROCK), from Memphis, to I-30 WEST to TEXARKANA, via I-440 WEST to bypass LITTLE ROCK, ARK. (EXIT 159 off I-40 in ARKANSAS to get onto I-440 WEST to TEXARKANA).Take I-30 WEST to U.S. 70 WEST to HOT SPRINGS off EXIT 111.Take U.S. 70 WEST to Hot Springs.

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