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“President Grant was not a big fan of the White House, and he liked to get out and have a cigar in the evening,” Fawcett says. “He would go to the lobby of the Willard Hotel almost every night for a cigar and drink. People would wait in the lobby until he got there and then talk to him informally about what it was they needed. They became known as lobbyists.”

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Q: Where did the word lobbyist come from?
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How do you use the word lobbyist in a sentence?

Meet my neighbor, the lobbyist.

Word lobbyist in a sentence?

The lobbyist went to the Parliament to discuss in a meeting.

Can you Use the word lobbyist in a sentence?

The lobbyist went to the meeting to discuss the insurance policy's with the senators.

Is a lobbyist a noun?

Yes, the word 'lobbyist' is a noun; a word for someone hired by a business or a cause to persuade legislators to support that business or cause; a word for a thing.

Does the word lobbyist have a negative connotation?


What is a sentence with the word lobbyist?

A lobbyist tried to convince Congress to allow street drugs to become legal.One lobbyist group's ideas often conflict with another group.The lobbyist earned a hefty salary.

How can you use the word lobbyist in a sentence?

The lobbyist talked to politicians, trying to sway their votes on the health care bill.

When was The Lobbyist created?

The Lobbyist was created in 1993-03.

What is the meaning of the word lobbyist?

A lobbyist is an entity that attempts to convince law-makers to create and pass legislation that will serve to benefit the lobbyist. For example, a lobbying group that likes dogs may try to convince Congressmen to make laws protecting canine rights.

How much does a lobbyist make?

how much do lobbyist make a year?

The main role of lobbyist is to?

determine which laws will come before the full house or senate for a vote

What does lobbyist mean?

Lobbyist are people who try to persuade legislators into some "stuff"

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