Where do Fiddler Crab live?

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found in mangroves and on sandy or muddy beaches of West Africa, the Western Atlantic, Eastern Pacific and Indo-Pacific

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oceans or damp places

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Q: Where do Fiddler Crab live?
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Where does a fiddler crab live?

it live in a mangrove underwater

What class is the fiddler crab in?

The fiddler crab is in the Malacostraca class. Male fiddler crabs typically live for 3 years, and female fiddler crabs for 2 years.

Can an African dwarf frog live in the habitat of a fiddler crab?


Will a fiddler crab eat a dead fiddler crab?

Fiddler crabs feed on detritus, which is formed by decaying matter like plants and animals. So in essence a fiddler crab will feed on a deceased fiddler crab.

How long does a fiddler crab live?

Fiddler crabs usually live 1.5 years or maybe 2, depending on the health and theplace they live.

Why is a fiddler crab called a fiddler crab?

These crabs are called fiddler crabs because when the crab is eating it looks like it is playing the fiddle.

How long can a fiddler crab live without access to water?


What is the scientific name for fiddler crab?

The scientific name for the fiddler crab is "Uca Pugnax".

How do you know if a fiddler crab is a boy or girl?

A Boy Fiddler Crab has 1 big claw and 1 small. A Girl Fiddler Crab has 2 small claws.

What group do the fiddler crabs belong in?

they bolong in the crab group like fiddler crab group

What kind of water does a fiddler crab live in?

They live in salt water, because they usually live in the ocean. I learned this in school.I adopted a fiddler crab...TODAY! My teacher told me to buy salt water and they've been living in it for a long time.

Where to get a fiddler crab?

You can get a fiddler crab at most pet stores. I got my fiddler crab at Walmart because they were cheap. However you can also go to Petsmart I know they have them and I am sure Petco will have them too. A lot of the petstores have fiddler crabs.

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