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the Iroquois tribe lived in the new york state really they did its cool

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What was the iroquis confederacy?

the iroquis confedracy is a 1st nations grop

What did the Iroquis Mohawks eat?

the iroquis mohawk ate an apple and an acorn?

What does the name Iroquis mean?

iroquis means rattlesnake yea and there cool people hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahah edited by Jjc911

Did the Iroquis have a written language?


How iroquis prepared food?

with a skillet

Where do the haudenosaunee live?

THE HAUDENOSAUNEE INDIANS LIVED IN WHAT IS NOW NEW YORK CITY The haudenosaunee Indians aka Iroquis live in Canada- Ontario, and Quebec they also live in New York, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and North Carolina.

Who lived in the Iroquois shelter?

The Iroquis Indians

What are some of the arctic Indian tribe?


Did the Iroquois Indians have pets?

no. the iroquis didn't have pets

Trail that conneted the 5 iroquis tribes?

the hodenosaune trail

The Iroquis summer and winter climate for were they lived?

smoke cracka

What does the word Kentucky mean in Iroquis language?

bloody grounds

Who was Samuel de camplain killed by?

he was killed by an Iroquis chief.

What chief helped bring the 5 iroquis tribes together?

my ballz

What early native indian's lived in sod in sod houses?


How did the revolutinary war affect the iroquois?

it cause iroquis tribes to fight

What were the local Native Americans of the middle colonies?

the Iroquis and Algonquin tribes

Who had longhouses algonquins or iroquis?

The iroquois had longhouses and the algonquins had tipis

How did seuir de la salle become interested in exploration?

the iroquis Indians told him about it.

What was the use of consensus in the Iroquis Confederacy?

i love girls and im a girl im lez

How many fishing places did the Iroquois have?

the Iroquis had 3 places tofish so they had a lot

Who was responsible for the farming in an Iroquois community?

In the iroquis community the women where responsible for the harvesting and the farming .

What group of people made the decisions in the iroquis league?

The council made all the decisions

Where do the Iroquis live?

Most Iroquois live in New York, while some moved to Wisconsin and Ontario, Canada. In Canada they live near Lake Ontario. The Iroquois that stayed in New York lived near the St. Lawrence River. Like the tribe Algonquians, the Iroquois lived in villages made up of many longhouses.

Are Mohawk Indians the same as Cherokee Indians?

No. The Cherokee were southern, the Mohawks were part of the Iroquis Confederacy.