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Quote from the Related Link: "(Origin Saxon) One who superintended a large farm or Grange." If a name comes from one language, it has no meaning in another language that it does not come from, unless the name is also used in some form in that language. An example: José is the Spanish form of the name Joseph. Therefore its meaning is the same in both languages. But in the case of the name Granger, it has no translation in Cajun French that I am aware of; therefore it has no "meaning" in Cajun French other than its original Saxon meaning.

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Where do roux sauces originate?

Historically, roux originated with the French. It is most commonly used in Cajun cuisine.

What is the cajun french word for cat?

Minou is cajun french for cat

Where did the term Cajun originate?

The word in a dialect pronunciation of Acadian, a former French colony in Canada. The French were expelled to New Orleans, by the English, 1764 - 1788

What is tet dour in cajun french?

I am going to venture it comes from the French "tête dure", meaning strong head, stubborn.

How do you say ' baby' in Cajun french?

Baby in Cajun French is bébé.

Where do you find a translator into Cajun french?

as of 2012, there is no online translator that can handle Cajun French.

What is the Cajun French translation for hello?

Cajun French is a French/English dialect spoken in Louisiana and Alabama along the Gulf coast. In Cajun French the word 'hello' is said as 'bonjou'.

How do you spell The cajun in cajun french?

Acadien or simply Cadien

What is the Cajun French translation for Cajun Girl?

fille acadien

How do you spell cajin?

If you meanCajun, like French-Cajun or New Orleans Cajun it's "Cajun"

What country does cajun chicken come from?

Cajun style foods originate or are derivatives of the cooking style of the Cajun people of southern Louisiana and the Mississippi delta region.

Where does Cajun food originate?

If you mean the style of cajun food then that originates around the south in louisiana. The spices mixed to make it have that cajun style is grown down there.

Merry Christmas in Cajun french?

Joyeux Noël is one way to say Merry Christmas. It depends on which dialect of Cajun French a person speaks.Bonne Christmeusse.If you know how a Cajun accented English speaker talks, Christmeusse sounds similar in both Cajun English and Cajun French.

What is the French translation for cajun girl?

Cajun girl is translated "une fille acadienne, une acadienne" in French

How do you say thank you in cajun?

Thank you in Cajun is merci beaucoup, Many people speak Cajun French in Louisianan. It is different than the traditional French spoken in France.

What is sister in Cajun French?

'Ma soeur' Means sister in French. I don't know if that's the same as Cajun French... But i hope i helped!

How do you say cheers in Cajun-French?


What does Mais tu es si drole toi mean in Cajun french?

It means "But you are so funny to me" in French, no Cajun.

How is Cajun French different from French?

Cajun French is a mixture of French and the native tongue of the Indians living in Louisiana during the French and Indian war. After the Louisiana Purchase, people in that region still kept the language alive (and Cajun is spoken all over Louisiana). (I have heard that Cajun is such a mixture, that many native French speakers have trouble picking up what is spoken.) --shel

What is a Cajun word for dog?

The Cajun French word for dog is chien. However in Cajun French, as well as in other forms of French, the language has masculine and feminine words. A male dog is chien and a female dog is chienne.

Is Cajun French translated the same as French?

no, its a different dialect, some of the words are different, and the accent is very different. it's basically like two different languages that are very similiar. people who speak french can kind of understand the basic meaning of something in cajun, vice versa.

Where did people migrate from in Louisiana?

If you're talking about the French-speaking Cajuns, then they came to Louisiana when they were expelled from the region called Acadia by the British when they took the territory from the French. If you don't know, Acadia is a region in far eastern Canada on the Atlantic Ocean.The word Cajun comes itself from the French word acadien, meaning "Acadian." In Cajun French the initial a was dropped, leaving 'cadien; this word was then adopted into English as "Cajun."

How do you say a little cajun in cajun french?

Ain p'tit brin (a little bit)

What is love in Cajun french?


What is the cajun french translation for pour?


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