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Monican Sioux are from Virgina


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They lived in Eastern plains, and along the east coast.

the teton Sioux Indians lived in teepees

The Sioux Indians live in the states of Montana, and North and South Dakota. They also live in Minnesota and Nebraska.

The Sioux Indians were originally located at Great Lakes, or Woodland area. The Sioux Indians finally moved to Minnesota were most of them currently live.

The Sioux Indians lived in North and South Dakota, with the surrounding areas of Canada. The Sioux Indians have a prosperous reservation in North Dakota.


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They lived in rainy moist weather

Northeast Indians live in the northeast coast and Southwest Indians live in the Southwest coast.

they died,then dont live

They live in the coast of California.

i dont know what time period the sioux indians lived in. Check a different website

They live in the coast but a little bit off to the east.

they lived in the western part of the us they lived in the western part of the us The Sioux Indians were established to the Great Plains as one of sixteen different tribes including Comanche, Cheyenne and Pawnee, spreading from the Rocky Mountains in the west to the Mississippi River in the east in 1840.

The Northwest Coast The Northwest Coast

They lived in Alaska and around the Pacific Coast

the anasazi live in the southwest coast

yes. there teepees were made out of stretched buffalo skin.

owls live in the southern states from the east coast to the west coast.

A Sioux boy would live in a tipi do chores like tending to the horses and helping to hunt buffalo.

the Sioux Indians lived in tepees made of up to 40 bufalo hides. Each tepee had a mark for the family who lived there.

Dolphins live off the coast of Georgia. They are plentiful on the east coast of America as well as on the west coast.

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