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Good Charlotte originated in Waldorf, Maryland.


Actually, while the boys like to claim they're from Waldorf, they lived about twenty minutes southwest of there in Charlotte Hall. I'm assuming it's just easier to say Waldorf and have people know what you're talking about than saying, "I'm from Charlotte Hall, it's twenty minutes....blah blah blah." And that's just the twins and Paul.

Billy grew up in Annapolis and didn't meet the others until after high school. And Dean's from England.

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Is good Charlotte a screamo band?

Good Charlotte is more punk .

What is the genre of Good Charlotte?

Good Charlotte is a punk-rock band.

What religion are the Good Charlotte band members?

Good Charlotte are 'Christians' and are proud of it.

What band is Benji Madden?

he is in a band called good charlotte

What band is Benji Madden in?

Good Charlotte

Is good Charlotte the best band?

Yes it is.

Is the band good charlotte still together?

Yes, Good Charlotte are still together and making music.

How many songs has the band Good Charlotte wrote?

Good Charlotte has wrote well, Benji and Joel wrote a total of 55 songs for the band to sing (:

Is good Charlotte a rock band?

Kinda. I would call them a punk band :)

What band are Joel and benji Madden in?

Good Charlotte.

What is the name of the band what sings riot girl?

good charlotte

How can you contact Manager of Band Good Charlotte?

Go to

Did Dean Butterworth die from the band good charlotte?

How did Good Charlotte get there name?

Well, some of the band member where trying to think of a name for the band, they stumbled across a childrens book called "Good Charlotte" in the series of books by Carol Beach York about young girls in an orphanage. Without thinking of anything better they settled on calling there band Good Charlotte.

Who is replaced for aaron in the band good charlotte as the drummer?

Chris Wilson.

Who are the characters of Charlotte?

Good Charlotte is an American rock band that formed in 1996. The members of Good Charlotte are Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Paul Thomas, Dean Butterworth and Billy Martin.

Which music group took their band name from a book?

Good Charlotte. They took their name from the book Good Charlotte: The Girls of Good Day Orphanage by Carol Beach York.

What Band took their name from a book by carol beach york?

Good Charlotte

Are Good Charlotte a Canadian or American band?

American, from Waldorf, Maryland, DC

Does Bon Jovi have a support band for the Australian tour?

Yes, Good Charlotte! :)

What is the significance of the name Good Charlotte?

well actually its a kids book... the band good charlotte got the name from a kids book, they just thought it was cool

Will good Charlotte come to Bulgaria?

one day good charlotte will be the best band ever and they will tour the world and crack wont be illegal we are all waiting this day

What band is opening for good charlotte in April 2008?

The opening band is either Metro Station or Boys Like Girls.

Who is the singer of boys like girls?

the band is good charlotte and the singer is martin Johnson

Who is good Charlotte?

the name of a band. some people would call them rock, or pop.