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Q: Where did you find the serial numbers on an April 17 '94 patented Stevens?
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What is April Stevens's birthday?

April Stevens was born on April 29, 1936.

When was April Stevens born?

April Stevens was born on April 29, 1936.

How old is April Stevens?

April Stevens is 75 years old (birthdate: April 29, 1936).

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Co Crackshot 26 patented April 22 1913?

got qouted 400 euros for a mint condition crack shot 26

What is the age and value of a Colt patented April 1897 Dec 1903 serial number 110203 380 caliber?

made about 1910 value depends on condition

Who first patented the radar?

Radar was patented by Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt in April 1935.

How can you tell if a 16 gauge Stevens double barrel serial h-234xx marked J Stevens Arms Company Chicopee Falls Mass US patented April 20 1915 is a Model 335 or a 311?

A 335 may have the model number on the bottom metal just ahead of the trigger guard, at least mine does. The lettering is very small, shallow, and hard to read. Mine says "MODEL 335".

How do you find out the model and estimated price of a j Stevens a t co 22 lr pat April 17 94 sn 1077?

It sounds like you're asking about the 1894 Stevens Favorite. That's the model: "1894 Favorite." Estimated value is based entirely on condition, with on-line gun auction prices generally ranging from $100 for a real rag to upwards of $400 for examples in fine condition. Regarding the serial number "1077" -- singleshot Stevens rifles didn't have serial numbers until well into the 1960s. The number you cite is a parts-related or date-code number. Stevens records are pretty much nonexistent to pin it down further. Many of these old rifles have three-digit numbers stamped into them, and sellers often say "low serial number." I have more than 50 Stevens "boy's rifles," and none has a number beyond three digits. Alas, it's not likely I'd be so lucky to have that many with such low serial numbers.

What is Scott Stevens's birthday?

Scott Stevens was born on April 1, 1964.

When was Scott Stevens born?

Scott Stevens was born on April 1, 1964.

What is Rachel Stevens's birthday?

Rachel Stevens was born on April 9, 1978.

When was Rachel Stevens born?

Rachel Stevens was born on April 9, 1978.

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