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you are an amateur. its obviously from Neverland. oh the good old days i had with peter. you wish you were me


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the flute has a deeper tone than the guitar

She doesn't play flute, but she plays piano and guitar.

It is not really known were it originated from

The flute originated somewhere in northern france.Flutes started in South America.

Bass guitar by FAR. Even if you're talking about a bass flute, a bass guitar would still be almost 2 octaves lower.

Ole Buck has written: 'Summertrio, for flute, guitar and cello (1968)' -- subject(s): Trios (Flute, guitar, violoncello)

The Jonas Brothers themselves do not play the flute. Band members, however, might play the flute, and in their music, the flute may be heard as part of the orchestral accompaniment. Nick plays the guitar, sings,and plays piano. Joe sings and plays the tamborine, and guitar. and Kevin plays the guitar and does backup vocals.

People have excavated flutes that date back to 37000 BC, but the modern flute was made in 1847.

Yes the guitar was invented in Spain, a European country.

it originates in malga which is in Spain

Flute , Guitar and Recorder are cheap.

Piano Guitar Violin Bass Guitar Flute Clarinet Cello

guitar, recorder, flute, piano, bass guitar, trumpet, and drums.

somewhere about 30,000 years ago, but this is when the first flute was made. It was a carved bone and was found in a cave in northern France. Don't know about the concert flute.

Guitar paino villon(kinda) and flute

the flute, the trumpet, and the guitar

Besides her vocals, she plays flute, harmonica, acoustic guitar, and electric bass guitar.

The alto saxophone basically came from the flute and the clarinet. Although it has a reed mouthpeice of a clarinet, it has all of the same fingerings that a flute has.

in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form in what country did the word guitar orginates form

yes, she plays the gutair and the flute!

Violen, guitar, drums, piano, and flute.

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