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First, it should be noted that the word "feminism" did not begin to mean "a movement about equality for women" until the 1890s. What came to be called feminism did not start in just one place. There were individual women (and some forward-looking men) in a number of countries who tried to improve the way women were treated. One good example was New Zealand: it was one of the first countries in the world to give women the right to vote (in 1893), and one of the few countries to begin giving married women property rights under the law, as early as the 1860s (most countries regarded the married woman herself as property-- she belonged to her husband, who could treat her as he wished).

Another Country where there were advocates for equality for women was the United States. The beginnings of a movement for equal rights for women began in 1848 with a convention at Seneca Falls NY, which was attended by about 100 women (and a few men). The attendees also wanted married women to have rights (if a married woman had any money, for example, under the law, it belonged to her husband and she had no say in how it was spent); some of the women at the convention, including Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott, went on to change a number of state laws-- in New York, the Married Women's Property Act was passed in 1848. Also important were a small but influential group of women lawyers who began practicing in the late 1800s. But getting the federal government to move forward on equal rights for women took a lot longer however-- women in the USA did not achieve full voting rights until 1920, and other inequalities took even more time to remedy.

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Q: Where did the feminist movement start?
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When did the feminist movement start in Britain?

The feminist movement in Britain dates back to the early 19th century. The English Woman's Journal, a periodical that discussed women's issues, was first published in 1858.

Who lead feminist movement in America?

Feminist movement in America was led (mainly) by Susan B. Anthony.

The conservative backlash to the feminist movement was led by?

A good start would be to look at Phyllis Schlafly...

Where was the feminist movement?

There have been many feminist movements in various countries.

Are all women movement feminist?

No. Not all women's movements are feminist. There are actually a handful of anti-feminist women's movements right now, who argue that the feminist movement has been detrimental to women, families, and society.

What music influenced the feminist movement?

There are many different kinds of music and bands which have had an effect on the feminist movement. There are bands like Bikini Kill and the Riot Grrrl Movement.

Consider Shakespeare's Sister by Virginia Woolf as a pioneering essay in feminist movement?

Consider Shakespear's Sister as a pioneering essay in feminist movement

How many waves of the feminist movement were there?


How did the music that influenced the feminist movement relate to the issues of the feminist movement?

It had undertones of Lesbianism and helped women to transition away from an oppressive patriarchy to Lesbianism.

Who was the leader of the feminist movement?

Susan B Anthony

Which is not a manifestation of the feminist movement?

Several unfair reasons still exist that were not solved by the feminist movement. One of the most egregious is the disparity in pay between men and women.

What does it take to be a feminist?

Technically, all you have to do is identify as a feminist. At worst, you'd be a bad feminist (as opposed to not a real feminist) because feminism is a movement, not an organisation. To be a good feminist, you'd have to engage in women's rights advocacy or women's rights activism.

Where can one find information about the feminist movement?

The most easier way to find information about the feminist movement is on the Internet. The information also can be find on magazines or books which are related to feminism.

When did the feminist movement start in Australia?

It depends on what you regard as the "feminist movement". Some would consider that fighting for women's rights was a precursor to the main feminist movement of the 1970s. If this is the case, then the feminist movement arguably began with Dame Roma Mitchell whose influence led to the formation of the Women Law Students' Society, when she was not permitted to join the Law Students' Society because she was a woman. On 23 September 1965, Mitchell was made a Justice of the Supreme Court of South Australia in 1965, the first Australian woman to achieve this position. Pioneering the Australian women's rights movement, Mitchell was also the first woman in Australia to be a Queen's Counsel (1962).

What does it mean to be a feminist?

Feminism is the movement that supports gender equality. To be a feminist is thus to be someone who thinks that men and women should be equal socially and economically.

Why did feminist movement grow out of the abolitionist movement'?

The abolitionist movement was against people being dis-empowered and enslaved because of their colour. The feminist movement grew from the same point, particularly in the USA and England, for women realized they had been dis-empowered because of their gender. Neither gender or colour was choice.

Which was not accomplished by the feminist movement in the 1920?

the right of women to hold membership in the afl

How did women dress for the Feminist movement?

Usually they did not wear a bra but otherwise normal.

Which has been a major goal of the feminist movement?

To change social patterns of inequality.

What did women want during the feminist movement?

The feminist movement is still current, so women want now what they have always wanted: equality. Feminism seeks to give women equal footing socially and economically to men.

How Did the feminist mystique affect the femenist movement?

The book affected the feminist movement because Betty Friedan raised the question - "Is that all?" It made women question their expectations of what being a woman meant. Before the 2nd wave of feminism a woman was meant to be happy with being a wife and mother, a carer, a nurturer, a homemaker. Some women rejected her ideas but others thought there must be more than this and they wanted gender equality. Betty Friedan was a leader of the feminist movement which advocated for equal pay, childcare, maternity leave and numerous other agendas. In essence the feminist movement of the 1960's is generally marked by the publication of her book, the woman was a catalyst. So, yes it really did affect the feminist movement.

What was the feminist movement?

The feminist movement was also known as the women's movement, feminism, or women's liberation. It refers to campaigns that originally were focused on inequality in the workplace for women. Campaigns were use to try and get reform on issues that included equal pay, maternity leave, reproductive rights, and sexual harassment.

Which was not accomplished by the feminist movement inthe 1920?

The right of women to hold membership in the AFL

Who are the filipino feminists and what are their contribution to the feminist movement in the Philippines?

Pura Villanueva Kalaw and Dona Concepcion Felix are often cited as the main players in the feminist movement in the Philippines. Filipina women were granted the right to vote on April 30, 1937.

How does the feminist theory relate to autism?

Feminist theory doesn't relate to Autism. Feminist theory is philosophical thought out of the feminism movement, discussing issues of gender and social inequality. Feminism does seek to end ableism which can impact on Autistic people.