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A volcano that looks like a large depression in the ground is a

Why do shield volcanoes have weak eruptions

What type of rocks form when magma erupts from an undersea volcano

What do only the most violent volcanic eruptions feature

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Q: Where do Homo Floresiensis live?
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Related questions

When did homo floresiensis live?


When was Homo floresiensis created?

Homo floresiensis was created in 2004.

How was homo floresiensis different in appearance from homo sapiens?

The Homo floresiensis was smaller than Homo sapiens. Also Homo floresiensis had sloping heads as well as thick eyebrow ridges.

Could Homo floresiensis speak their own language?

It is not known if Homo floresiensis was capable of language.

What did Homo Floresiensis eat?

Homo floresiensis was a mini species of ancient human, they lived on a small island in Indonesia called Flores, not that much larger then Wales. Living on this island there were some animals that had island-dwarfism; a subspecies of dwarf-elephant and homo floresiensis. Homo floresiensis hunted this elephant, dodos, a subspecies of giant-rat and Komodo dragons.

What probably evolved from Homo erectus a Homo neanderthalensis b Homo floresiensis c Homo sapiens d H neanderthalensis and H floresiensis e all of these?

e. all of these

How was Homo floresiensis life?


What is the scientific name for hobbit?

Homo floresiensis

When did the species Homo Floresiensis live from and to?

Archeological evidence suggest around 38,000 to around 12,000 years ago.

How do you pronounce Homo floresiensis?

Pronounce it ya self...

Did homo floresiensis have language?

We don't know. It is often difficult to determine whether early humans had language. Some scientists believe homo floresiensis had language though it may have been very rudimentary.

Why did Homo Floresiensis become extinct?

Homo floresiensis most likely went extinct due to a volcanic eruption on the island of Flores. Stegadon was also wiped out by this volcanic eruption. Little is still know about this early Homo sapien relative, many wonder if it even was a different human species.

What did the homo floresiensis hunt?

they use le bow and arrow to shoot animals

What the scientific name of Homo floresiensis mean in English?

Who were the ancestors of Homo floresiensis?

Homo floresiensis possibly arose from an early hominan species descending from Australopithecus afarensis, that migrated out of Africa to southeast Asia about 2 million years ago. H. floresiensis' skeletal structure is more ancient than other hominans like H. erectus and has more Australopithicine features.

What dinosaur was found in Indonesia?

I don't know of any Indonesian Dino's, but fossil remains of a previously unknown primitive human species now known as Homo Floresiensis (homo meaning human) have been found there.

What early hominid group may have existed alongside modern humans?

Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis, otherwise known as the Neanderthal,Homo Sapiens Denisova, otherwise known as the Denisovans, andHomo Floresiensis, otherwise known as the Flores Man, or Hobbit are all Hominid groups. While there is debate as to whether Floresiensis is of the Sapiens species, they are all of the genus Homo, making them all hominids. All three are currently known to have existed alongside Cro-Magnon, otherwise referred to as modern man. There is no may have, they did definitely exist alongside Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

What was the orgin of the first human race?

There are several books and websites that detail human evolution. Seeing as how modern humans are descended from 4 different ancient hominids, its difficult to discuss when Homo Sapien officially began. We are descended from Homo Erectus, Homo Denisova, Homo Neanderthalensis, and Homo floresiensis. Those 4 species interbred and formed what became the modern human or Homo Sapien.

Did homo habilis live in houses?

No, homo habilis did not live in houses

In what order did the homo sapiens homo habilus homo erectus and neanthatdratal live?

homo habiles first then homo erectus then homo sapien neanderthalensis then the homo sapien sapiens

What are 4 major species of humans?

There is only one species of human, Homo sapiens. Those species more closely related to humans and who may have potentially been assimilated by Homo sapiens are below:Homo gautengensisHomo habilisHomo erectusHomo antecessorHomo ergasterHomo rhodesiensisHomo heidelbergensisHomo neanderthalensisHomo floresiensis

Where did the Homo habilis Live?

The Homo Habilis lived in Africa.

Did homo erectus live at the same time as homo habils?


Where do homo sapiens live?

Homo sapiens are modern Humans. Most of us live in houses or apartments, or have other arrangements. There are also millions of homeless Homo sapiens in the world.

Where did the homo erectus live?

the homo erectus lived in Asia, Africa, and Europe