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On the back of Bionicle Canisters, boxes, etc.

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How do you get the kanohi mask on your Lego network?

If you have Bio-codes (you will find Bio-codes on the back of Bionicle sets), you can put these codes on the Bionicle website. If you have a few of these codes, you get your kanohi mask badge.

What are some Bionicle stars bio codes?

Here are two bionicle star codes: 7AKU44 and R00K13

What are some rare bio codes?

Bio-codes aren't rare. You can find them at almost any BIONICLE set.

Do you know any bionicle codes?

YA came to the right spot i have 17 bionicle codes but I'll tell ya two 73HZ5K D47UM4

What are the bionicle stars bio codes?

one of them is B4DB01

Which are the unlock codes for glatorian arena?

what are the unlock codes for BIONICLE glatorian arena 2

What are all bionicle bio codes?

If you get a Lego Bionicle figure it has a bio code on the back of the boxes. You enter them at then click on bio codes and enter it and you will get 1 or more things (it has been a long time sense I did it so I don't now exactly what the prizes are for).

How do you get the exclusive bionicle sticker on MLN?

go to kanoka codes/bio codes and tipe in CLUBFUN in capitals.

Cheat codes for bionicle glatorian arena?

Vorox:v0r0xr Skrall: 5kr411

What are the bio codes for bionicle?

It is hard to get you all the bio codes. Just a clarification, you can use the bio codes found on the bionicle sets to claim a prize. Usually posters. If you use mln, you get a kanoka club badge. A sample code is: xho369 This code is from the set: Chirox.

What is bionicle stars?

bionicle stars are bionicle in 2010 they are like matoran sized[2008] and every bionicle star has a gold piece and when you have all you can add them to tahu for armourer + if you go on you will find all about the bionicle star =]

Is bionicle gadunka hard to find?


How do you make a bionicle in blender?

Find tutorials about modelling first. After learning about the modelling process use the techniques you have gained to make the Bionicle pieces and then you will have a Bionicle.

Were can you find instructions for bionicle boxer?

Type in 'Bionicle Boxor Instructions' then press 'ManuelsMania-Lego-Bionicle: Boxor: BI 8556/2-Bionicle: Boxor...' Then it should come up. Hope that helped!

What are some of the bionicle bio codes?

b4r4n5, les485, 704m47, d47um4, 5krm1x, 5kr411.

What are the bio codes for bionicle stars?

Skrall - B4DBO1 Piraka - P1R4K4 Tahu - GO74HU

Are there any cheat codes for agori defender at bionicle com?

there are not any cheat codes so just play the game properly.

How do you get free bionicle toys?

You can't really find a good source of getting bionicle(s) for free.

Where can you find building instructions for bionicle krahka?

One day i puchased a book and i saw instructions for a bionicle. It resembled this.

What are the bionicle turaga bio codes?

thay are 4862'728 and 7878 tat is not all of the theam56628 624454'628288

What are the bio codes to the glatorian bionicle's malumm?

The BIONICLE B.I.O. code for Glatorian Malum is M41UMZ

Where can you find building instructions for BIONICLE brutaka?

BIONICLE Brutaka building instructionsFor building instructions for BIONICLE Brutaka, go to

What are the cheat codes to Glatorian Arena 2?

The codes are on the back of Bionicle Glatorian Legends containers such as Vastus:V457u5.Maybe another code for Stronius is 57rn1s

Where can you find instructions for bionicle Nidhiki?

We found something at The Bionicle Website and on for download. That answers your question. Good luck.

Where can you find Bionicle 2010 website?

There currently is none.